Virgo and Libra Compatibility in Love & Life: An Intimate Relationship


This relationship can go pretty smooth, but Libra will have to get serious about making decisions. One of the things both Virgo and Libra have in common is their refined taste. To make things better and to make their relationship stronger, Virgo will have to be gentler when handing out criticism.

Criteria Virgo Libra Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Below average ❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Their personalities are vastly different. Libra is outgoing, sociable, romantic, and affectionate. Virgo is private, reserved, and has trouble expressing their emotions.

Virgo is a hardworking perfectionist who doesn’t hold back their inner critic, so Libra will hear a lot of remarks from their partner.

When These Two Fall in Love

Libra sees the world through pink-colored glasses, while Virgo is down to earth and practical. It’s a surprise if these two even end up dating in the first place. We might say they’re not the most compatible or well-suited for each other.

An area where they get along is discussions about the future. They will both agree about the most serious and necessary choices and actions to be taken—finances, careers, home life.

If they see things in the same way, and if they stay supportive of their partner’s endeavors, this can bring them closer together.

It’s a good thing for the Virgo and Libra compatibility that both signs value logic and rationality. But on an emotional level, there might be some issues. When one of the partners develops deeper feelings, communication between them becomes difficult.

Their bond is strongest on an intellectual level, but this leaves them unprepared to deal with an emotional situation. When one partner has a personal problem, the other can’t seem to be able to relate and offer the warmth and compassion that would be expected.

They can be very distant emotionally and this will of course lead to a cold, unsatisfying relationship in the long term. Virgo is too practical and focused on the concrete, ignoring their feelings because they are not rational. Libra is too unbalanced when dealing with their own emotions.

The air sign has the tendency to mirror their partner’s personality, and next to a Virgo they will bottle up their emotions and play the logical persona. But you can’t lie to yourself forever.

The longer they are together, the more restless they will grow. All the bottled-up feelings will one day come to surface, and not in a calm way, most probably.

Virgo and Libra Relationship Key Facts

What sparks the initial interest in these two signs is the mellow and elegant personality and appearance they see in each other. But things can get boring quickly.

To keep things interesting, they should get out in the world more—enjoy the urban jungle together, and bond over their common interest for literature, music, and art. There’s plenty of museums, theaters, and opera houses to visit together.

Maybe trying something new, but something no too intense for them, will also help: think something like yoga, or dance classes, self-improvement seminaries, maybe a minor lifestyle change. Not everything is lost.

The Virgo and Libra relationship can be a success if both partners are open-minded, respectful of the other’s emotions and feelings, and if they keep up the same pace.

They have a strong mental bond and if they choose their common hobbies and goals wisely, they can build a foundation upon that. They also need a lot of patience to warm up and improve their sex life.

The issue is with communicating and understanding their partner’s emotions. And both signs are also easily hurt and offended. Virgo is a self-sacrificing partner, and they will try to make things easier on Libra by taking the burden of decision making and by assuming a lot of the responsibilities.

Libra might get the wrong idea and feel demeaned. Subsequently, they might give Virgo the side eye from that moment on. When one of the partners loses respect for the other, things will go south very quickly, so they should keep an eye out for such misunderstandings.

Virgo and Libra Marriage Compatibility

If their relationship is happy and peaceful, both signs are inclined to consider marriage. But it might not happen soon. They both need a lot of time to analyze things and to decide if this is the right choice.

They would never take something like marriage lightly. They see marriage as a way to uphold tradition and to form an inseparable union between two souls.

Libra is an idealist, so for them, marriage can be highly romanticized. Virgo, on the other hand, also keeps in mind the practical matters and the financial advantages of it.

Both signs are ready to offer and seek commitment and loyalty in return in the Virgo and Libra match. Even so, they might both still feel anxious about getting married, even if they know their partner is the one for them.

Their wedding will be planned mostly by Virgo, who won’t overlook even the smallest detail. Libra has good taste as well, and they will offer many valuable suggestions. When married, Libra will seek balance between their home and personal life.

If they spend too much time next to their partner, they will feel tempted to divide their program evenly for work, friends, family, and their spouse.

Virgo on the other hand likes routine and predictability. The more hectic the Libra’s schedule, the more Virgo will feel inclined to criticize them for being disorderly. Virgo usually gives a judgmental look to everything that doesn’t fit perfectly in their worldview.

Libra will feel demeaned and they won’t be likely to change if they are forced to. Virgo should work on their delivery when talking about concerns and things they disagree with.

Drawbacks of This Match

They say lots of big words, but neither of these two signs is going to take action. They are too scared to get out of their comfort zone. They might end up making wonderful promises, but never following through.

At worst, their life will be the same safe and boring routine. They need something more to keep the passion alive.

Libra wants to measure every possible choice and option carefully before making a decision, and this turns even mundane daily tasks extremely difficult. Virgo, as an earth sign, is patient and perseverant, but they also value their time and are prone to criticize.

Libra can be hurt, especially if Virgo considers them to be slow thinkers, which they are not. Libra’s mind, in fact, is all over the place, measuring two or more different possibilities simultaneously!

Virgo wants predictability and is almost never eager to try new things. Curious and open-minded Libra will find it challenging to get Virgo to tag along on day-trips. These two signs are big worriers and they overthink things to the point of despair.

Libra is worried that they can’t do their best to please people around them, while Virgo fears that things will go wrong and that they will be overwhelmed by the chaos.

In fact, everything that Virgo doesn’t predict, or cannot control, will make them extremely uneasy. This is also why they refrain from trying new things.

Idealistic Libra wants to enjoy the world for all it has to offer, but when they look so enthusiastic about trying every new thing that comes up to mind, they might seem childish or even superficial to the serious and down to earth Virgo.

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