Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility in Love & Life: A Supportive Relationship


Both Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, so they are reserved and don’t open up easily, because they need time to know the person better first. Because of this need for emotional safety, they might seem distant to onlookers, but they can actually be very affectionate once they get to know each other.

Criteria Virgo Capricorn Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

They are grounded and practical above all else. Capricorn can be more sober than Virgo, even to the point of being intimidating. Things will evolve slowly, but once the door to romance is open, things will only get better and more passionate.

When These Two Fall in Love

Their conversation will be serious and centered around practical issues, so others might see their relationship and dates a little dry. But for Virgo and Capricorn, this is the best time of their life. It feels good to have found someone so mentally compatible to them.

They will be infatuated with their partner and their intellectual depth. They’re both aware that they can learn a lot from each other, and communication is an easy area for them. They are also happy to debate one another in a calm, objective manner, just for the fun of it.

Their discussions will flow naturally, with Virgo bringing up new ideas, and Capricorn giving their conclusions after each topic is dealt with. They get passionate and excited about their partner when they see how in sync they both are.

These two signs have many commonalities to be happy about, but it is perhaps the mental plan where they find the most satisfaction. They are good thinkers and problem solvers, so they can set anything back on track, if something were to go wrong.

Problem is that both Virgo and Capricorn can be distant and they lack emotional depth. There’s a complicated relationship between Virgo and Venus, as well as between Capricorn and the Moon. This makes them struggle with their emotions, albeit in different ways.

The compatibility between Virgo and Capricorn means the two need a while to make sense of their feelings and to gain trust in their partner. Only then will their emotions become clear and they will be able to express their love and passion, both romantically as well as sexually.

This relationship can feel a lot like a journey for Virgo and Capricorn. They have to look deep within themselves to understand these new emotions, and they have to be patient and learn more about their private partner, as they open up little by little. As slow as the process is, it is also extremely rewarding and heart-warming.

Virgo and Capricorn Relationship Key Facts

A better, more compatible match could not have been found. Virgo and Capricorn have so much in common, they are perfect soulmates. For starters, both of them are earth signs, both of them are traditional, if not even conservative.

They seek financial stability and domestic bliss, and thus their goals and aspirations will be very similar.

They’re all about planning, so they might have their entire future sketched out before they even reach the altar!

When in a couple, a Virgo and a Capricorn might be hard to understand for outsiders, how these two signs awaken the passion in one another, without even being as romantic and emotional as other signs. For them, intellectual pursuits and practical matters are the biggest stimulant.

Capricorn is extremely logical and good with practical matters. When it comes to their emotions, this sign prefers to keep a composed façade, burying everything they deem irrational deep within themselves. Similarly, to Virgo’s symbolism, the virgin, this sign can be inexperienced when it comes to emotions.

They do well with mentally challenging tasks, but the world of feelings is completely foreign to them. This all is not to say that these two signs aren’t capable of love, but they might encounter trouble expressing it at first.

Virgo and Capricorn Marriage Compatibility

These two signs have a lot of respect for their partner, and they are dedicated lovers. They always think about the long-term, and their relationship is no exception.

Of course, marriage is high on their priority list! Making it through the formative journey of romance and developing emotional closeness is important before they get to say their vows though.

This couple craves security and stability more than they want passion and emotion. But they need to make an effort to keep the flame alive, otherwise their relationship will become monotonous and predictable.

As much as they think they’re ok with this, a little zing is always a good thing for a couple’s long-term happiness.

They might have some repressed emotions they need time to overcome. But their critical thinking skills should help them tremendously. It’s great that they both recognize the importance of each other’s space and independence.

Capricorn is especially likely to need a lot of time to themselves to work on their personal projects. Just because they’re married, that doesn’t mean that work and financial stability is put on hold.

Virgo will be supportive of Capricorn’s efforts, while Capricorn helps Virgo feel safe. Capricorn will be the one to deal with the money and finances, for the main part. Capricorn is fair, calm, and collected, which creates a good intimate space for Virgo to open up and be themselves.

Their marriage will be successful and they will always be devoted to one another, no matter how much time has gone by. Their great minds and self-management skills will ensure that this union will achieve amazing things throughout their lifetime together.

Drawbacks of This Match

It’s great that both of these signs enjoy security and routine, but as time goes on, the relationship might become stale, even for them! They need to keep things fresh and interesting, otherwise when a more adventurous and exciting person comes in their life, they might feel tempted to try the new waters, even if just a little.

It can happen to the best and most loyal of partners, if they no longer find satisfaction in their relationship.

Maybe they should just kick back and relax sometimes. Try something new, get out of your comfort zone, maybe try something more daring in the bedroom—all these could prove to be good advice for this vanilla couple.

Also, Virgo and Capricorn pride themselves for their rational mind, to the detriment of their hearts. Things can get pretty cold, and when a heated moment comes by, these calculating minds might not consider the feelings of their partner.

Harsh remarks can be thrown around in the Virgo and Capricorn match, although with good intentions. As much as they deny their emotional side, these words can hurt them deeply, and they wouldn’t be able to freely talk about how they feel afterwards.

Virgo is such a perfectionist and always trying to be a proper goody-two-shoes, Capricorn might get tired trying to please them all the time. Virgo has a lot of reasons for criticism, and many of them are minor problems that are only obvious to themselves. They might accuse Capricorn of caring more about their personal projects than about their relationship.

When they get into a conflict, these two signs have the tendency to draw back and dish out the silent treatment. As a result, when things go wrong, communication becomes difficult. Many minor problems can go unsolved, and this will give rise to resentment over time.

They might be aware this is not a good strategy, but they cannot control this reaction. That’s especially true for the Capricorn, who has a more dominant personality and wants to punish Virgo for their so called ‘bad attitude’.

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