Aries Challenges and Obstacles: Rushed and Impulsive


As the first sign in the Zodiac, Aries is the baby. This means that just like babies, people born in the sign of Aries cry when things don’t happen the way they want them to, or they’re not at the center of attention.

Aries Challenges & Obstacles in a Nutshell:

  • Personality downfall: Aries’ impatience will often stand in the way of their personal success.
  • When it comes to love: Their huge ego needs a little too much brushing and this could annoy their partner.
  • At work: The true Aries usually has quite a hard time finishing projects before moving to new ones.
  • Aries advice: They should try opening up about their feelings, this would help with their impulsive tendencies.

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Their tendency is even to scream at everybody, which means they should watch out for their tone more often. It’s difficult for them to be patient, but at least they’re very cute and innocent like children, so people in their life love them just the way they are.

However, in spite of wanting things to happen very fast for them, they still need to wait in order to bloom like flowers in the spring. What they struggle most with is finishing the projects they start, also with jealousy towards those who are working very hard to achieve great things.

Aries Personality Weaknesses and Negatives

Impulsive and harsh, Aries individuals often end up in awkward situations. Their nerves never seem to push them to do what they need to for their life to move along, not to mention they get furious out of who knows what in a second.

Also egoistic, they tend to be mad at people when they don’t get what they want very fast. It’s their pleasure to be listened to and admired. In case others don’t accept them as their leader, they become real drama queens.

When not given attention, they start to exaggerate their emotions and to be very loud. Besides, their emotions are always fluctuating and they can be intense about what they’re feeling one moment, and the other eager to have a fight and to defend what doesn’t even belong to them.

When not having a creative outlet to invest their energy in, they start to blame other people for their problems and be very nasty. It’s important for them to do something at high intensity, so they should exercise regularly and spend as much time as they can in Nature.

They’re ruled by Mars, the planet of War, which means they also need to fight all the time, seeing as they’re very combative. They’re raw creatures who want things done fast. When not able to put their energy to use, they become depressed and even angry.

Their ruling planet also represents physical strength, motivation and force. This is why Arieses are always looking for challenges in life. They have a lot of passion and usually don’t think of the consequences of their actions.

If feeling insecure, they take everything personally and can even be destructive because their dark side gets the best of them. When displaying their authority, they do so in an artful manner and invite everyone to dance with them.

In situations in which they get abandoned, they turn into rascals. The fact that they’re always underestimating their competition can prove to be a real problem for them.

Mars influences them to want things fast and right in the moment. They also want to be the first, so the second place doesn’t satisfy them in any way. Those with the Moon in Aries are very impatient. In case they’re working on a project, they can become very angry to the point of hysterical if things don’t go their way. What they should do is make plans and stick with them until the end of their projects.

Those with the Sun in Aries, which have been discussed the most here, are at an advantage because the Sun has feminine energy and Mars represents the power of a young and domineering man.

Aries Common Challenges and Solutions

Aries people are often going through situations in which they’re humiliated or treated unfairly. This may be their own fault because they’re the ones looking for a fight, not to mention they have a tendency to take action without thinking of the consequences.

What they should do is analyze situations before getting involved in them. Their many projects may fail, while their relationships may be filled with quarrels, so they should think more before saying things and doing something.

If they agree to be just thinkers, their ideas can be the best and quite innovative. People in their surroundings will be sure to want to give them a hand, just because they’re no longer giving orders anymore.

Many don’t like them because they seem insensitive. If they want to be appreciated more, they should listen to others’ opinions and accept that different points of view are valid too.

When expressing themselves, they should be more tactful and use their sense of humor as much as possible. They also have a tendency to not focus and to be inconsistent, just because they’re always going through turmoil on the inside.

What they should is search within their soul and accept what causes them to be sensitive as something positive. No matter what, they shouldn’t run away from their own pain.

Low Points in Love & Friendships

People born in the sign of Aries have high ideals and are always hasty. They do everything impulsively and without thinking first. Challenges make them want to use more of their energy and they’re not scared of anything.

When it comes to romance, they fall in love very quickly and often get disappointed. They’re also asking a lot from their partner and are too impatient to create a romantic atmosphere.

At the same time, they can get jealous often, because they haven’t, nor will they ever likely reached a certain level of maturity. It’s not unusual for their partner to become tired with them and their tendency to focus only on themselves.

What they have a tendency to do very often is to love themselves only. They also have a quick temper and don’t tolerate much, not to mention they like to provoke and always act recklessly.

As friends, they’re never ready to make compromises and don’t acknowledge different opinions other than their own. Besides, they never seem to have their mind on the discussions they’re taking part in and usually forget about birthdays.

Their will is very strong, and they don’t hesitate to express it, no matter the company they have. Their desire to always be right is almost maddening because they have huge egos that need to be stroked.

More than this, they don’t seem to ever care about other people’s needs. They’re also very stubborn and sometimes intimidating. It’s unlikely for them to apologize for their mistakes because they simply don’t care about what others think of them. Their passion is specific to Fire signs and is very obvious to others.

How About Aries Career Weaknesses?

Aries natives are headstrong, opportunistic and unfocused. They’re always doing their job in a hurry and without being interested, so they have a problem focusing on long-term projects and following them up.

Aside from all this, they also find it difficult to listen to orders and always rebel, so working in teams doesn’t suit them at all. There are situations in which they’re so fierce and strong that they no longer understand themselves or others, just because they’re blinded by their desire to win.

After being too emotional in a situation, they can become very reflective, especially if they need to realize what motivates them and their true intentions.

Enterprising at work, they’re usually the ones who always come up with solutions to problems and help their colleagues achieve more.

If they happen to be bosses, they’re tyrannical and don’t really care about their subordinates. This is because they want to dominate and can’t ever accept that someone may have a different opinion than theirs.

Very independent, they can never accept that they may not be right and accept the advice of others, which is why many sometimes see them as insane. The first sign in the Zodiac, Aries represents individuality and doesn’t have anything to do with the collective. It makes its natives aggressive and domineering because it’s governed by the planet Mars.

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