Taurus Health and Wellness: Powering Through Life


The Taurus horoscope reveals that people born in this sign are stable and practical. They rule their life according to their own beliefs, which they abide by with everything they’ve got. It’s unusual to see them changing their mind about things.

Taurus Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: Taurus natives are built strong, and don’t get ill that often.
  • Tendencies: Just like the bull that represents them, they’re stubborn, which can be good and bad for their health.
  • Negatives: A tendency to indulge, combined with an innate stubbornness can lead to the consumption of things that aren’t necessarily good for the body.
  • Advice: While balance is necessary, they should allow themselves a treat as this will benefit them psychologically.

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Stubborn and very calm, they do, however, become quite aggressive when annoyed. Their emotions are kept hidden, so on the outside, they appear at peace most of the time when in fact, they’re very sad or angry on the inside.

The fact that they hide their emotions can cause them many health problems. Besides, it’s important for them to learn how to manage the stress in their life.

Taurus Health: Positives

The health astrology of the Taurus says that people born in this sign are very strong and healthy most of the time, which means they don’t get sick too often.

Besides, they have the capacity to endure a lot of pain. They don’t want to ever complain, so if they happen to get very sick, no one will even notice, which can be quite dangerous. Besides, Tauruses think sickness is nothing else but weakness.

For this reason, they try as much as they can to get better with home remedies, and only when things are really serious, they decide to seek the help of a doctor.

Based on their health horoscope, they’re at least great patients, even if they take a lot of time before coming to a hospital. Things have to be really bad for them to ask someone about their health.

After advised by a health professional, they follow the exact directions and have no comments to make. Making changes in lifestyle, taking pills or having some shots, they’re ready to do everything in order to get better.

Their body is well-built, not to mention they’re physically strong. In case they happen to feel a little bit down, they immediately start to be more careful with what they’re eating and to work out.

Their tendency is to become overweight because they love good food and indulging. The health fact of their horoscope reveals that they want to make sure their body is strong, which means they take quite a lot of care of themselves.

Besides, they like exercising. When eating, they make sure they only have the best foods, not to mention they spend a lot of money so that everything in their kitchen is organic.

Because they tend to stress a lot, it’s important for them to learn how to just relax. For example, they could go to massage and spa therapy.

In case they have problems and feel overwhelmed, they shouldn’t hesitate to talk with a health professional. It’s important for them to feel good about themselves. Their tendency to be negative can affect their health, so they should keep it in check.

Taurus Health Tendencies

Represented by the Bull, Taurus is the first Earth sign in the Zodiac, and the second on the Zodiac wheel. It stands for power and determination. People in Taurus are known for having a special celestial rhythm that conserves their energy and reflects the Earth element’s nature.

Tauruses are very strong on the verb to have, especially when this verb is next to the word security. Even their spirituality is influenced by material possessions.

Just like bulls, they’re stubborn and very strong. At the same time, they don’t like relying on others and prefer to take care of themselves in their own way. Very loyal, they expect the same thing in return from others, so their health depends a lot on how secure they’re feeling from both a materialistic and emotional point of view.

They’re also very practical and reliable, not to mention true masters of sensuality, even if possessive, very stubborn and true traditionalists.

Down-to-earth, they know what’s necessary for having a good life. In emergency situations, they keep their cool and always know what to do. No one could ever offer them advice because they wouldn’t listen to it.

Their sign rules the throat, which means they have a very beautiful and strong voice. Since their governor is the planet Venus, they’re very talented with music, so they should try for a career as musicians or composers.

Taurus Health: Negatives

Looking at Tauruses and what may influence their health, it instantly becomes obvious that they work too much, but at least they also know how to enjoy rest when having some time off.

Anything they want, they will get, from food and drinks, to strong cars and expensive furniture. At the same time, they can also crave sex too.

The fact that they sometimes lose themselves and become irrational means they can make the wrong decisions which can influence their health in a negative way. The thing with them is that they overindulge in pleasures after working very hard.

Their health horoscope says they’re pessimistic. What’s great about them is that they can be in control of their own health if they take good care of themselves.

However, if they happen to become depressed, sickness will enter their body and they will take a lot of time to get healthy again. Even if they have a chronic disease, they should remain positive, no matter how many negative thoughts may come into their mind.

What they are used to is being healthy and very strong, so sickness can bring them down tremendously, causing the condition they’re suffering from to get worse.

They’re also prone to addictions. It takes them a lot of time to quit smoking or alcohol, if they decide to quit their vices at all. Besides, they’re heavy drinkers. They love some wine with their food, also some whisky at social events. They also drink to no longer feel so negative about life.

Their problem with addiction is that they don’t even realize that there’s something wrong with them. Quitting would only come if it were to cause a serious health condition as a result of their vices.

They’re prone to becoming obese and to suffer from hepatitis, throat inflammation, allergies and diabetes. Some diseases caused by stress and too much working can affect them too, so it’s easy for them to end up suffering from mental diseases like schizophrenia or depression.

According to their health horoscope, their weakest area is the neck, so they should avoid getting colds. Also, they should regularly go to the doctor, even if they don’t have any pain because their pharynx, ears, thyroid gland and throat can cause them trouble.

In case of muscular and bone issues, these are very likely to be related to the neck muscles and the cervical vertebrae. Their genital system may also get sick, especially in Taurus women. What Tauruses need to do is to protect themselves as much as possible from STDs.

Taurus Health & Diet

Tauruses’ food habits show these natives truly enjoy their meals because their tastes are very specific. They like wine with their French dish, and in between meals, they love to snack, maybe too much. For this reason, they should learn how to be moderate, especially when it comes to diet.

What they need is to have a balanced eating plan, yet not be very strict about their diet because this would wear them down. Food is a way of comforting for them, so they shouldn’t refrain themselves from having what they love.

Taurus women are great cooks. They like to set dinner on time and to be told their food is delicious because it’s made with different sauces and a lot of spices. Adding many ingredients to foods is something the Taurus man does when cooking too, but he prefers to have someone else preparing his meals.

If he doesn’t want to get rheumatism or gout, he should avoid fat foods and heavy meat. Regardless of their gender, Tauruses need to consume a lot of water and lemon juice for detoxification and a healthy throat.

At the same time, they need to be moderate. Any yellow fruit can greatly help them remain healthy. As far as veggies go, they should opt for spinach, carrots, peas, beans and celery.

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