Taurus Personality Strengths: Loyal and Reliable


Stability, determination and loyalty, these are a few of the strengths that characterize Tauruses the most. When it comes to their weaknesses, these are stubbornness and inability to adapt to changes. These natives are not only down-to-earth and practical, they’re also conservative and big traditionalists.

Taurus Strengths in a Nutshell:

  • Taurus natives are very much interested in helping others.
  • They’re incredibly hard workers, and stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
  • As much as they work hard, they also know when to have fun, and can be very playful too.
  • These people will rarely leave you confused, as they’re very articulate with their words.

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What’s also great about them is that anyone can rely on their help. It doesn’t matter what they may be going through, they want to give a hand and have enough patience to see things happening the way they want them to happen.

Possessing an Inner Strength Others Can Feed Off

When it comes to romance, Tauruses put an emphasis on harmony, so they do everything in their power to make their partner happy. What they need is to come back to their roots and rediscover their values each time.

Only when knowing what they need to stand for in order to strengthen their connection to others, they can be truly happy and achieve more of their goals. They can really appreciate beauty, as they’re ruled by Venus, the planet of everything beautiful and love.

As spouses, they’re faithful, constant and very loving, but a little bit too demanding. They’re always practical and reliable but have a tendency to ask others to be the same. No one can beat them when it comes to reliability and attachment.

They have a kind heart and are very caring, which means they’re always ready to give a hand to those in need, to push them forward when they seem to be stuck. Because they’re materialistic, they also make the best financial advisors.

Their determination and strength mean they’re always prepared for the future and for doing what’s best for themselves and their loved ones. Anyone can count on them to get their job done.

Stubborn and tenacious, they don’t stop from working hard until they’re sure that they have accomplished what they were supposed to. Taurus natives are also very gentle and soft on the inside, even if they seem firm and rough.

Being children of Venus, they have a lot of love and beautiful feelings to offer the world. Reliable and loyal, they wouldn’t betray people in their life, no matter what. Patient, they never do anything in a hurry and take their time before making a decision.

This means they do what’s right most of the time. Their loved ones will always feel like they have everything they need from them.

Diligent and determined, Tauruses want to do everything well and don’t believe in half measures. They can work very hard, especially if they know that they’re going to be plentifully rewarded.

Sensual and creatures of pleasure, they always make sure that they have enough money for expensive things and the future. It’s a pleasure for them to spend their time laughing with their family and friends. They love good food and doing enjoyable things, such as taking walks in Nature and even cooking.

Playing Just as Hard as They Work

People in their social circle always appreciate them for their good sense of humour and loyalty. The anchors of the Zodiac, Tauruses have strong morals and want stability more than anything else. In case something endangers their security, they become an angry force of Nature.

What they appreciate the most is honesty, so it’s a good idea to never lie to them because they can be unforgiving when this happens.

Just like the animal that represents them, they don’t stop from achieving what they have set their mind to. This means they can be counted on when they’re involved in group activities and projects. Besides, they’re very hardworking and ambitious.

However, all this doesn’t mean they’re only about work and no play. Being an Earth sign, they truly enjoy the pleasures of life and love comfort. In other words, they work hard and play just as harder. No one can ever say they don’t know how to have a good time about them.

It’s easy to notice how they’re always in charge. In case someone thinks they can’t get things done, they will just barge in and show how capable they are of almost anything. Being stubborn, they insist on winning and aren’t afraid of a challenge, even if they hate having to deal with change.

When it comes to communication, they’re very knowledgeable and know how to use wise words. At the same time, they’re good listeners who observe things and absorb information very rapidly. When having to talk, they impress with what they know and how articulate they are.

The Bull represents virility and strength, 2 animalistic traits that Tauruses definitely display. It doesn’t matter if they’re women or men, they present themselves with pride, not to mention they look good and have a lot of sex appeal. It’s easy to fall in love with them at first sight for these reasons.

It can easily be said they would have been very successful during the times of the Roman Empire because they’re creatures of pleasure too. Romans from Ancient times used to give a lot of importance to the senses, no matter if they were of touch, sound, sight, smell or taste.

Tauruses are big art collectors, fine chefs and talented interior decorators because they have an artistic side and can see beauty in almost anything.

Qualities of the Taurus Man

The Taurus man never gives up when having something to do, even if he thinks slowly and doesn’t rush to make decisions. Many may see him as lazy and dull, but he just doesn’t want to make mistakes by hurrying.

Just how bulls are attacking matadors and become very angry when shown red, he attacks challenges and is always determined to win. Strong, persistent and resourceful, the Taurus man usually succeeds, no matter what he may be trying to do.

If provoked, he reveals his temper and becomes a force of Nature no one would want to deal with. Stubborn, he can’t be convinced to change his mind after he has made a decision. He can be a workaholic because he wants to obtain the best rewards for his efforts.

For this reason, he’s paid very well most of the time and if he isn’t, he makes sure that his salary will increase. He’s also a big traditionalist and very cautious. The methods he’s working with are always the ones that have been tried before.

He opens the doors for his lady and brings flowers to dates. Attentive and very sweet, he’s tremendously loved by his girlfriend or wife. What he wants from life is to have a comfortable home and a loving family. He’s a man of direction who needs emotional stability more than anything else.

Qualities of the Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is emotionally strong and can handle a lot of stress, no matter if she’s worried about herself, her family or her job. Being patient and calm, she doesn’t give in to pressure, not to mention she never complains, no matter how hard her life may be.

This is because she’s independent and doesn’t want the sympathy of others, even if she has to deal with a lot of stress in her life. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea to push her because when provoked, she becomes very angry and can destroy everything in her path.

Very loyal, she doesn’t have too many friends, but those she does have must meet her high demands. In return, she will offer them her guidance. In case she doesn’t receive what she wants, she can become very disappointed and sad.

When it comes to romance, she spends a lot of time choosing her partner, which means she will get married later in life. As soon as she feel like she can trust her man, she’s the most devoted person in the world.

While it’s rare for her to lose her temper and to become angry, when she does, she’s very scary. It can take her years to react to something stressful. When trying to make a point, she’s very stubborn trying to prove that she’s right, not caring about what other people may have to say.

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