Aries Personality Strengths: Always Determined and Brave


People born in the sign of Aries need to be winners more than anything else. They’re very competitive and most of the time succeed, no matter what they may be trying. Besides, they’re not scared of hard work and giving their all.

Aries Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • Their competitiveness and perseverance lead the Aries to great achievements.
  • Their enthusiasm is almost contagious and those around often follow their example.
  • The Aries woman is one of the most decisive ladies out there, no one can sway her from her choices.
  • The Aries man has the outlook of a winner in everything he sets out to do.

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No one can stop them from taking on challenges in life, which means they never have enough time to get bored.

Self-Confident and Protective of Others

Very enthusiastic, they get involved in other people’s lives and try to fix things the best way they can. It’s true that they can be a little bit pushy, but those who love them don’t have a problem with it.

Optimistic and exciting, they have a certain magnetism that attracts new admirers wherever they may be going. It’s like everything they touch turns into gold.

They would never leave things half done and live their life very intensely, not to mention they have tremendous force and can convince anyone to follow their lead.

At the same time, they’re argumentative and want justice to happen regardless where they may be. This means they always defend their friends and loved ones against attacks. If something feels right for them, they will stand by it with everything they’ve got.

Aries natives are also very independent people. They don’t hesitate to do what they want and to jump headfirst into the unknown. Their self-confidence is easy to notice in everything they do, not to mention no one can change their mind to no longer be determined.

Their dreams usually come true because they’re stubborn to succeed and very creative. They also have a lot of courage and aren’t scared of anything, which means they engage in dangerous activities and don’t hesitate to have the most controversial conversations.

What they want is to make a change in the world so that it becomes better. Their optimism is part of their personality and sometimes overwhelming.

For them, nothing seems impossible because they’re big believers who know they can make a difference. It doesn’t matter the situation, they always see the positive side of it and how it could get better.

Being the first sign in the Zodiac, they have a lot of energy and are very adventurous. Their freedom matters a lot for them, but they would never be unfair or biased in order to get it. This is because they’re also very good people who want to support others.

At the same time, they don’t like being told what to do, which means they’re better suited for jobs as managers or CEOs. It would also be a good idea for them to open their own business because they have the wits and the talents to be amazing entrepreneurs.

Loving to Take the Initiative

Their ideas are brilliant and they’re very smart, so it’s very likely for their business to become a success sooner than later. Besides, they’re not only energetic and dynamic, they also have a lot of charisma and can easily convince people to do what they want.

It can be said they’re extreme when it comes to many aspects of life. They want to live independently and to take risks whenever they feel like. For them, leading the way for others is something that comes naturally.

Inside their heart, they’re little children who want to make others happy and to be allowed to do whatever they want. When it comes to their weaknesses, one of them is their moodiness and refusal to do anything they don’t like doing.

Studying them from a romantic point of view, they’re all Fire and love to take the initiative. As soon as they’re in love, they express their feelings openly and want to jump into a relationship very fast, seeing as they’re impulsive and very brave. It’s unlikely for them to be scared of what’s about to follow, like others.

For this reason, many people admire them. They have a fire in their heart that can’t be put down, so they always want to start new projects and to be the pioneers in everything.

As said before, Arieses are courageous and perhaps the strongest natives of the Zodiac. It’s like no challenge can scare them, no matter how many risks they may need to take. Besides, they’re always ready to face what life has to send their way.

Enthusiastic, positive, independent and generous, they fight for their rights and are good at defending those who can’t do much to defend themselves. They’re also very organized and can manage other people’s schedules.

Some of them are activists fighting for lost causes. Being enthusiastic and always optimistic, they don’t have a problem getting involved in new projects and taking charge. Many love them for being amazing leaders who don’t hesitate to also give a hand.

The role of the underdog suits them very well. What they’re known best for is their tremendous energy. These people can world tirelessly to get what they want and don’t mind a challenge. When they have nothing to fight for, they become restless and start looking for people or causes to defend.

Qualities of the Aries Man

The Aries man can’t wait for a new day to begin, so he wakes up very early, ready to exercise and to make things happen. It’s very likely to find him at the gym or in his office at 5 am. He’s that guy in the neighbourhood who jogs every morning.

He wants to start the day fresh and becomes impatient if some new challenges aren’t coming his way. It doesn’t matter what happens, he’s always ready to welcome it.

A natural born leader and charismatic, he loves meeting new people and exploring unknown territories. No one is more magnetic and energetic than him, so he has many friends and is loved by everyone, be it at work or at home.

The symbol of Aries is the Ram, which stands for impulsiveness, stubbornness and force. The Aries man possesses a tremendous force and can take on any challenge, not to mention he’s usually a winner, no matter what he may be trying.

It would be a good idea to never cross him because he’s full of energy and can cross anyone, seeing as he’s aggressive and a fighter because he’s ruled by Mars, the planet of war. He usually wins arguments and debates don’t scare him because he always knows what to say.

Besides, he has knowledge on any mundane topic and keeps informed no matter what he may be doing. What he wants is to have the last word in any conversation, so he shouldn’t be contradicted too often just for the sake of it.

Qualities of the Aries Woman

Different from other ladies in the Zodiac, like for example Virgos and Scorpios, the Aries woman is very independent. She appreciates freedom more than anything because she wants to be able to do what she wants. This is something positive about her, seeing as many men appreciate strong and independent women.

Her ruler, the planet Mars, makes her this way, not to mention it gives her the force to deal with any challenge in life. She’s also very stubborn, as a matter of fact, almost dominated by this trait because she’s symbolized by the Ram.

No one can change her mind to do things differently than how she wants to do them. As soon as she has decided on something, she stick with it and doesn’t like making changes. Some may find her sense of humous to be a little bit too sharp, as she has a tendency to make sarcastic comments. She should try to tone it down a little bit, along with being extreme.

Impatient and impulsive, she hurries to get things done and doesn’t wait on others’ opinions. This means she’s decisive and very different from Gemini and Libra girls.

At work, she’s admired by colleagues and bosses for standing her own ground. This is why she ends up being a manager or a CEO most of the time. No one can stop her from speaking her mind and getting things done faster, in the proper way.

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