Taurus Woman in Relationships: Grounded and Simple


While shy in the beginning, the Taurus woman rapidly warms up if she finds a new love, becoming very lively in conversations and loyal even from before the relationship has started.

Relationships and the Taurus Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s highly reliable and rarely unpredictable.
  • Negatives: She doesn’t deal well with very short-term change.
  • Perfect Relationship: For her man to have courted her in a gentlemanly way, and for them to live in complete harmony.
  • Advice: Taking the odd risk in her love life might help spice up the chase a little.

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She wants to keep everything simple and is very practical, so she likes going on meaningful dates because she has no patience for anything else. Most of the time down-to-earth, she never allows her emotions to take over, but when this happens, her man would better stay out of her way.

A Believer of Traditional Love

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Taurus woman is very sensual. At the same time, she knows what she wants, so as soon as she finds the lucky guy for her, she becomes very graceful.

Even if ready to woo him, this girl still prefers to be chased because she’s old-fashioned and likes to respect tradition. What she believes is that men can be conquered in two ways, and she’s very good at accomplishing them both.

First, she’s a very good cook and likes to prepare the most exquisite meals, and second, she happens to have silk stockings and quite a lot of special lingerie.

However, she won’t reveal her talents and beautiful night gowns until sure the man she likes has good intentions with her and is honorable. He also has to be honest because she’s ready to fall madly in love for as long as she’s not being lied to.

Her desire is to get married and that can be easily noticed. Since this is not easy all the time and she’s materialistic, it wouldn’t bother her to settle for a big house and an expensive car. After all, she’s the Earth Goddess, so her needs are well, earthy.

In return, she will be very sensual and an incredible lover, even if she’s not in any way promiscuous. What she wants the most from love is to feel secure and to have stability, so she’s not interested in short affairs and one-night stands.

As said before, she’s old-fashioned, so her romantic desires are all about the protection she can offer her partner. In other words, she could perfectly play the role of the woman behind a very strong man.

Affectionate and Playful

Being an Earth sign, she’s passionate when it comes to relationships, also affectionate and very honest. At the same time, the Taurus woman has a great lust for life and strong sexual appetite. It’s very likely for her first encounter in the bedroom to be with someone older who knows how to pleasure a woman and brings wine in between the sheets.

Being passionate, she gives herself completely to the man she cares about, yet she expects a lot in return too. Trusting her own instincts and judgment, she likes to watch a guy wooing her, all while she’s planning in details the first dates with him.

Her partners can never forget her because she’s elegant, romantic and artistic. She will be a loyal friend for them, the goof companion and the ardent lover.

However, if her boundaries are being crossed, she’s ready to use her dangerous horns. As soon as in a serious relationship, she’s ready to put her roots down, so no one can convince her to do otherwise.

What she can surprise her man with is her sense of humour and playful nature. This means life with her is truly enjoyable, also because she’s like Aphrodite in bloom, not to mention she has many things to teach.

Her sensuality knows no limits, which means she turns sex into art. What she likes in the bedroom is to offer and receive pleasure, especially during long hours of foreplay.

She’s not at all the type to just do it because she takes her time to make everything right. Her partner can count on her to be a giver and to make his nights unforgettable.

An Emotional Connection Takes Priority Before a Physical One

If in love, the Taurus woman knows precisely what to and say, even if taken by surprise. She has a hypnotizing look and seems to always be prepared to make the man she likes happy.

At first, she will examine him to see if he’s worthy of her affection, after which she will slowly start to trust him, almost to the point of sharing everything about what she feels and her past.

What she longs for is to be loved in a tender and passionate manner, but she’s also scared of ending up hurt. It can be said she’s just like a flower that needs a lot of attention in order to bloom.

Since her ruler is Venus, the most sensual and feminine planet, she needs to be caressed. This means she very much enjoys kissing and doesn’t put too much emphasis on getting the ultimate pleasure in the bedroom. She cares more about the connection she has with her partner than about sex.

Not that she doesn’t give importance to lovemaking because she does, seeing as it’s such an intimate experience, just that she needs to be loved first. In fact, in case she doesn’t get what she wants in the bedroom, she grows to be cold and detached, but never finds the strength to end the relationship because she hates having to make a change more than anything.

The Taurus woman can be a great chef, a mother and a mistress at the same time. It can be said her femininity makes her the most affectionate and comfortable ladies in the Zodiac, especially since she’s ruled by Venus.

The man who has got to know her will adore the way she’s simple and never mysterious. While she keeps her distance for quite a while in the beginning of the relationship, when the decision to open up has been made, she will become stable and very clear, so a true partner in crime and enjoyable companion.

Some may say that she’s boring just because she wants peace and quiet. However, she does need excitement from her love affairs, mainly because Venus is pushing her to look for beauty before anything else.

But no one can convince her to no longer be reliable and loyal in love. Practical, she has the same attitude when it comes to matters of love.

A Traditionalist but Assertive Too

As soon as committed to someone who deserves her love, she expects things to last for a lifetime. In case her trust has been misplaced and she acknowledges it, she doesn’t hesitate breakup with her man.

Very cautious while her love affair is only at its beginning, she doesn’t date casually most of the time and when she does, things are sure to turn serious at some point.

While assertive enough and capable on getting things done on her own, she’s still a traditionalist who prefers to let her man lead. He needs to be affectionate and romantic, to compliment her and to bring gifts from time to time.

She doesn’t need very expensive things, just those that make her feel appreciated. However, what she demands the most is honesty and loyalty. She hates being made promises that aren’t kept.

In case her date happens to be late, she needs to be informed about it, and soon. It’s rare for her to ever express anger, but when she does, things can turn pretty ugly.

Since she hates surprises, it’s better to not tell her about a weekend getaway at the last minute. She likes sleeping in hotels and being far from home from time to time, but only for as long as she was part of planning it.

While she doesn’t mind splitting the bill in restaurants, she does like to see that the man she’s going out with is generous and doesn’t say anything when handing over his credit card. Her idea of love is being brought flowers and chocolate while she puts on her beautiful gowns.

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