Pisces Woman in Relationships: Highly Romantic and Dreamy


It can be very difficult for the Pisces woman to find love because she’s just too romantic. She would sacrifice everything she has for love, which means she often ends up in bad situations.

Relationships and the Pisces Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s amongst the most romantic of women in the zodiac.
  • Negatives: Her idealism can detach her from reality.
  • Perfect Relationship: Where she and her man live out the fairy tale love story.
  • Advice: She could benefit from snapping out of her dream world from time to time and pay attention to the real world around her.

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If she happens to be with the wrong person for her, the emotional Fish woman can refuse to do anything and just continue having a broken heart. She needs a man who’s understanding and can cope with her deep feelings. At the same time, he has to know that her fantasy world can be very strong.

Longing for the Perfect Love Story

The Pisces woman represents the Eternal Feminine. She’s kind and mysterious, also responsive and somehow out of reach. Charming and very sympathetic, she can easily slip away from her man’s hands when he least expects it.

It’s important to not take her for granted no matter what. What she always does is look at the world through a pair of rose-colored glasses.

Besides, she exists in a fantasy world, which means she’s not practical in any way. However, she’s quite capable of getting things done because she rapidly adapts and does what others expect of her, even when she’s not trying to.

While revealing a hard exterior to the outer world, she’s in fact very sensitive in the inside, where she only dreams and imagines her life as a fairy tale. Her desire is to live a Romeo and Juliet love story.

If disappointed, she becomes very nasty and is no longer ready to make any sacrifice for those she loves. While being many things to different people, she still remains her man’s lady no matter what. It can be difficult to identify the real her, but certainly not impossible. No one should force her to be consistent.

On the contrary, her partner should try his best to live in her world of dreams. She’s rarely able to deal with the cruel world without his help.

As a lover, she combines earthly passion with fantasy, so there’s no wonder that men are captivated by her at a first glance. She’s looking for someone to protect and take care of her. Her feminine instincts make men feel in power when next to her.

When it comes to how she behaves in romantic affairs, this is largely mysterious. Her sensitivity is never revealed, and she doesn’t want to say too much about herself in order to not get hurt and be taken by surprise. As far as relationships go, the duality of her sign needs to be taken into consideration.

Possessing a Hypnotic Aura

She can be a different woman for each of her different partners. Besides, she can also break the rule of her being with a strong man by deciding to mother one who seems lost and needs compassion.

However, this happens rarely because most of the time, she’s the one who needs protection and to be taken care of. Love matters most to her, so if she’s happy with her relationship, everything else in her life should be just perfect.

She dreams about being lost in her partner’s arms. At the same time, she needs to understand his feelings and thoughts. Out of all the women in the Zodiac, she’s most willing to change for someone in her life, but without giving up her mysterious and elusive side.

Her sexual fantasies are many, not to mention she needs them put into practice. As a lover, she wants to pleasure her partner to the maximum.

Very affectionate too, she may grow to be dependent on his touch. At least her intuition always tells her when she has been too much.

If she wants to win an ex back, she can do it without any problem because it’s rare for her to get rejected. The more she’s shown affection, the more she falls in love. Very romantic, it’s not unlikely for her to get lost in fantasies as far as love goes.

The planet ruling her is Neptune, the governor of deep and mysterious waters, also of mermaids and sailors who love adventure. She can hypnotize any man with just one look, but she sees the connection with them in an unrealistic manner. At the same time, she may go for bad boys too much, just because she wants her love story to be truly special.

When involved, the Pisces woman is known to consume herself with her other half’s feelings and problems, which can lead her to psychological issues of her own. She also has an increased sensitivity to alcohol and forbidden substances because they help her escape reality.

A Fairytale Princess Who is Ready to Give

The Pisces woman in love is the exact image of Venus, which is a female creature who’s mesmerized, more inspired and happier. She will focus all her attention on the man she’s in love with, enjoying every single moment with him.

Her tendency is to act like a little girl and to think that she has found The One each time. When head over heels in love, she laughs and expresses her feelings very strongly, as if the world is starting to make more sense to her.

If she needs to be more rational, this could drain all her energy and cause deep sadness. Many may say that she’s just like a child in the bedroom because she’s sensitive and shy, but at the same time, she acts like she can seduce anyone.

She’s also ashamed of being naked, which can be ironic for a woman of her kind, especially if she has been with a man for a very long time. If she is to enjoy sex for real, she needs to feel very intimate with her partner.

At the same time, she needs to feel creative and safe next to him. For as long as she’s also inspired, she can be in a relationship for a lifetime, without ever thinking of breakup.

If in a platonic relationship in which she’s actually the one in love, she doesn’t mind waiting for a miracle. If reality seems overwhelming for her, she prefers being involved in long-distance affairs.

It can be said she’s the best muse because she’s truly inspirational. What helps her survive in long-term relationships is respect and no pressure being felt whatsoever.

It’s not a good idea to rely on her as far as love goes because she always has a backup plan for the situation in which she ends up unhappy. The man loved by her may feel like he’s the luckiest on Earth, as she’s affectionate, optimistic and always warm.

Besides, she’s always ready to make sacrifices for him. Because she sees the world in a very positive light, she’s the best companion anyone could have. This is why she’s never single for too long.

Her partner needs to get used to passing conversations about her past lovers. She likes being courted in the old-fashioned way because she has this idea of love from movies and books, especially those about knights and princesses that had to be rescued.

What she wants is for a man to share his life with her, to tell her things about his childhood and parents, about the places where he grew up and his friends. She doesn’t mind a little bit of exaggeration to the stories either, as she wants to hear exciting things that put her imagination to work.

No one should take advantage of the fact that she’s such a good person. She may want to always pay the bills and to drive when going out, but this doesn’t mean she should be the only one doing all these things.

What can be quite endearing about her is that she is sometimes very clumsy, spilling her drinks and knocking out every item in her surroundings. In these moments, she shouldn’t be criticized or scared with a nasty attitude, especially if the man who sees her doing all these things claims to be a gentleman.

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