Uranus Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Taking the Reins

  • If the natal chart contains a Uranus Pluto opposition, the personality will often be challenged to adapt quickly to life’s changes.
  • The Uranus opposite Pluto transit forces us to deal with situations over which we have no power.
  • In astrology, Uranus symbolizes freedom from structure, liberation and technological transformation.
  • The opposition aspect is a very powerful and tense astrological placement, the energies of the two planets facing each other.
  • In astrology, Pluto speaks about the occult, birth and death, our primary needs, our fight for control and power and unconscious frustrations.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus opposite Pluto Natal

People with Uranus opposition Pluto in their natal chart will often feel the urge to let their raw belief and stubbornness pull the reigns of their life. Rash decisions are not uncommon in such situations, so patience and reason must be practiced with utmost diligence.

Otherwise, these folks might find themselves fully involved in extreme social and political endeavors, especially since they’ll tend to be more than impulsive during this planetary positioning. This will also cause an interest in matters of mysticism and justice. Being hard-headed will be a common trait due to the desire for independence.

One of the biggest challenges will be to adapt to the speed at which the world is evolving and changing. Society never stays put and these stubborn individuals will have a hard time getting in trend with the now, socially, politically and financially.

In order to avoid stagnation in one’s own development, Uranus opposite Pluto natives ought to embrace change and stop fighting the flow so fiercely.

Regarding their social life, they will encounter hardships, especially in their friendships. This period has it so that their luck provides them with friends that mirror their own characteristics.

This also includes a stubborn and impulsive persona. Balance and serenity will be a requirement if they are to maintain a calm and fruitful relationship, otherwise, they’ll find themselves in a constant struggle to assert dominance.

The freedom for expression will be a common goal that they’ll fight among themselves for. Learning to live and let go of ideals set in stone will be the way to ensure a long-lasting friendship. While Pluto is transiting with Uranus, a bridge between the generations is built.
The lines separating the youth from the elderly becomes blurred and it beckons the perfect opportunity for acceptance and removal of norms and restricting social standards. This will create a stronger connection between past, present and future generations. Sadly, this cannot come easily, as accepting such sudden changes also creates struggle and quarrelling.

Uranus opposite Pluto Transit

As long as you’ll accept it, then it’s time for a crucial game-changing event to take place in your life. Well, even if you don’t, you might not have much of a say in this, seeing as how this transit will bombard you with nothing but surprising and incomprehensible challenges that will render you confused if nothing else.

The main issue you’ll be encountering is having to deal with situations over which you have no power, which is more than unfortunate, seeing as how said situations will dramatically affect your day to day life.

Keeping on track will be difficult and losing sight of your goals will become a regular thing for you, especially if you usually tend to get side-tracked easily. This transit will amplify such issues tenfold. It doesn’t matter if you’re usually trustworthy, you might find it difficult to make ends meet when your attention is suddenly required elsewhere.

While at times this Uranus opposition Pluto transit might seem a smooth sail, the difference between serene and erratic will be easily noticed once the usual and extreme events typical to it start appearing and forcing you to embrace adaptability in order to maintain your steady, certain way of living.

Acting stubborn and facing this storm head-on is more than a fool’s errand and it will cost you precious progress. The hardest part about this is the fact that the liberty you’ve held so dear up until now can easily be taken from you by outside forces over which you have little to no control.

Many aspects of your life will be held hostage by events you have no say in, it can be anything, from your superiors ordering you around to maybe even the current government switching up the rules and impeding your long-term plans. Now, of course, as any normal person, if presented with negative situations that affect your life accordingly, you’ll experience the urge to push back and rage against the current.

You won’t be alone in this; others close to you in age will be experiencing similar situations and feelings as you. Some of these issues might even come from people that are in your inner circle, those close to you might endanger the liberty you so cherish.

It’s paramount to remember that nothing is as bad as it seems, when such troubling thoughts arise, take your time to relax. Look at the bigger picture, remember that this too is something you must adapt to, if only temporarily, but you will overcome this as well with patience.

Long-term, you’ll be seeing the progress you’ve been making so far and feel pride in taking your time and stepping through life fluidly and wisely. Going through this effect of the transit will be especially difficult since one of the main issues you’ll be encountering will be your short temper and your habit of letting your own emotions get the better of you.

With everything that will be happening around you, the probability of you feeling as if you’re being rushed into something that you’re unprepared for is not out of the question. This, together with your temperamental and rebellious nature means you’ll definitely put up a fight before giving in to whatever forces are affecting your life.

This might spell trouble for you in the end, especially if it involves matters of law enforcement. There is a high probability of you experiencing a great deal of enthusiasm while engaging in social endeavors, especially if they hold the promise of changing the way today’s society works.

Reforming the norms to fit your ideals is one of your main goals and any groups that would aid you in this mission are more than appealing to you.

While Pluto is transiting with Uranus in opposition, the desire to break away from the standards of society will become stronger than ever and it might even inspire the desire for liberty and non-conformity in others who may join your fight.

You’ll become a beacon of individuality and originality for people to gather around. This planetary positioning will offer an array of opportunities to let your stubbornness and strength to shine.

You’ll be taking the fight to the system and whatever you believe is right will be what you will defend with your last breath, even if what you believe is right can easily change during this period. This, of course, will bring forth a great deal of conflict with other people, especially those that share in your head-strong characteristics.

Stepping back a little from time to time to take a look at the bigger picture will do wonders for any anxiety or stress you’ll be experiencing from the countless social battles you’ll be fighting during this transit.

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