Pisces Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


The Pisces woman is best suited for a career that requires her to be creative and compassionate. She needs to know that she’s helping others and that what she’s doing matters because she’s a very big humanitarian. This means she’s a great doctor, lawyer or social worker.

Pisces Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Her work has to have meaning and a greater purpose.
  • Negatives: She can lose focus on her work and indulge in alcohol or drugs.
  • Tendencies: Much of her work tends to be about other people rather than herself.
  • Potential Careers: Artist, Musician, Healthcare Worker, Photographer.

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Because she can discern matters in a very effective way, she knows how to solve any problem. Besides, she’s diligent, reliable and devote to what she’s doing for a living.

A Greater Good to Their Work

All Pisces have a desire to make things better for themselves, so they’re willing to work hard in order for their life to be just the way they want it to be.

The woman in this sign is creative and has a lot of passion, not to mention emotional, so she could be a very good artist, no matter if she chooses to make music or let’s say, paint. More than this, she possesses very strong intuitions and is highly spiritual, which means it’s essential for her to listen to her instincts.

Being empathetic, she has a need to help others and to alleviate their pain. This is why she’s sometimes not working for the money, but to give others what they need.

Many people born in Pisces are astrologers and healers, seeing they’re very spiritual and can use their gifts to give a hand to those in need. Besides, they’re compassionate enough to work as veterinarians or in the health sector.

If the Pisces woman decides to be a philanthropist, she also needs someone to tell her when she has to stop being too generous. This lady loves creating beauty, but has a problem turning her talents into profit. This means that if she’s an artist, she needs a financial advisor and an agent.

As a photographer or musician, she can excel and become the best. She should forget all about working in an office and the corporate sector because this kind of job simply doesn’t suit her.

The Pisces woman needs to be allowed to be creative and to work hard for putting her ideas into practice. However, all this doesn’t mean she can’t hold on to a regular job, she just needs to express herself in a beautiful manner and to use her imagination.

It would be great for her if she’d decide to be a writer, performer, librarian, artist or social worker. Since she has a kind heart and is very considerate, she could work as a doctor too. The sign of Pisces usually represents the art world, compassion, visual beauty, humanitarian actions and media.

A People Person

The Pisces woman may have the impression that it’s very difficult for her to stick to a plan because she has a tendency to just go with the flow and to treat everything like a child. This is why she needs to be guided and brought back with her feet on the ground when very young.

Since she’s also very flexible, it’s easy for the Fish to excel in any profession, but what she needs the most is to have a career that requires her to be sensitive and to use her intuition. Her sign is the one of healing, so she would be a great veterinarian, nurse or doctor.

As a matter of fact, being any kind of therapist could be her vocation, so she could work with spiritual energies or be a masseur.

Because she rules over the feet, she may do healing for this part of the body or be a shoe designer. Her creative mind would help her become one of the most talented artists, especially since she’s highly stimulated by images and beauty.

Many Pisces women are also writers, makeup artists and costume designers. The Pisces woman needs to service others, so she could work in the public sector and help a lot of people solve their problems. More than this, she’s very compassionate, which means she doesn’t mind doing charity work and giving without having her name put on a plaque.

Belonging to the Water element, the Pisces woman may also decide to join the navy or to live on a boat and to fish in order to make a living.

During the many stages of her life, she could decide on different careers, but because she’s creative, it’s only understandable why she usually ends up in the entertainment industry or an artist.

This woman’s great taste and lust for life can help her settle with being a designer. It doesn’t matter what she may be doing for a living, she needs to use her imagination if she is to make it in a steady job.

She doesn’t mind using her logic either, so she could be a great lawyer and end up a partner at the firm where she started. Her imagination can run wild when playing with numbers, which indicates she would be a great accountant.

The fact that the Pisces lady is a people person who knows how to express herself could help her greatly in sales. She knows how to talk about any product and doesn’t mind convincing people to buy it.

Because she’s a great thinker who can focus on exact sciences when she’s interested, the Pisces woman could also be a scientist. In case she’s not allowed to take a leading position at work when she wants it, she may suffer greatly.

As soon as she is a manager, the Pisces woman can handle people very well because she knows how to work in teams and to make others happy. Being sociable and very open, she usually makes friends at her workplace and goes out for drinks after the day is done.

It’s not unusual for this lady to start as an assistant in a company and to work hard in order to become someone with great power and influence. As a matter of fact, people should expect her to do this because when she thinks she could do better, this lady is usually right.

Having a tendency to escape reality and to indulge in alcohol or other harmful substances, she needs to be careful not to become failed artist.

Her way of no longer wanting to deal with a problem can be also seen in how she’s handling money. This means she jumps from one method of earning an income to another, which can be detrimental for her budget.

A Focus on Helping Others

Usually, the Pisces woman doesn’t put money first because she’s more focused on her high ideals and ambitions. However, she knows just how much earning a steady and substantial income can help her make her dreams come true, so she works hard in order to make as much as she needs.

This lady Fish’s spending habits are usually one of the two: she splurges without thinking or skimps excessively. It doesn’t matter how she’s handling money, at least she always finds a solution when she’s in trouble.

Being generous and sensitive, she’s ready to give a lot to those in need. As a matter of fact, when her intuition is telling her she should help someone, she doesn’t hesitate to do it, no matter how her financial situation may be. This means she has a tendency to not be realistic when it comes to her budget, and also be taken for granted.

The fact that she frequently escapes reality is not helpful either. What she should do is be more down-to-earth and not believe what some people are telling her. She’s not practical at all as far as money goes, so she should save some money when her career is at its peak.

Because she’s very generous, it’s normal for her to be in a situation in which she no longer has enough for herself because she has helped others.

Not thinking about money too much, the Pisces woman can end up in debt, so she needs a financial advisor more than other signs. The person who’s handling her money should be trustworthy and have her best interest at heart because she’s easy to scam.

Her compassion could lead her to giving everything she has to charity, so she needs to have someone who tells her how much to give. If not, she can end up broke and no longer able to help anyone.

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