Aries Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Aries man is powerful, self-confident and doesn’t lack admirers. He’s always ready to do something exciting and to have fun, not to mention he loves taking the initiative and competing for what he wants the most. However, he has the tendency to be self-centered, aggressive and impulsive, as such he sees his relationship as a fighting scene that he needs to dominate no matter the costs.

The Aries man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: He’s an assertive and even aggressive man who could move mountains if he wanted to.
  • Love: It’s quite obvious when the Aries man is into you as he’s likely to profess his undying love.
  • Career: Life without competition, at work and outside of it, is no life at all for this man.
  • Family: He is surprisingly caring and understanding, quick to adapt to multiple roles at home.
  • Social life: Quite the domineering kind, the Aries man makes for a dependable friend, though.

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Aries Man Personality

As the first sign in the Western Zodiac, the Aries man needs to always be first and in the center of attention. He’s self-absorbed and even narcissistic. When it comes to what he believes about himself, he is quite simply awesome and the best.

He’s ruled by the planet Mars, which means he usually does things the right way and isn’t shy in any way, no matter how much attention he gets. At the same time, he can be vulnerable in private.

Underneath his exterior bravado and courage, there’s a naivety and sensitivity that can’t be seen in others. He manages to hide this side with a rich sense of humor. It’s very difficult to keep with him and his fire. He wants to impress and makes all kinds of grand gestures.

Another thing that’s overwhelming is his high libido and increased energy. Being represented by the Ram, he’s very stubborn and a natural fighter, especially when he strongly believes in something.

He also has a great drive to succeed and is passionate. People seldom have more courage than him, so he can move mountains when it comes to his career and his role in society.

He’s also assertive and aggressive, enthusiastic and very active, so it can be difficult to keep him standing still for too long. It’s very unlikely for him to ever be shy, as he’s always cracking a joke and looking for activities that can consume his energy or put his creativity to use.

He can mischievous but never devious, easy to fool but not a fool, self-centered but not selfish, fun and very sexy.

Love and Relationships for the Aries man

As soon as the Aries man is in love, everyone in his surroundings will know it because he exhibits extreme behaviours when he really likes someone.

Being a warrior and wanting to conquer, he has a need to fight for the woman he loves, to win her heart and to have the relationship he has always dreamed of. All this indicates he’s persistent and rarely stops trying to get the attention of the person he likes.

At the other extreme, he could be completely lost and unable to understand his own internal processes from an emotional point of view. In this situation, he becomes cold and no longer wants to speak, not to mention he can get quite angry because he can’t express his feelings.

No matter the situation, his behavior makes him an open book, so it’s easy to determine if he’s in love or not. Relationships with him are rarely easy because he has a problem connecting with his partner and being compassionate.

Besides, he often prefers to do things alone because his energy is difficult to contain, and no one can keep up with him.

He can be the most chauvinistic man in the zodiac. What he needs is to be with someone who’s independent and makes her own money because he admires power.

Not at all romantic, he usually surprises his partner with obvious signs of affection, so he may bring flowers, arrange dates to expensive restaurants and light up some candles in the bedroom.

At the movies, he will get tickets to an action movie and not the romantic comedy his lady would probably like to see. He desires intercourse at the first date and every time when going out after. He doesn’t text, nor does he talk on the phone too much, perhaps only when the conversations are hot and about sex.

This Is A Man Who Takes Initiative at Work

The Aries man always know what he wants and is ready to fight in order to make his dreams come true. There isn’t much that scares him professionally, having the tendency to not look over his shoulder as soon as he has reached the top.

He puts himself first, especially when he has ambitions and wants to take action. This means he can be a good leader who’s ready to put up with anything. Impulsive and having high ideals, he dreams big and is a resourceful entrepreneur, but he needs to be careful and not abandon his projects too soon.

He’s very competitive and a pioneer, so he needs to put his ideas into practice and to run things by himself. What he wants the most is to get things done very fast, so his success is often defined by his primacy.

In case he realizes that he can’t be first in something, he decides to give things up altogether. He’s hardworking and always takes the initiative. When just starting a project, he will invest all his efforts and lose his energy as time goes by, so he needs someone to push him through in the middle of things.

Being temperamental and impatient, he may have a problem working in teams, so it’s a good idea for him to work alone. He likes to take risks and is a gambler.

When it comes to money, he loves to spend a lot without thinking about tomorrow, but he always finds ways to make more. It can be said he’s very lucky from a financial point of view, as he always manages to get out of the most desperate situations. He’s not the type to save, instead having a tendency to invest in get-rich-quick schemes.

Aries Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

As far as his home life goes, the Aries man needs to feel free and to do things on his own, regardless if he’s married or just in a relationship.

He has a highly adventurous spirit and likes entertaining others, so his friends are usually over at his house all the time. Since he wants to rule and to feel like he’s the one with authority, he doesn’t allow his partner to be the one that makes the rules at home. He treats this place like a fortress where he can enjoy some quiet time and take a break from all the fighting for being the best.

There are times when he no longer wants to be all over the place and to just relax. Loving Nature very much, he likes to spend some of his Sundays looking outside the window at his beautiful garden, which he most likely has.

As far as his health goes, seeing that the Ram has a large head with horns, he rules the anatomical regions of the neck, head, mouth, face and throat. It’s normal for him to sometimes suffer from fevers and to have headaches.

Aside from all this, he’s prone to disillusionment, moodiness, neuralgia and nervous conditions. Because he’s all over the place and doing things in a hurry, it’s very likely for him to sometimes get hurt and suffer injuries as a result of accidents.

He should be very careful when exercising. Loving to be in shape and needing to expend his tremendous energy, he needs to work out and is one of the most physically active signs in the Zodiac. When it comes to family, he can adapt to each person he cares about, being the perfect father, son and husband at the same time.

He very much resembles the Tarot cards’ Emperor, as he’s authoritative and more focused on responsibilities rather than on emotions. This means he’s domineering, yet his children will always be allowed to do what they want, to explore and put their talents to use. He sees them as an extension of himself, so they need to achieve success in life and to have ambitions.

In case he’s the more selfish and unaffectionate type, he may be absent from their life but pay for everything so that they have comfort and everything they need from a materialistic point of view.

He’s very ambitious and driven to succeed, curious and attentive. When young, he tries to explore his talents as much as possible, also to learn new things and to see what he’s good at. This is because he’s very competitive and wants to defeat others in their own field.

In case he has a friend that plays piano, he will take lessons to learn this instrument too, after which he will show his friends how he plays. This competitive nature of his develops from a very young age. In case he has siblings, he wants to be the first among them in school and any other aspect of their life.

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