Taurus Best Match: Who is The Right Person for You?


When it comes to relationships, Taurus natives want nothing else than security, commitment and to trust. Other things are for them just temporary substitutes they don’t take seriously.

Taurus Best Match Nutshell:

  • Your greatest need in love as a Taurus: to have security in your relationship.
  • Cancer is your match because they long for stability as much as you.
  • Pisces is your match because they share your love for the more artistic things in life.
  • Capricorn is your match because they like to be organized and methodical just like you.

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They believe love should last for a lifetime, which means they’re deep and strong when with someone, almost to a painful state. It’s not unusual for them to make long-term commitments, but they’re still very slow when having to take the initiative and to be seduced.

With them, patience is essential. Those who don’t have it can’t last for too long in their surroundings. However, as soon as they get to that point in their life, they’ll feel very satisfied, both physically and emotionally.

Tauruses think love requires a lot of hard work and no one can change their mind about this because they’re very stubborn.

At the same time, they have a tendency to take things slowly and to self-indulge, which can be damaging for their relationship, especially if they’re with someone energetic and born in a cardinal sign.

With Fire signs, Tauruses may find themselves always taken by surprise. Natives belonging to the Air element are too erratic for them, so they’re the most compatible with fellow Earth natives and emotional Water people who can help them feel comfortable with their protective ways.

Best Match For Taurus Is Cancer

People born in Taurus can make a very happy couple with Cancer natives because both have similar ways of thinking and interests.

For example, they want to live in a secure home and have a big family in which everyone is feeling loved. Cancers may have a different approach to money than Tauruses, who want their pockets to be filled at all times.

While unpredictable and sometimes very stubborn, Crabs are also very caring, generous and tolerant. Just like Bulls, they also like intimate moments. It’s not unusual for them to show their inner feelings and get very personal with people they care about.

At the same time, they’re sensitive and romantic. Tauruses may not like them when they’re temperamental and moody. Cancers can provide Tauruses the security they need so much in relationships, seeing as they’re appreciative and want stability just as much the Bulls do.

More than this, they’re disciplined and want to build their future on a strong foundation, no matter if this future is in business or at home. They also don’t mind that Tauruses are very cautious as far as money goes, seeing they also want financial security.

As a matter of fact, they’re so worried about finances that they stack on supplies and everything they need around the home months in advance. Tauruses are not that obsessed with having many things, but they do look for high-quality. This means Tauruses spend more on expensive things, whereas Cancers are focused only on what’s truly practical.

Both are sentimental, which means they hold on to things from their past and have many photos of themselves as children. They want to have a happy family, so their dreams are about the same things.

Cancers can put up with the fact that Tauruses are possessive and temperamental, whereas Tauruses appreciate Crabs’ creativity and emotional world.

The compatibility between the two is tremendous and based on strong feelings, which means their relationship can survive no matter the circumstances. It’s like they’re made for each other seeing they have the same interest and ways of thinking.

It’s unlikely for them so separate once together. What they need is to be good to each other. Cancers have to understand Tauruses need stability, whereas Tauruses need to be as emotionally intimate as they can be with their Cancer.

Taurus and Pisces: An Artistic Common Ground

The relationship between Tauruses and Pisces is dreamy, seeing as Tauruses are sensual and practical whilst Pisces live in a dream world and see the world in the most optimistic way.

When together, these two can lift one another’s spirits and put up with any difficult situation or threat. More than this, they’re both people of pleasures because Tauruses are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, whereas Pisces by Neptune, the ruler of enchantment.

They will spend a lot of their time together in expensive restaurants and expressing their creativity through artistic occupations.

Besides, it’s impossible for them to run out of subjects of conversation when together, because art and culture fascinate them. When it comes to lovemaking, lusty Tauruses are more than happy to turn Pisces’ fantasies into reality. These fantasies can be many and very colorful.

If they want to be a couple for a very long time, they need to appreciate one another for their strengths and to not try to make any changes in each other’s personality.

Tauruses are more likely to try this because they like things as they are and hate change more than anything. However, this also means they’re inflexible.

Pisces are very attracted to Tauruses’ reliability, not to mention they appreciate how the latter can put all their ideas into practice. This is very helpful for the childlike Fish natives who need to have their self-confidence built on practical results.

Bulls don’t have a problem focusing and usually find the best solutions to problems. Besides, they have a lot of patience to help Pisces become more realistic.

Tauruses also appreciate beauty because they’re ruled by Venus, a planet that also means they’re calmer than other natives in the Zodiac. They’re very organized, reliable, patient, cautious and loyal. On the other hand, they’re also possessive, materialistic and very stubborn.

Pisces belongs to the Water element and are a mutable sign, which means they’re very flexible and tolerant. Their emotions run very deep, and because they’re Water, they have sympathy for everyone. At the same time, their feelings are very easily hurt.

Taurus and Capricorn: Instantly Compatible

It doesn’t matter what relationship Tauruses and Capricorns have, they can be very happy and strong together because they both want security and love making plans for the future, not to mention neither of them is too romantic.

They’re family-oriented and big traditionalists, so they get along very well, even when things don’t go too well for them.

This is because their signs both belong to the Earth element, which means they have a lot in common. It’s like there’s no need for them to search what makes them compatible as a couple.

They get along very well in the bedroom too. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not supposed to work a little bit for their relationship. For example, they need to remember to flatter one another because both of them can feel like they’re not wanted or loved if not admired, especially Tauruses.

While Capricorns are a little bit cold, Bulls can help them turn into more sensual lovers. The mutual respect between them is tremendous, not to mention Capricorns have a certain mystery about them, a mystery that drives Tauruses crazy. At the same time, they’re both charming and can conquer each other’s hearts in a moment.

Belonging to the same element, they’re very attracted to one another. It’s normal for people who are the same to also be compatible, so the chemistry between them is at very high levels.

This doesn’t mean they will never break up because nasty things can happen if they’re not willing to be less stubborn sometimes. At least they have the advantage of sharing the same ways of thinking and interests.

It’s important they keep the passion and romantic flame between them alive no matter what. Astrology can’t guarantee they will be together forever and never fight, but it can guide them, so they know what they need to do in order for this to happen.

Being Earth signs, they both know how to handle money and to have prosperous lives. While Tauruses see things always in bloom and flourishing, Capricorns have the tendency to be darker and to view life as it is in the winter, when Nature is preparing to go to sleep.

This means the two signs complement one another. They both love to spend their free days doing nothing and just relaxing. However, Capricorns are much more disciplined than the self-indulgent Bulls.

Tauruses are ruled by the planet Venus, which is also the goddess of pleasure and beauty. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, a planet of strictness and limitations. When Tauruses want to spend all their money on luxurious things, Capricorns can show them a different approach and calm them down.

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