Taurus in Friendships: The Reliable and Homely Friend


As friends, people born in the sing of Taurus are warm and reliable, even if they sometimes get jealous and possessive. When having an opinion, they’re very stubborn and stick with it, yet they hate conflict and would rather avoid it however they can.

Top 5 Reasons Taurus is Your Best Friend:

  1. Taurus natives are gentle with those closest to them.
  2. They avoid conflict where possible, so you rarely have arguments with them.
  3. They like to remember the little details about a friendship, like birthdays or anniversaries.
  4. These people have small circles of friends, and they’ll put every bit of effort in to look after those connections.
  5. They’re calm and patient, making them perfect to talk to during tough times.

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It doesn’t matter if they have to visit a museum, to go to a restaurant or just take a walk in the park, Bulls are always comforting and ready to have some fun.

While dependable and committed, they’re still difficult when it comes to going places because they prefer staying at home and cooking delicious dinners. They like to spend their days in their slippers and to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

However, if they happened to be pressed, they don’t hesitate to argue and to be firm about their own truths. Their anger usually lasts for long and is fierce. They hold grudges and become very nasty when feeling like their needs aren’t met.

Happiest at Home

Tauruses take a lot of time to get closer to people. On the other hand, they can take pride in the fact that they’re always by their friends’ side, no matter what. They’re reliable and usually don’t meet with new people just for fun, as they’re not at all superficial or interested in light relationships.

This is why they only attract sincere, loyal and trustworthy people like themselves. As soon as they have made a new friend, they like hanging out with that person, so that they can begin work on building a reliable, deep and long-lasting connection.

They won’t talk too much about themselves at the first meetings, nor they will ask too many questions, as they like to observe people and to determine if they’re worthy of their friendship on time. This means they take their time to digest what information they receive about someone’s personality and life.

Taurus natives are among the most welcoming hosts in the Zodiac. As a matter of fact, this trait defines them a lot. They like spending their time at home and inviting people over because it’s their pleasure to cook delicious meals and to spend fun evening playing Scrabble or some other board games in the living room.

It’s like they’re the best friends when in their comfort zone. This is why their home is usually the place where all their friends are meeting for fun.

Tauruses need to be in control of everything if it’s for them to feel happy. They don’t mind visiting others themselves, but they prefer their own home for parties and gatherings. Their friends are well chosen, and they surely don’t welcome anyone into their nest or their heart.

It’s important for them to trust their friends so that they can share their affection. Those they get along best with have similar interests and personalities with them. The people who are friends with Tauruses should feel lucky, as Bulls are entertaining, have refined tastes and know how to have a good time.

When going out, they prefer to go wine and food tasting. This is why they have friends who also know how to appreciate good cooking. They always visit new restaurants with their friends because they simply love trying what new chefs have to offer.

Tauruses never forget about birthdays and special occasions, so they’re the ones to first call their friends when it’s an important date in the calendar.

Small But Strong Connections

When it comes to buying gifts, they spend a lot of time choosing because what they want is to make people happy. It’s not unusual for them to even make gifts with their own hands, especially since they’re very crafty.

They even don’t mind going to a lot of trouble so that they can offer someone they love a personalized and unique gift. Their friendship is never fake. They appreciate people for who they really are and want to be in the company of those they love the most.

The people that happen to be in their life are usually there because they’re really needed as company. Tauruses would never take advantage of anyone, nor have fake friendships.

When asked if they want to be friends with someone, they usually say yes, but if they notice they don’t have similar interests with that person, they just let the relationship grow cold on its own. They need compatibility in order to last for a long time next to people.

What should be noted about them is that they’re possessive. This is also why they don’t have too many close friends. When giving their trust and friendship, they demand a lot of attention, not to mention they can’t stand rudeness or not being treated with respect.

Deep down in their heart, they’re very sensitive people, so they should be given love in friendships. Just like any of the other signs in the Zodiac. They have their own dynamics in the way they’re acting around their friends.

If they happen to be too possessive and introverted, people may not want to be around them very often, just because they always need reassurance.

Besides, they can be too jealous of other friends of their friends, which can be a real problem. At least they’re always dependable, stable and good advisors. Even when the times are difficult, they seem to know what to say and do.

They never lose their head or get lost in new trends that have nothing constructive to bring. Anyone can count on their advice and support because they’re practical, unbiased and down-to-earth.

Friendships with them are often based on deep commitments because they take relationships seriously. More than this, they’re very loyal and give their best to the most important people in their life.

A Taurus Friend Always Has A Plan

Tauruses often dream about being friends forever with the people in their life, which means they’re always in for the long haul when it comes to relationships.

They’re not only loyal, but also fun and very good at making hilarious jokes. Very serious about their friendships, they remember birthdays and other important events, not to mention their gifts are always original.

It can be tough to be their close friend because they’re suspicious of new people and think everyone has a hidden agenda. This is why honesty is very important when with them. They hate lies and prefer to disagree rather than to be not told the harsh truth.

Pisces are emotional enough to help them understand their feelings better, not to mention they’re a good shoulder to cry on and fun.

Just like Bulls, Pisces don’t mind staying at home and watching a movie. What’s also great about them is that they can convince Tauruses to no longer be so stubborn. When these 2 signs get together, amazing things can happen. Their friendship will be admired by others for being secure, honest and fun.

Friends of Bulls should be persistent because they’re interacting with people who hate having their schedule changed. They should suggest new activities after introducing them slowly and during a cup of coffee.

Tauruses can be real charmers if they want to, also up for anything, but only for as long as they don’t have to make sudden changes. They appreciate people who pay attention to every little detail about their personality and to the events in their life, like their birthday and other important dates.

During a crisis situation, they keep their cool and never make a scene. Besides, they’re the best shoulder to cry on during a breakup or any other nasty situation for that matter. They never leave their friends’ side and aren’t dramatic in any way.

When someone gossips about the people in their life, they don’t hesitate to take their loved ones’ side. They pay a lot of attention to details, so they’re always the ones who remember pets’ birthdays and when homes have been bought.

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