Taurus Woman Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Taurus woman can offend others easily, but only when provoked too many times. Her temper is fiery, so she reveals it as soon as she has been pushed too far. However, most of the time, this lady is sweet and very affectionate.

The Taurus woman in a nutshell:

  • Personality: Beneath her calm exterior, the Taurus woman exhibits all the strength of the Bull that represents her.
  • Love: Gentle and affectionate, she smothers her partner with love and expects the same in return.
  • Career: Being the nature lover that she is, she brings a fresh, creative approach to her work.
  • Family: Her drive often gets passed onto her offspring, who find their Taurus mother to be inspiring at times.
  • Social Life: Home is where the heart is for our Taurus woman, whilst showing a strong sense of loyalty to her friends.

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She likes to be treated with beautiful flowers and some chocolate from time to time. Some of her other characteristics are persistence, stubbornness and being obstinate when facing adversity. She can hold on tightly to what she has no matter how the times are, not to mention she’s emotionally strong and a true force of Nature.

Taurus Woman Personality

Affectionate and caring, the Taurus woman still has her opinions that no one can change, because she’s simply a very strong character. Her sign is the 2nd in the Zodiac, which means she’s born in the spring, just when everything in Nature is blooming. She has a lot of patience and is sensitive.

The Taurus belongs to the Earth element, so she could be compared with Mother Earth. Since she’s represented by the Bull, she can be very stubborn and explosive underneath a calm and quiet exterior. All in all, there’s a storm going on in the back of her mind. However, she rarely shows her temper because what she aims for is balance.

In love with Nature and wanting comfort more than anything else, she usually surrounds herself with beauty and lives a peaceful life.

While very clever, she doesn’t look to prove to anyone how smart she is, so when with friends, she tries her best to make them feel good in her presence.

Being a Taurus, she wants security, so she spends most of her life making plans and showing her devotion to the ones she loves. This lady can wait for a very long time before she sets her roots. Since her spirit of adventure is not at all developed, she despises change more than most things.

She’s the type to be stuck in a routine and to have the same status for a very long time. This means changes in her life are usually come from external influences. At least she’s a fast learner and doesn’t repeat the same mistakes repeatedly.

Her ruler is the planet Venus, so she’s very feminine and rather passive. Very attractive, sensual and practical, she needs to learn how to share these traits of hers.

Love and Relationships for the Taurus Woman

Any man who has just started dating a Taurus woman should consider himself very lucky because she’s loyal, gentle, very sensual and a good woman. Above all, she’s also romantic and eager to be involved in a long-term relationship that’s passionate and warm.

At the same time, she’s very reliable. This means she always keeps her word and sticks with what has been planned. As soon as she has her mind on something, there aren’t many souls who have the capacity to convince her to give up on what she needs to do in order to accomplish it.

She’s the perfect mate for a man who wants a stable and very warm relationship, as she’s made for such a connection. It’s important that her jealousy is understood, which means she doesn’t like her partner keeping in touch with old lovers.

Since she devotes herself completely to the man she loves, the same things should be given back to her. This lady is also very stubborn. She makes plans and thinks about what she needs to do for a very long time, so no one can move her as soon as she has a plan or an opinion.

This is a Woman Who is Artistic at Work

The Taurus woman is very strong and determined to succeed. She always seems to know where she’s standing, not to mention that she has very high ideals that she tries to turn into reality by working with traditional methods.

This means she’s the type to believe in midwives, to boil teas when sick and to use what she knows has worked before for others. She’s reserved but very capable, so she’s not scared of hard work, not to mention she’s physically and emotionally strong, perhaps more than any other sign in the Zodiac.

It’s very likely for her to be a designer, whether graphics or for fashion, perhaps in the architectural sector too. Besides, she has an artistic soul, so she could be a poet or a musician, especially since this planet and its creatures inspire her a lot.

It’s like Nature speaks to her soul and she needs to express this through something. Therefore, she may have many pets and own a beautiful garden. Since she’s also very attracted to crystals and stones, she may work as jeweler too.

Many may call her overly stubborn, but she’s just convinced that she’s the only one who is right. And she may be, seeing as she’s very practical, thoughtful, rational and realistic. As soon as she has set her mind to complete a project, everyone can be sure that she will do it.

As said before, she’s very reliable and hardworking. Most of the time, she gets the job done perfectly and on time. When it comes to money, she knows how to manage it and how to save. It’s true that she spends a little bit too much on luxurious items, but she never goes over the top with this.

Taurus Woman’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

When it comes to supreme comfort, the Taurus woman gets it in her home. She sees this place as a temple where the most important things and people to her are. The things she owns have both emotional and monetary value.

It’s very likely that she has many objects of art, as her tastes are very refined, not to mention she’s also very good at creating art. Her furniture is welcoming, always clean and comfortable. In the fridge, she has many delicious foods and ingredients for cooking rich meals.

She also likes good beverages, from Colombian coffee to Irish whisky. This is because she’s a person of sensations and therefore, of tastes and touch. She probably has flowers everywhere and a big garden of fruits and vegetables.

Her eye is set on arranging every little detail to perfection. Besides, she wants comfort more than anything else because she needs to relax.

The Taurus rules the neck, thyroid, tongue, vocal cords, tonsils, sinuses, jaws, teeth, the voice and the olfactory senses. This sign is strongly connected to taste and olfaction, which means the Taurus woman experiences the world through her senses.

This is why she loves to cook, to take care of flowers and to taste expensive wines, perhaps even to make some of her own. The fact that she’s a foodie may cause her to have weight problems, especially when she’s older and no longer so active from a physical point of view.

When it comes to friendship, she’s very loyal, even if stubborn. She’s the type to always remain by her friends’ side, even when their life is very difficult. Besides, she always does everything she can in order to give a hand to those who need her.

This lady knows what true friendship means, and this can be seen in whatever she’s doing. However, she demands the same things in return, so if she doesn’t get it, she prefers to give up that relationship altogether.

When she has someone’s back, she thinks about how that person will do the same for her if she ends up in a situation where she needs support. If a person doesn’t meet her demands or isn’t honest with her, she gives him or her up.

She’s very serious and down-to-earth, so she’s also a very good mother. Her children bring her happiness and make her proud. They’re sure to always get what they need from her. She will always appreciate them, but they won’t be spoiled because she inspires them to achieve things on their own.

However, she will get involved in their life, as she hopes to teach them her values. They will grow up to be mannered and to know how to appreciate real value, just because she’s the same and they learn all this from her.

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