Aries Health and Wellness: Great Stamina and Enthusiasm


People born in the sign of Aries need to take good care of their body because they’re very energetic and agitated. Putting passion in everything they’re doing, they have the tendency to forget about their health and wellbeing.

Aries Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Arieses are incredibly active and can be trusted to take good care of themselves.
  • Tendencies: Their aggressiveness may translate into some bad habits from a health perspective.
  • Negatives: Their sign governs the head area so suffering from headaches is rather unavoidable.
  • Advice: Aries must beware of eating on the run and should seriously take their time for snacking.

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What they need is to stay in shape, from both a physical and a mental point of view. Because they’re born between March 21 and April 20, they belong to the sign of an Aries, the first one in the Zodiac, which indicates they’re pioneers.

They also have a creative mind, a lot of optimism and readiness to work hard. It doesn’t matter if they’re troubled or not, they always see everything in a positive light.

Besides, Aries natives can’t be stopped from taking on new challenges because problems don’t scare them whatsoever. They’re hardworking and do everything in their power to achieve their goals.

At the same time, they don’t have patience or the ability to accept that things may not go their way. Most of the time, they manage to get what they’re aiming for, but with a lot of stress involved. They can’t exist without excitement, which means they have the tendency to overdo things.

Aries Health: Positives

Looking at the Aries health, it can be noticed that natives of this sign are usually very strong. They live fast, so their body needs to keep up with them.

Ever since being young children, they’re incredibly active and love spending their time outside. Because they see everything as a challenge, physical activities included, their body is sure to always be worked.

What’s great about them is that they understand how strong their body needs to be for their way of life. Many Aries natives can become successful athletes, but if they do, they need to pay close attention to their health – not every once in a while, but every single day.

It doesn’t matter how busy they are, no matter what they may be doing for a living, they’re sure to not skip their exercise routines.

Rams love being appreciated for their efforts and have a very good heart. They understand that they need to also help others remain positive. No matter how much success they may be having, their purpose is to work hard for more.

According to their health horoscope, they also pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Even if they don’t admit it, they do get sick now and then, but their power of recovery is absolutely tremendous.

Besides, they don’t fall ill too often because they’re very busy doing something else other than thinking that their back or neck hurts a little. Usually, disease catches up with them after they have finished an important project and they’re trying to relax.

Aries Health Tendencies

Aries natives have the Karmic duty to understand that they’re not the center of the Universe. If they find out that there’s a social order they need to respect, everything should be fine for them. The most childish of them are very demanding.

When it comes to their life force, this can be used for inspiration, but there’s also the situation in which they’re using it only for themselves. Here, they no longer evolve as individuals, their destiny being early reincarnation.

Aries natives can be very competitive and obsessed with becoming famous. Their desire to be the best often has them aggressive and not scared of using force instead of diplomacy and reasoning. It’s important for them to use their energy in a creative manner if they don’t want to become apathetic and passive.

Their solar energy requires them to express themselves with their body. In case they’re not physical, they become overweight and depressed.

Aries Health: Negatives

Looking at the Aries’ astrological health facts, it can be said people in this sign are the worst patients. They’re very stubborn and never admit that they may be weak. For them, being sick is definitely a sign of big weakness. This is why they prefer to take care of their health problems on their own.

In case they do go to see a doctor, this is only because they’re feeling very bad. And even after that, they don’t take the advice they have been given too seriously. At least they’re strong and can endure pain for long.

It’s a good idea for them to relax a little bit until they feel better, but it’s unlikely they will do it. At the doctor’s, they will listen to what they’re being told, only to follow their own treatment at home. This is because they hate to be told what they should do and never respect authority.

Since they’re always busy, their energy is fluctuating, yet upwards most of the time. They’re so passionate about what they’re doing that they no longer remember that they need to sleep or to eat.

This can bring them some serious health issues. It’s important they pay attention to their diet and exercise regime if they want to remain healthy and live long.

Their health horoscope says their weakest region is the head, which means they get headaches and often suffer from infections in the upper airway.

If they’re very tired or stressed, they immediately start having a migraine. This is why they should learn how to relax. It’s also a good idea for them to stretch their body a few times during the day, so that their blood flows more easily.

They should avoid getting colds because they wouldn’t even notice they’re having them, and colds can sometimes turn into more serious health issues.

Being very brave, Rams aren’t scared of pain, but toothaches terrify them. This is why they’re always hesitating to seek help from dentists. They think the pain is going to be worse. However, they need to remember that the faster they take action, the more the pain disappears quickly.

Because they work hard for many hours, they also need to take good care of their vision, making sure they have proper time in their office and don’t stay in front of the computer for too long, without taking breaks.

Importance of Diet for Aries

According to their food habits, Aries signs need to take better care of their diet because they’re always eating on the run and whatever falls into their hand. They should have snacks at work and not forget to munch on them every 2 hours or so, all without skipping the meals of the day.

Their health traits indicate they should consume goat and lamb because pork is not doing them any good. Besides, goat and lamb are lean meats and can provide the nutrients they need for their very busy lifestyle.

They should also include fruits and vegetables in their diet, especially grapefruits, carrots and watermelons.

If they’re cooking, they will use a lot of garlic, basil, vanilla, mustard and lemon. The Aries woman must have a strict diet that contains many of vegetables. At the same time, she should drink many juices. When it comes to the Aries man, he should stay away from alcohol because it can cause him impotency.

It doesn’t matter their gender, Aries natives should avoid stimulants such as sugars and coffee because these would only stress them even more, which is something they definitely don’t need. Instead, they should consume foods for the brain, like oats, barley and wheat.

As far as the protein intake goes, they should have some fish or no meats at all, especially if they want their fiery temper to be kept in line. Red wine and spices should be avoided and replaced with salads made from spinach, tomatoes and lettuce.

Juices from grapes, apples and what grass can help with the acidosis they often suffer from as a result of their hypermetabolic body. Tissue acids usually cause spasms, pain and tension in the muscles.

Aries signs may also have potassium deficiencies if they don’t consume fruit and veg. Their temperature should be kept in balance by consuming plenty of water.

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