Taurus Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


Very hardworking and reliable, the Taurus woman is one of the best employees in the zodiac, no matter what she may be doing for a living.

Taurus Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: The female Bull is highly reliable in any career.
  • Negatives: She is likely to spend a lot of money as she likes material possessions.
  • Tendencies: She prefers stability over risk.
  • Potential Careers: Gardener, Architect, Banker, Designer.

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It would be a good idea for her to choose a career that suits her nature. She loves spending her time outdoors, which means she would be an amazing gardener, zoologist or park ranger. She would also be skilled as a carpenter and architect because she loves building durable things.

A Natural Flair with Money

The sign of Taurus rules over money, so the woman born in it would also make a good financer and banker. She like handling finances and making budgets, so she could decide to advise others on their finances. Her way of managing resources is quite effective and unique.

Because she enjoys luxury, she’d be a very good designer, artist, jeweller or art dealer.

At the same time, the Taurus woman is very practical, physical and loves routine. This means she would be a perfect mechanic, even plumber or constructor. She likes doing the same thing over and over again, so she could work with the public and help people fill out different forms and papers.

Tauruses are also big eaters, which makes the Bull woman a very good baker or chef. It doesn’t matter what sector she’s working in, this lady can bring her strength and be a very reliable employee. She usually dedicates herself to her job is and is persistent, also organized.

While not the type to work too much, she still does her best to get projects done in time. More than this, she possesses a creative mind and is talented, so she could be an artist if she decides to put her love of beauty to work.

Not liking change, the Taurus woman needs to feel comfortable at her workplace. She’s calm on the outside, but she hides a volcanic personality and can blow up at any moment if bothered.

Many see the female Bull as highly professional and reliable, not to mention she’s patient enough to be a teacher or accountant. In case she has a nice voice, she should decide to become a singer or actor.

Since she wants stability, the Bull woman usually decides to work in big corporations and to have a stable income. As soon as she is in her ideal environment, she works very hard to climb the ladder.

She’s very materialistic, so she enjoys expensive things and wants to make as much money as possible. It’s unlikely for her to become an entrepreneur, maybe as she has another sign placed in the right position in her birth chart.

She doesn’t like change and prefers to do something that requires handling money. As said before, the Taurus woman has very fine tastes. This means she can work overtime to earn more so that she has enough to spend on luxuries.

Not at all the type to lead or to innovate, this Bull woman is the employee who’s always working hard, not to mention that she can persevere in getting things done and is very reliable. Her creative side doesn’t make her less in love with routine but could help her be an art dealer or florist.

The fact that she also loves money indicates she would do an amazing job working in a bank or with stocks and insurances.

When given money to decorate a home, she’s the happiest, but this doesn’t mean she couldn’t work as a doctor, musician and caregiver too. She doesn’t mind following orders and working in an office.

Besides, she can keep the same job for a lifetime, as she has a lot of patience and can wait for progression.

This lady gives more importance to having security than to flashing her money. If she happens to manage a team, she doesn’t make decisions based on impulse and is usually very competent. More than this, she has a talent at making money and calculating budgets. This is why she’s one of the best accountants and financial advisors in the zodiac.

Stability is the most important to the Taurus woman, so she needs to have a secure financial future and to know that her bank account always has enough. Anyone can rely on her with anything, especially if she has to be industrious and to carry out the same assignments every day.

Patient and Methodical at Work

The Taurus woman is patient and doesn’t mind waiting for things to get done the right way. She’s also never late or ready to give up on more complex projects. In order for her to be happy at her job, she needs to feel that her work is worth it.

However, this isn’t to say money doesn’t make her happy because when she has it, she can indulge in luxury and enjoy every moment of life. When her friends admire the expensive things she has bought, she feels happy and accomplished.

Dependable and very practical, she’s usually her boss’s favorite employee. She has great instincts and usually reacts smartly in a crisis, so she could be the one who’s always fixing things and solving problems.

Besides, the Bull woman doesn’t mind working hard and showing her endurance. This means she can make a big difference, regardless of the project she’s involved with. It would be good for her to know that she has an employer who takes good care of her wellbeing, which is why she prefers to work with the government.

Things are easier for the Taurus woman when others come up with the ideas, as she likes doing the work and not having to think about making changes. More than this, she pays great attention to details and can persevere to finish a project in time.

It can be said she’s the best employee anyone could have because she’s always doing her job without complaining. Besides, she doesn’t mind making an effort and doing what it takes in order to earn good money.

She wants her work pay off, to be promoted and to get raises. At the same time, when feeling like she’s doing something worthy, she can become even more focused on earning a higher income. She’s slow and takes her time to get to the results she desires.

When stopping, the Bull woman doesn’t want to take a new direction because she prefers to stick with what she already knows.

Taurus women are creatures of comfort and don’t want to change their tune. They’re the most comfortable when having money, so it’s very likely for them to have secret stashes hidden in their home.

However, they can also spend too much on very expensive things, so it would be a good idea for them to save even more, each time they get the chance to.

Money Savvy but Not Scared of Investments

The Taurus woman knows how to take care of her money because she’s never in debt, pays her bills on time and likes to put something aside. Even if she sometimes overspends on things that catch her eye, she wouldn’t take a loan just to spoil herself.

When it comes to her ideal career, she would be a great farmer, architect, banker or doctor. While patient and dependable, she also one of the most stubborn ladies in the zodiac. Because she’s also overly dedicated and loyal, she could end up being limited at her workplace.

When it comes to saving, this lady Bull is very practical and takes good care of her investments. Only the fact that she overindulges could cause her some problems. It would be a good idea for the Bull woman to invest in real estate.

Since she’s always hardworking, she can make a lot of money. More than this, she doesn’t mind having a routine, which means she can do the jobs others don’t usually want because they may get bored.

When she gets promoted, the Taurus woman saves the extra money she’s making for a rainy day. When she can afford to, she does whatever she likes.

Her goal is to have a stable financial future and to never run out of money, which means she invests in stable projects and doesn’t believe in get-rich-fast schemes. This is why she’s advised to invest in real estate and other things that can bring her money in the long run.

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