Pisces Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The 12th sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. The woman born in Pisces has a well-developed intuition and is very spiritual, sensitive, also caring.

The Pisces woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: At time detached from reality, the Pisces woman is highly in tune with her spiritual side.
  • Love: When she is with the right man, she devotes her entire being to him, making him feel wholly unique and special.
  • Career: Constant change and freshness isn’t just a preference, it’s a requirement for a Pisces woman.
  • Family: She values and cherishes those who are totally honest with her, even if it’s with a small circle.
  • Social Life: Her energy reaches its potential when those around her are of a more stable type, as she draws life from those around her.

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She has a rich imagination and dreams the most interesting dreams, but she must be more down-to-earth, especially when her life gets tougher. She’s very kind to everyone. At parties, she’s either incredibly shy or the one left by the host to give guests a warm welcome. It all depends on her mood at any given moment.

Pisces Woman Personality

When she spins circles around the latest thing she has bought, or perhaps the new man she’s dating, the Pisces woman is very sensual and mysterious, never ready to talk about her secrets. This girl is very romantic and vibrant. Just like the waters in which the creatures in her symbol are swimming, she has very deep emotions and a side no one has ever seen.

Her exterior hides a lot of passion and sensitivity. She’s curious and kind, not to mention a big dreamer. The unseen is very important to her, no matter if it’s about her intuitions, the emotions she’s harboring or religious beliefs.

What she looks for and usually finds is a deeper meaning, as well to make connections with the unseen world. She’s highly observant when it comes to feelings, so she knows what motivates people.

When daydreaming, she escapes reality and no longer wants to turn back to it because in her fantasies, she can do whatever she wants. Many would say she’s running from problems, but she’s only creative.

Being ruled by Neptune, she has an amazing intuition, profound and complex emotions plus moodiness. He life’s challenge is to distinguish reality from fantasy and the other way around.

Love and Relationships for the Pisces Woman

A man dating the Pisces woman has probably learned a lot about her. Her personality is never in nuances, nor does this girl do things in half measures. If she happens to be interested in someone, she won’t hesitate to flirt with him, which can be a little bit overwhelming for a man who doesn’t suspect anything.

However, if he’s understanding and kind, everything should work out just fine with her. When in a serious relationship, the Pisces woman is passionate like no other because she gives herself completely and makes her partner feel like the center of the Universe.

The man who needs a little bit of room to breathe may have a problem with this, seeing as she can be suffocating.

She’s the most compatible with the Taurus man because he wants someone like her. Besides, they’re both in love with beauty and art, not to mention they can appreciate one another and their life together.

With the Gemini man, things may work, yet not perfectly because he’s quite extreme and she needs some balance. It’s true she can give him what he wants, but not when he indulges in the more extreme sides of his behavior.

With the man born in Cancer, she can have a very long-lasting relationship because both of them are deep and loving creatures. They’re also incredibly sincere. When with the Virgo man, she needs to understand that he wants perfection.

This is a Woman Who Indulges in Finer Arts at Work

The Pisces woman needs to have a job that puts her creative mind, spirituality or generosity to use. If she can find something that combines all these 3, she’s the happiest.

She’s a healer and a nurturer, so she must be of help. This is why she’s such a good nurse, therapist, psychologist or healer.

Since she’s fascinated with magic and the occult, she could be a spiritual leader or astrologer. Her soul is old, so she doesn’t like being around the gadgets, not to mention she prefers pen and paper.

She’s very good at creating art and designing, so she should be allowed to play with colors and to put her imagination to use in her day to day work, if possible. She could make costumes for movie scenes or even be a fashion designer.

At the same time, she could be a painter and create other worlds for people to admire. She doesn’t like routine and having a schedule, neither getting bored. She’s a bohemian with many unusual talents, who needs to be appreciated and allowed to have flexibility.

It would be impossible for her to stick to deadlines all the time. Oftentimes, she takes on more than she can handle, which means she has a problem finishing projects.

The Pisces woman can be a freelancer who juggles work and doesn’t stick to only one job. Being very generous and spending a lot, she needs to be more careful with her money.

Pisces Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

Comfort is very important to the Pisces woman. This is why her home is decorated with many sitting places and armchairs, from the living room to the kitchen. Next to the armchairs, she most likely has coffee tables for putting beverages on them.

Her bed may have built-in speakers and a leather headboard so she can use it for support. As a matter of fact, leather may be very present everywhere in her house. It’s also possible for her to have some areas of her house decorated in a gothic style and for there to be a crystal chandelier in the middle of her dining room.

As soon as one enters her home, the sound of running water may come from somewhere because she owns either a fountain or a device that runs water. Also, a big fish tank may be present in her living room because she likes exotic fish and she is, after all, represented by 2 Fish.

She probably owns her home that’s most likely situated outside of a big city or in the countryside, where she can enjoy the quiet and eat in her own garden.

The Pisces rules the feet, so she needs to take good care of this body part of hers, especially if she doesn’t want to have serious problems with it in the future. She shouldn’t wear heels that are too high, but something comfortable and soft.

This lady feels the most comfortable when out in the sun. She should swim, take walks, jog, hike and cycle. Some landscaping in her own yard is also good for her, as well gardening, not only because she would eat her own vegetables, but she’d also exercise.

From her friends, she expects complete honesty and kindness, so she may not have too many. However, the ones she regularly interacts with will be very dear to her.

Being unpredictable and moody from time to time, she needs to be around people who are more stable and know how to support her when she needs their support. It can be said that she chooses people according to how honest and authentic they are.

What she likes to see in them is openness, love and balance, especially if she knows that she sometimes grows to be dark, so they can help her regain a positive mood.

As a matter of fact, her friends can be her emotional anchor from whom she absorbs more positive energy. What she offers them is unlimited loyalty. However, she expects the same thing in return.

Very inspiring as she is, many call her a muse. Shy and introverted even with the ones closest to her, she’s like a mute around people she doesn’t know. This doesn’t mean she won’t open up at some point, it just takes her a little bit longer to do it. And when she does, her ideas and opinions can surprise everyone, as they’re very original and interesting.

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