Aries Man in Love Relationships: The True Gentleman


The Aries man doesn’t have it the easy way in relationships because when he has to connect with his partner, he simply can’t put himself in her shoes. For him, things are better if done alone, not to mention he likes to lead and not all women want to follow a man. He can be more chauvinistic than any other signs in the Zodiac.

Relationships and the Aries Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He’s devoted, resourceful and enthusiastic.
  • Negatives: He can be a little too stubborn, impulsive and jealous.
  • Perfect relationship: Someone who is as adventurous and courageous as he is.
  • Advice: He should pay less attention to his own plans and more attention to his lover.

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If his relationship is to succeed, he needs to be with a woman who’s independent from both a financial and social point of view. As soon as he is in love, he lets everyone know about his feelings.

As a matter of fact, he can be quite extreme about it, seeing as he’s a warrior who needs to fight for his lady. He’s persistent and doesn’t hesitate to repeat himself when trying to conquer her heart.

Another of his extremes is that he can’t understand his own feelings, which makes him seem distant, unable to talk about himself and even angry when asked about his emotions. No matter what he may display, he’s sure to be obvious, even with the people he doesn’t know that well.

Always on the Lookout for the Perfect Relationship

When in a relationship, the Aries man needs to be in charge no matter. What he wants is to dictate to his partner what to do and how to take care of the home they have together. He also takes care of finances, being a good provider, even if he’d rather not work at all if the situation would allow him to.

He likes to think about himself as of a king with a loyal and honourable queen who simply adores him. His wife or girlfriend has to tell him he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. She would be smart to do so and avoid hitting him hard when he’s the most vulnerable.

Since his ruler is the planet Mars, he has a volatile temper and can be a true force of nature when furious. His idea of a relationship is well formed, what he wants is something grand and with good chances to go on in the future.

It doesn’t matter the aspect of life discussed, he needs everything to be shaped according to his own tastes, which are quite particular. At the same time, he doesn’t realize that people have their own free will and that his fantasies can’t always become a reality.

The perfect relationship doesn’t exist, yet he never stops looking for it. When finding someone who can offer him something close to it, he’s completely dedicated to that person, forgetting a little bit about his own selfishness.

He will have sex with many partners or belong to only one woman. One of the two. Not having enough patience to master courtship, he still enjoys the chase, but he may not be a gentleman at all.

Besides, he’s too authentic and sincere, to the point of telling the women he dates that he’s seeing someone else too, if that’s the situation.

While seeming crude, his policy of honesty can build up trust. He doesn’t think relationships are all that important in life, so he’s always ready for a new one and adventure, using his imagination to the maximum when wooing.

Every damsel in distress will know him and he will try every sexual position in the list. At the same time, he knows that only one woman can’t offer him everything he wants in the bedroom.

Very independent, he also loves being a bachelor because when single, he feels alive and can express himself without boundaries. It can be said he’s contradictory because on one hand, he wants a safe relationship in which to feel secure, and on the other, he wants his freedom and to wander.

The thing is, he’s really scared of being abandoned. As soon as he has a relationship that he can put faith in, he starts to turn the world into his playground, knowing someone is waiting for him at home.

A Feisty Family-Man Afterall

The rules of the world are completely changed for him because he only does what he wants, sometimes even wandering more than when he was single.

However, this is not the situation all the time. He’s only this way if he’s inclined to be the Hugh Hefner of his neighborhood or town. The woman who wants to be with him in the long run needs to accept the way he lives, also the fact that he needs to be the boss.

The situation can be that he wants to be with her, yet never living together, so she needs to accept it. He’s the right candidate for open relationships, so he needs to find someone who would accept such a situation.

He may also be bi-curious, having a long-term girlfriend and at the same time meeting boys every Saturday night. There are many women who would accept this, so he has a good chance of finding one.

The situation in which he’s with a girl who suffers seeing him like this but doesn’t say anything is possible too. The point is, he usually gets what he wants because if he doesn’t, no one can stop him from fleeing.

If he’s deeply in love, he holds on very tight to what he has, turning into a tyrant who dictates everything. His kids will be told all the time that they need to be successful, but he will also spoil them almost to a fault.

The fights between him and them will be with a lot of screaming and many tears. His wife will obviously participate to them too, not to mention she will be on the verge on mental breakdown most of the time, each time they will happen.

But for the Aries man, love and war are the same thing, not to mention he makes the most passionate love after a fight, becoming so intimate and powerful that he takes his darling’s breath away. His lover stories are always about blood and tears, yet worth the effort.

A Rebellious and Restless Lover

Since the Aries man is more suitable for the independent lifestyle than for a relationship, marriage can be something really challenging for him.

Serious problems can appear when he feels that his freedom is somehow threatened, not to mention he gives the highest priority to his own individuality, no matter how long he has been with a woman.

This means he’s not the most suited for commitments, not to mention he’s not that dependable either. What he can be is a knight in a shining armor, the one that protects his lady with everything he has because he knows how to fight for her regardless of the circumstances.

What she needs to accept from him is his domineering side. This means she mustn’t try and wear the pants in the relationship, as this would deeply hurt his masculinity and he would never give the connection a chance to turn into something serious.

Life with him can be filled with many financial ups and downs because he’s rebellious and restless, always trying new things and changing jobs like other are changing their socks. However, this doesn’t mean he will ever end up starving.

As a matter of fact, he seems to have his own luck with money, meaning he saves the situation when it no longer seems to be any hope.

He’s very fun and likes to joke, yet he never can offer his partner peace of mind because he’s all over the place and likes to live in the moment. He never knows what he’s going to do next and where his life is heading.

He needs to be with a patient woman who can adapt to a hectic schedule and doesn’t mind him going missing from home a few nights a month because he is either stuck at work, finishing a project in the last moment, or perhaps he ended up in a bar with some of his friends.

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