Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility in Love & Life: A Meaningful Relationship


Taurus and Scorpio make for an intense couple, that’s for sure. Both are fixed signs and have a cool and serious façade. But when in relationships, they become attached and crazy possessive of their lover.

Criteria Taurus Scorpio Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Doubtful
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Sensual, hot-blooded Taurus and freak-in-the-sheets Scorpio are bound to get along well, at least when sexual attraction is concerned.

Fixed signs like Taurus and Scorpio crave stability and they want to feel safe, whether from an emotional or a material standpoint.

Obviously, the want a relationship that’s going to last, not just some short-term fun. This shared desire for a long-term relationship brings these signs together and helps with their mutual understanding.

On the flip side, despite both being fixed signs, they are also polar opposites. Where their similarities stop, that’s where things get tricky.

However, if both signs are willing to work around these differences, there’s positives to such a polarizing relationship. Most importantly, there’s no way these two will get stuck in a rut! There will always be something new to consider and discuss, both signs offering their different opinion.

Taurus is generally positive and likes seeing the good and beauty in the world, which Scorpio definitely needs to learn how to do as well. Scorpio is more concerned with the inside, rather than the outside world.

Scorpio thus challenges Taurus to explore their inner world and come to a more meaningful understanding of the depths of the human mind.

When These Two Fall in Love

Flirting will be subtle, and Scorpio will like to keep things quiet and on the down low. The water sign will prefer intimacy from the get-go in order to get to know Taurus better—think late night walks and dates in less-circulated areas.

Taurus, although they like showing off, is actually just as private as Scorpio in certain instances, so they will go along with this.

They will have deep and challenging conversations, but not without a lot of tension rising between them. The way in which they communicate is quite different.

Scorpio wants to see and feel raw emotion, while Taurus tends to bottle everything up and they don’t open up easily. They have a hard time understanding each other, and this leads to feelings of doubt and anxiety between them.

To these two, their home is a safe haven and a place where they can enjoy their intimacy. Most of their time together will be spent behind closed doors.

As a couple, Taurus and Scorpio have a tendency of isolating themselves from the outside world, as a way of escaping the problems of everyday life.

However, when these two are all alone, things sure aren’t boring for them. While Scorpio likes playing mind games and feeling in control of their partner, Taurus has a way of breaking these barriers and of getting Scorpio to be their real, raw self. Scorpio in return gets very attached and makes Taurus feel safe and loved.

Both signs can be homely and they have a good time bonding over little cozy things like cooking together and putting on their favorite movie on a rainy evening. Steady and pragmatic Taurus might be caught off guard by Scorpio’s intensity and lack of emotional filter.

Whatever happens inside Scorpio’s heart, they let it all pour out—jealousy, annoyance, anger, sadness, love, hate. The earth sign should be prepared to take on this storm and to accept and try to understand Scorpio at their best, as well as at their worst.

Taurus and Scorpio Relationship Key Facts

Taurus is an earth sign, which means that they are grounded and practical. They need stability, safety, and they want to build things that last for a long time, whether we’re talking about relationships, a marriage, or a home.

Scorpio is a water sign, so their emotions are fluid and they can go very deep and dark. There’s a certain air of mystery about them, as nobody knows what monsters might be roaming around in the depths of the ocean.

Taurus is the one to take lead and to keep the relationship going. They plan and take care of things such as the engagement, marriage, finances, future plans. Scorpio comes up with new ideas, which keeps things interesting.

Despite their shared need for loyalty and security, the two need to learn to tone down their possessive tendencies.

When in a couple, a Taurus and a Scorpio should have separate interests and hobbies as well, so they can sometimes spend some me-time too. Taking a break from one another in order to focus on themselves will prove beneficial to their relationship, and it will strengthen their trust.

Taurus is status driven and knows the importance of networking, while Scorpio is very picky when it comes to their friends. Scorpios want exciting and interesting people in their life. Together, the two will form a diverse and dynamic circle of friends.

When they think they’ve found the one, and they put their mind to it, they can keep a relationship going against all odds, so these two are very likely to have an unbreakable bond, once they get over the initial arguments. After they’ve learned how to cohabitate, nothing can stop them.

In non-romantic relationships, such as family members, friends, co-workers, these two get along nicely and are eager to help each other succeed. Sometimes, Scorpio can get quite competitive, but generous Taurus doesn’t mind letting them have it their way when it happens.

The two can also make a good business pair, as both are ambitious, smart, and know how to manage their money. In romance, things will advance slowly, but once their relationship goes official, they will be sweet and solid.

They’re both excited about the idea of parenthood and together, they will make sure that their children are safe, loved, and that they receive the best education the two of them can offer.

Taurus and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

They make a strong and determined married couple. Their alliance could mean more than just family, as together they could be very influential members in society.

If they pursue a common career in business, they are likely to make it big and garner a lot of admiration and respect from friends, family, and associates.

However, they should be careful to maintain good business relations, as the two can usually hold a grudge for a long time, and this could impact their prospects negatively.

Their home will be expensive and imposing, according to Taurus’ taste, but romantic Scorpio will also have their say in it, because they want to live in an old, classical-style building. They will want to have children, and the little ones will enjoy a well-balanced up-bringing.

Generous and loving Taurus makes sure their kids are never missing a thing, and that they are healthy and safe. Scorpio establishes a deep emotional connection with them and is like a counsellor whenever anything bad happens.

When career is concerned, the two have a bright future together. If they learn to be more flexible, their business can be highly successful. Apart from business, in general, both signs have control freak tendencies, especially Scorpio.

Taurus should take note and let their partner have it their way every now and then, just to ensure that nobody feels left behind. If Scorpio learns to better control their emotions and if they get over their trust issues, this relationship will go on strong till death do them apart.

Drawbacks of This Match

Two fixed signs together means that if there’s nothing exciting to keep them on their toes, their relationship will grow stale quickly. Both of them are possessive and they can get extremely jealous.

Manipulation and mind games are Scorpio’s go to plan for action when their trust issues get the best of them. When unhappy, Taurus tends to retreat in their bubble and keep everything to themselves, but everyone has a breaking point.

When there’s nothing they can bond over or something to work towards, and neither of them is willing to compromise, things will get heated in the Taurus and Scorpio match.

And let’s not forget that both signs are masters at holding grudges. If they have their trust and emotions played with, both signs deem the relationship not worthy of saving.

When angry, their arguments can become toxic beyond any common fight. Scorpio dishes out harsh words and goes for the neck, figuratively speaking, while Taurus becomes nagging and hyper-critical. When they can feel the tension rising, they should take a step back and wait it out.

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