Aries Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Aries natives think life is supposed to be filled with challenges, so they’re courageous, enthusiastic and very spontaneous. Their tendency is to live in the moment and not worry too much about the future, which means they never make plans, nor do they think about the past. What’s also great about them is that they don’t hold grudges.

Aries Roles in the Family:

  • Aries as a Wife: She is always proud to show off her family, to whomever.
  • Aries as a Husband: He always seems to be in a hurry, off to the next big thing.
  • Aries as a Parent: They are the encouraging and rather competitive kind.
  • Aries as a Sibling: Sibling rivalry is the main theme here.

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No one seems to be better than them at living in the moment. It’s unlikely for these people to foresee events. Their restlessness means they can be aggressive most of the time, but their more intense moments don’t last for too long.

No matter what, there isn’t anyone or anything to change their ways. At the same time, they’re very independent and have many ambitions, knowing ever since a very young age what they want and how to get it.

This means they leave home early in their life. It’s hard to control them, even when they happen to be only children. For this reason, they need to be given a lot of love from their parents, who need to be patient with them more than anything.

If they feel like they’re being restricted, they become angry, so they need to be in a liberal family that understands and accepts their need for freedom.

It doesn’t matter how the people in their surroundings are, Aries natives will always take on the responsibilities of others because they have a tremendous energy that pushes them to do as much as possible.

Among their loved ones, they’re the ones to start fires. Their siblings will always find them very fun and the most entertaining because they’re ready for new adventures all the time and encourage others to join them.

What they should pay attention to is their tendency to explode when things don’t happen to go their way.

The Aries Wife: Full of Intense Feelings

The woman born in Aries is very loyal. No one can stop her from loving and trusting her family members unconditionally. For as long as her loved ones remain on a safe ground with her, she’s more than fine with them.

She’s the type to always defend herself and to fiercely protect what belongs to her. In case someone dares to attack the people she cares about, either emotionally, physically or verbally, she’s the one to fight back and to win the situation.

Those who are lucky enough to be loved by her usually feel secure knowing that she’s by their side.

Sometimes, this lady doesn’t have clear goals or ambitious. Regardless of all this, she will always work very hard to achieve a good position in society and to have everything she needs from a materialistic point of view. She’s attracted to luxury and enjoys pleasure a lot.

When it comes to her personality, she’s moody, not to mention she tends to take care of what doesn’t matter and to forget about the most important things. Her emotions usually mean she doesn’t pay attention to the efforts others are making for her wellbeing.

She’s very intense when it comes to feelings, never forgetting if she got hurt by someone once. The Aries woman can’t stand cheating and being lied to. In case her life doesn’t go like she wants it to, she may create another one in her mind.

No matter what, she will always remain pure in her heart. If her spouse tells her she can move mountains by opposing the entire world, she won’t hesitate to do it.

What should be noted about this girl is that she’s jealous and possessive, so her partner should not even think about looking at other women when with her.

She takes a lot of pleasure in being glamorous, which means she pays a lot of attention to the way she looks and is a very good host.

In order to throw fancy parties at which she’s the most elegant, she needs to have enough money. What she wants the most is to live in a big city, more than likely situated in the western part of the world.

The Aries Husband: A Quick Temper But A Lovely Guy

As a husband or as a partner, the Aries man is fun and entertaining, but it shouldn’t be expected of him to bring about peace. He likes to do everything in the heat of the moment, so there’s no knowing what’s going to happen with him next, which can be quite exciting for some.

All this means he needs a partner who has patience and is understanding. While he doesn’t mind taking on new projects for his home, he does have a problem finishing these projects because he’s always hurrying and can’t stand being delayed or distracted.

His temper is very quick when he doesn’t manage to get things happening the way he wants them to. At least he doesn’t hold on to anger for too long, not does he hold any grudge. His wife can make up with him in minutes after a fight.

He’s also not the type to enjoy routine and a quieter environment, which means he shouldn’t be asked to take care of the household. At the same time, he wants to be the boss at home. The best idea is to let him do his thing and to clean up his mess whenever he makes a mistake.

The Aries Parent: Always Keeping Up with the Kids

The mothers who belong to the Aries sign are very protective, whereas the fathers possess a lot of authority. Being aggressive and reckless, they’re the type to punish their children fast, but to forgive as rapidly too.

At the same time, they’re the best advisors of their children. Because Aries signs are always in situations of emergency, there’s no time for them to take breaks and just realize what their inner desires are. This is why they’re trying to impose their wishes on their little ones most of the time.

For this reason, they’re encouraging them to be number one in everything and to be the leaders in school. This indicates they’re quite domineering, even if they allow their children to be free and to do whatever they want.

The Aries mother is caring and doesn’t make a fuss out of anything. She’s always ready to fight hard for her little one because she wants them to be perfect. However, it would be a good idea for her to also have a career or to have a hobby aside from being a mother.

Sometimes impatient, she still has a lot of energy and engaged in more than one activity at once. Her children will always admire her for being independent and strong, not to mention she will encourage these traits in them.

As a father, Aries is not at all traditional and tries as much as possible to impose his own parenting rules, which most of the time works well for the entire family.

Aries natives are usually the leaders in their family. This is because they possess a lot of energy and invest passion in everything they’re doing. Their children see them as exciting and inspiring, just because they’re ready to take on any adventure.

At the same time, they have a tendency to be insensitive and overbearing. Their mind is quick, and they’re quick to use nasty words that they regret afterwards.

It can be said their temper is not the quietest one, which means they don’t hesitate to preach to their children whenever a mistake is made.  However, most of the time they know where they’re standing, and they’re not upset for too long.

What suits them greatly is a very active lifestyle, so they should go out as much as possible, including play in the park with their little ones whenever they get the chance.

What they should try is not becoming too competitive, especially if they have more sensitive children. After all, they’re the biggest fans and cheerleaders of everything they’re doing, so it would be a good idea for them to just be encouraging from the bench.

Aries parents will always be appreciated for their honesty and tremendous amount of energy. For what it is worth, they should try more to be affectionate because their children need to rely on them from an emotional point of view too.

The Aries Sibling: Loving to Be in Charge

As siblings, Aries signs love being detached and expressing their own individuality. Many see them as great additions to groups.

It’s not unlikely for these natives to feel like they’re not part of their own family when they don’t seem to be comfortable in their own surroundings. This is when they need to be helped to mingle.

They should know that their siblings see them as their bosses, so no matter what, they should act like the big brother or sister because they’re supposed to be in charge and to obtain victory in any competition.

However, they’re not only bossy, but also very unselfish. This means they care a lot about their brothers and sisters. When with them, they’re the ones to make sure everything’s alright and to cook the meals if mother doesn’t happen to be at home.

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