Pisces Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


People born in the sign of Pisces are always ready to make sacrifices, especially if they have to take good care of their relationship. This means some may want to take advantage of them.

Pisces Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Pisces: to be at peace in your relationship.
  • Scorpio is your match because you’re both looking for serious romance.
  • Taurus is your match because they love to experience everything life has to offer and indulge without a second thought.
  • Capricorn is your match because they’re your complete opposite and provide the best balance in a relationship.

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While they don’t mind being used for a while, they can still get tired of it and look for someone who doesn’t take them for granted at some point. What they want is to be with a person that makes them laugh and understands them, to have a fulfilling life and to be at peace.

While for some all this seems impossible, Pisces can actually find their soulmate because they’re always ready for sacrifice. They try long and hard enough until they get what they need.

In case they happen to be in a more difficult relationship, they know how to make everything more soothing and pleasant, just because they know how to.

The ideal partner for them is romantic and doesn’t want to take advantage of their good nature. What they should do is try to escape reality less, and stay away from making excesses. In return for all this, their partner will love them for a lifetime.

Best Match For Pisces Is Scorpio

The relationship between Pisces and Scorpios has a lot of potential. Pisces need to always be reminded about paying their bills and that they need to get to work, so Scorpios can do all this for them without seeming condescending.

The relationship between them is very rewarding. Scorpios are very deep and mysterious, also driven to succeed and serious about love, all things for which Pisces love them.

As soon as they set their mind to accomplish something, they’re very devoted and can’t be stopped from making their dreams come true.

Both of them are intense and sensitive, which means they understand each other’s emotions without any problem. While Pisces rarely hesitate to express themselves, Scorpios are more reserved and have many secrets. For this reason, Pisces may find it difficult to communicate with them.

Scorpios never become complacent and relaxed because as soon as they finish a project, another one follows for them. They’re the ones who make decisions and provide for their family, not to mention they know how to build a strong foundation for their relationship.

In return for their love, Pisces are compassionate and loyal to them. Scorpios will teach Pisces how to be more practical, whilst Pisces will teach Scorpios how to have fun and accept compromises from time to time.

Scorpios may never understand why Pisces have to be so shy and dreamy because they like strong people, but the chemistry between them and Pisces is too strong, not to mention they may see Pisces as a challenge, which they like.

It’s important for them as a couple to overcome what makes them different, also to understand that their emotions aren’t the same. After all, the love between them is like an ultimate experience, even if not at all perfect.

Being different, they may fight from time to time, moments in which Scorpios will talk about Pisces’ flaws. At the same time, they will hide their own shortcomings just to be mysterious.

For the same reason, they don’t talk about what they’re feeling and demand respect. All this can make Pisces mad, especially when they long to be intimate and Scorpios only distance themselves from them.

However, all in all, Pisces and Scorpios can be an almost perfect match. They may have differences and sometimes fight, but at least they’re both emotional and looking for something serious as far as romance goes.

Scorpios don’t have prejudices and would never judge, which is perfect for the dreamy Pisces. They are indeed jealous and possessive, but Pisces won’t give them any reason to be.

Their relationship is based on mutual admiration, seeing as Pisces love Scorpios for being assertive and demanding perfection without acting like their superior.

The other way around, Scorpios love how Pisces are submissive and at the same time adventurous. Their relationship is like a rare gem because they trust and love one another. Some compromises may need to be made from time to time by both, but nothing too serious.

Pisces and Taurus: A Selfless and Giving Relationship

Pisces and Tauruses together are a very dreamy couple because they’re both poetic and walking on sunshine all the time. They also like indulging in life’s pleasures, which means they should pay attention to not make excesses, especially when together.

If they happen to share a home, they will have domestic bliss and decorate their surroundings to be the most welcoming. In the long run, they need to sync their energies because Pisces can sometimes be too dynamic for the somewhat lazy Tauruses.

Pisces need to learn how to be more assertive because Bulls are forceful and very domineering. They shouldn’t keep secrets from another because Tauruses go mad when feeling lied to.

While Pisces may not hide anything of massive importance, the act of them not telling everything to Tauruses make the latter angry. Bulls also don’t like being emotionally manipulated and kept in the dark about important matters.

It’s good that Pisces are very good at expressing their emotions. However, they can be intimidated by too much force and run away in case they feel like they don’t have a word to say in the relationship.

Both signs are romantic, passionate and loyal. At the same time, they’re rather reserved, which means they will spend a lot of their time together at home, in their pyjamas.

Pisces are very selfless from both a financial and emotional point of view. They just don’t care about how much money and feelings they’re giving away, something Tauruses don’t understand about them.

They also hate confrontations, so they tolerate more than others would even imagine. This is good for Tauruses, who are very stubborn to accept someone else’s ideas.

In this love relationship, Pisces gets very involved, to the point of no longer caring about themselves. They just want to let love rule, not to mention they don’t mind becoming dependent on their partner.

Pisces and Capricorn: Variety is Their Spice of Life

Pisces and Capricorns can have all sorts of relationships, from ones of love and sex, to others of friendship and camaraderie, seeing as they’re complete opposites and complement each other.

For as long as they give each other enough space, they can even get married and have a happy life together. With them, it’s like the old and the new are coming together and become one.

Pisces are romantic and know how to create the perfect atmosphere for intimacy, Capricorns are made from a “material” that only needs to be heated. This means the 2 can have a very passionate relationship.

Both are interested in whet their dreams may become, and Capricorns can help Pisces be more practical. Pisces belongs to the Water element so they’re all about emotions, whilst Capricorns belong to the Earth one and know how to turn ideas into reality.

Pisces may have a more complex personality, but they’re not difficult for the Capricorns to understand them. The lighter Capricorns are about life and don’t allow themselves to become pessimistic, the more Pisces will love them and be by their side.

What’s also great about them is that Goats can help Pisces come back to reality after they have spent too much time in the dreamland.

On the other hand, Pisces can show Capricorns how to not get stuck in a rut and how to chase away boredom. Being opposites, they can never truly understand each other, which means the attraction between them increases with every day that passes. It’s like they’re fascinated by one another, not to mention Capricorns are hardworking enough to try and understand Pisces every step of the way.

Their relationship is built on their different energies. Pisces are mutable and ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, so romantic enough to cover for Capricorns in this area of life. Being mutable, they never know what they should do or where to head, which is something Capricorns simply love about them.

Pisces will be more than happy to have someone ready to put up with their moods in their corner. Capricorns will demand to lead, which is not at all a problem for Pisces, who don’t mind following.

Both of them have refined tastes and love subtle jokes. Capricorns are the financial providers, whereas Pisces spend their time searching for art and luxurious items. Pisces will always be amazed by how elegant Capricorns can be, whereas Goats love that Pisces are romantic and gentle.

When the attraction between them is strong, Capricorns become protective and even more ambitious, whereas Pisces more ready to accept reality the way it is. In conclusion, Pisces and Capricorns can have a balanced and very happy relationship that can last for a lifetime.

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