Uranus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: A Greater Comprehension

  • The birth chart conjunction between Uranus and Pluto indicates a resourceful and very attentive personality.
  • The Uranus conjunct Pluto transit warns people to be careful about changes and their consequences on their lives.
  • Uranus is associated with technology, innovation, discovery, and all that is progressive.
  • The conjunct aspect is a very expressive astrological placement, one in which there is a tendency for direct action and self-dramatization.
  • Pluto is the great revealing planet, in charge with creative destruction, buried power and truths.
  • Celebrities: David Cameron, Elena Ford, Samuel Johnson, Kamala Harris, Nicole Kidman, Samantha Fox, Guy de Maupassant.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Uranus conjunct Pluto Natal

People that possess this conjunction in their birth chart are mostly seen fighting against the system and the usual mundane and inefficient ways of today’s society.

These individuals tend to be occupied with their own duties. Add a few mental or emotional issues and they might forget about the troubles of others rather easily.

They are also deeply connected in both the rational and mystical sides of life and might become more than sensitive to external factors because of this.

Those affected by this planetary positioning are usually blessed with great physical prowess and energy as well as an elevated comprehension for the machinations of society.

But this also means they have one more tool to use towards the greater good of others. In order for such an individual to be found in society, they ought to be raised with the utmost care, the result being a person filled with love for life and all other surroundings.

Uranus brings an abundance of urgency and a quick-paced lifestyle that can easily be seen as erratic. There is also a great requirement for immediate change that forces people to ultimately become innovative, self-providing individuals.

As for Pluto, this planet has its grasp deeply rooted within one’s mind and is often responsible for the mystical and metaphorical death and rebirth of one’s persona.

When both of these dominant forces are found in conjunction, those influenced by this will naturally be forced to exceed their mental limits and rid themselves of their earthly, selfish ego in order to better themselves on a spiritual and intellectual level.

These individuals will, more often than not, be influenced by their young and sometimes naive way of thinking and disprove advice from those that outrank them in experience, age and wisdom.

They ought to sometimes accept that others may be in the better and that they should learn a thing or two from their superiors every now and then. Not everybody is out to get them, and learning the difference between the villain and the everyday wise guy that just wants to help will be a life-changer for them.

Those affected by Uranus conjunct Pluto are true benefactors for life and all inhabitants of this earth. Their compassion and appreciation for all that is alive are truly outstanding and beyond comparison.

As part of mankind, these individuals strive for a balance between the needs of humanity and those of nature, in order to both benefit from what Earth has to offer, as well as nurture and care for it. As for the singularity aspect of one’s life, they tend to go for originality, unchained freedom, and serene harmony.

Uranus conjunct Pluto transit

This transition will have you act upon Uranus’ strong influence to rapidly come up with a drastic change in how you’ve been doing things in order to reign freely in life.

Seeing as how this mentality takes root at a young age, you’ll most probably be seen as a solitary and rebellious freedom fighter, especially by your folks.

At least from a social point of view. You simply don’t enjoy how society has been doing things and you want a change.

Your actions will be based on the desire to become self-providing and independent, but this might turn you rather hard-headed and obstinate.

Patience is definitely something you need to practice. Relax and take a look at the bigger picture. You need to be thoughtful and ensure that you don’t radically change your life in.

The mere yearning for something different doesn’t mean that all change is good. Making the difference between what is useful, efficient and what is simply different is paramount if you wish to live independently.

All of this happens mainly during one’s youthful days when their minds are fragile and easily moulded by external factors as well as their own inner thoughts and perception of the world.

This rebellious outlook brought upon them by Uranus will most likely push them to constantly do the opposite of what was advised by those they saw holding a superior role in their life.

This method of thinking will have surely brought more than enough struggles between them and their parents while growing up, seeing as how there was a constant fight to be unique and unbound by rules.

Due to this transit, a superiority complex will be more than a common issue that you’ll be encountering. While it is true that you are above the norm, intellectually and emotionally, there’s really no need to brag about it as it. Remember, sticks and stones can break some bones, but words might hurt forever!

If this transition takes place later in your life, then it’ll be far easier for you to make better use of it, as you’ll be able to efficiently and wisely benefit from its influence and become a self-providing, capable and original individual.

Towards this end, you’ll be blessed with what would seem as supernatural clairvoyance, a higher comprehension of your surroundings and the human psyche as well as the matters of the occult which will provide a vast array of methods to spice things up in your life.

The most efficient methods for such endeavours will often be found through socializing with others from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as taking advantage of the array of methods to expand one’s horizon that technology provides.

During this period, you’ll feel the urge to separate yourself from the rest of society, not in a way that you’ll be secluded from others, but by becoming independent, innovative.

Changing certain areas in your life that you believe were holding you back from becoming your true self will also be of aid. What you chose to do now will mould your character and destiny for most of your remaining days.

Subjectively speaking, this transit will either be a blessing or a curse for you. This part of your life will be filled with unpredictability and change and is surely not suited for the faint of heart.

While the opportunity for change will be found around every corner, you might not be one to enjoy such an erratic way of living, but if you yearn for something different, then this will be right on your alley. You’ll be given the possibility of reshaping the very foundation of your life.

Due to the volatility of this period, you’ll have to learn and practice adaptability. Why? Because you’ll have little control over what life might be throwing at you, as such you’ll require the ability to quickly understand and adapt to your surroundings without being left at a loss.

While your methods tend to be unorthodox, nobody can deny their efficiency. More often than not you’ll be pushing your limits to see just how much you can grow and evolve.

You’ll most likely explore your self-sufficient way of living in order to reach your main goal, independence, freedom, and originality, so that your future can be as bright as you dream it to be.

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