Aries in Friendships: The Adventurous and Fun Friend


People born in the sign of Aries always welcome their friends in their adventures and start new activities with them. However, they often leave behind other people because they move too fast and have a tendency to be a little bit selfish.

Top 5 Reasons Aries is Your Best Friend:

  1. They are trustworthy and stable when it comes to friendships.
  2. They will always say yes to any new adventure you propose.
  3. An Aries will support you and point out the bright side to any situation.
  4. They can inspire you with their courage and confidence.
  5. An Aries is used to investing time and care into their friendships.

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At least life with them is always fun and they’re loyal. Belonging to the Fire element, Aries natives are not the most sensitive people in the Zodiac, but they always stay by their friends’ side.

They may forget birthdays and other important anniversaries, yet when it comes to remembering other important details about their friendships, they’re the best. They prefer to go out and to do all kinds of exciting things instead of staying inside and watching movies.

Being brutally honest, they may hurt the people they care about with their words. They love good debates and have a good nature, even when arguing.

Friends with Tremendous Energy

Aries natives are among the most loyal friends in the Zodiac, even if they sometimes get accused of being self-centered and rather neglectful.

However, when it comes to how much they care about their friends and family, they prove that there is nothing they’re better at, by keeping their promises and being supportive. It’s just that they’re weird with the way they show their devotion because they’re very independent, which has some people believing they’re superficial.

They express their thoughts and feelings directly and tell the truth no matter what, which can bother some in the beginning. At the same time, many of their friends appreciate them for their directness.

They want others to be as honest as they are, but they do have a tendency to say nasty things, which can destroy some of their relationships.

While they’re not the easiest to deal with, many appreciate them for their courage, energy and resolute character, not caring too much about their impulsiveness. The Ram Fire natives are very independent, so they don’t expect help from others, not even in difficult situations.

They’d rather do things alone, but this doesn’t mean their friends shouldn’t be by their side when they’re in need.

While mysterious and capricious, Aries sign natives are stull trustworthy and stable when it comes to friendships. Their mood can change from one moment to another, but they’re always the best partner in crime and very good at playing team sports.

Their energy is tremendous and they’re competitive, so they challenge their friends to participate at different games with them.

If they aren’t particularly sporty, they will compensate by being very creative in music or arts. In case they happen to be in a band, they’re the ones convincing all the other members to practice more often, all while also taking care of the venues for liver performances and sending demos to different record labels.

A Contagious Sense of Humor

Good listeners, they also like giving advice. Curious about everything, they’re always learning new things and doing all sort of activities. Because they always insist on having a good time, they’re the ones to crack jokes at parties and to get people together for gatherings.

Their social life is extremely active, and they invest a lot of passion in all their relationships. When something has to happen and people need to gather together, they’re the ones picking a place for the meeting and calling everyone to announce the event.

Their friends often ask them how they have so much energy. The answer is that they’re built to be active, to have a good sense of humor that is contagious and to uplift other people’s mood.

Friendships with them are stable and warm. They expect loyalty and give it without having doubts.

However, people in their life shouldn’t expect them to not notice their mistakes because they’re always noticing when something is wrong and use harsh words when someone is not paying too much attention to what he or she is doing.

That said, there is no ill intent behind their words, they’re just too honest to not tell those they love that they’re not doing things the right way.

Impatient and very stubborn, they don’t like waiting around or being told what to do. As soon as they have made up their mind about something, it’s almost impossible to convince them to change it. They do make some concessions for the ones they love the most, but rarely and only after long hours of convincing.

When looking for friends, they try to get together as much as possible with people who have the same zest for life as they do. This is because they don’t tolerate boredom, passiveness and laziness in others, or in themselves.

If longtime friends are no longer fun, they start avoiding them and the friendships are lost forever. For Aries signs, the ball always has to be played.

Those who want to get their attention should be exciting and full of surprises, not to mention ready for new adventures every step of the way.

Rams have the tendency to get upset easily, so they should work a little bit on themselves when it comes to this. Furthermore, they should learn how to be less domineering, impatient and arrogant, especially if they don’t want to lose many of their friends.

Your Secret is Safe with Them

Aries signs are famous for their need to be active all the time. Their friends need to love variety as much as they do. They’re easy to get along with, so they have connections from all walks of life.

However, long-term friendships may be a problem for them because they can only be friends in the long run with those who have a lot of energy and can keep up with their pace.

Action inspires them, so they’re not likely to spend too much time at coffee meetings. They need to go hiking, to take classes or to pilot planes. Anything off-beat and risky makes them thrive.

Since Libra natives are as passionate as them, yet more balances and tempered, they could help Rams take part in adventures without risking too much, whereas Aries signs can help Libras have more fun. The two signs are very compatible as friends because they both have a lot of energy and Libras are more rational.

Aries natives like honest people and don’t stay for long in friendships where the truth is not being spoken. They’re not too sentimental, so they don’t make calls to ask how things are going. The calls they’re making are about going out and doing new things.

Just like other Fire signs, they’re open and faithful friends who are always ready to listen and to give a hand. Their advice is precious, and they can really keep a secret, so people can trust them with their nastiest confessions.

More than this, they’re very loyal, optimistic, energetic, happy and funny, which means they’re at the center of attention most of the time.

Many of their friends love them for being fun, even if they sometimes are very mysterious and maybe too dynamic. Their ideas are wild, whereas their great way of appreciating every little thing in life admirable.

What should be kept in mind about them as friends is that they always need to lead. It’s good that they really know how to do this, not to mention they usually end up opening new horizons by taking part in all sorts of adventures.

The fact that they’re natural born leaders also means they’re controlling. They always want to be the ones making plans and deciding where to eat, stay or do anything else for that matter. This can be frustrating for those who don’t always agree with their ideas.

When someone doesn’t agree with them, they don’t hesitate to be confrontational because they love taking part in arguments, which is one of their most annoying traits.

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