Taurus Family Life: Their Personality in the Main Household Roles


Taurus people are very preoccupied with family and home matters. They simply adore children, while the little ones like spending time in their surroundings.

Taurus Roles in the Family:

  • Taurus as a Wife: She remains dedicated to her husband through the toughest of times.
  • Taurus as a Husband: What he might lack in excitement, he more than makes up for in stability.
  • Taurus as a Parent: They manage to strike a great balance between passing practical skills and emotional development to their kids.
  • Taurus as a Sibling: Quite often, a Taurus sibling sees their brothers and sisters as best friends too.

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What these natives enjoy the most is having a routine and being prepared for all the events that are about to follow. This is why they’re the ones who host parties and invite people over.

They also like cooking and enjoying the good times that others bring them. Their siblings will find them to be very loyal and generous. The times spent with them will be very enjoyable, not to mention they always have the backs of their brothers and sisters, whenever they are in some sort of trouble.

What they should pay attention to is their own stubbornness and immense desire to win any argument. They don’t like sharing what they own because they’re very possessive. But all in all, Tauruses are good family members and siblings.

The Taurus Wife: Dedicated to Her Husband if He can Provide for Her

The Taurus wife is dedicated to her family and very responsible. She wouldn’t even think about divorce if things were to become bad at home, as she’s the type to endure crisis situations and to trust that everything is going to be just fine.

What she loves the most is having a happy and peaceful life with her family. Not many can be a better wife and mother than she is.

While seeming mild and very reserved, she’s in fact possessive, materialistic and very jealous on the inside. While the Aries lady focuses all her jealousy on romance, the Taurus one is more about seeing what people in her surroundings have and wanting their possessions.

She would never ask for her husband to be faithful because she already trusts him completely. Her affection will always be demonstrated in the way she dedicates every little bit of herself to what she has at home and her family. Nothing makes sense to her if she doesn’t have her loved ones close by.

Furthermore, she knows how to attract the attention of her spouse and appreciates him for being sincere. He loves her for her honesty and simplicity because she definitely doesn’t like playing any games.

It’s very likely for this woman to become dependent on the people in her life because she’s so dedicated. However, she does ask for her husband to be respected, a success at work and rich so that she lives in comfort and luxury.

She can be best described as sensual, fertile and resourceful. Furthermore, she’s faithful and one of the sincerest women of them all. She like kissing and caressing, and even if her husband can’t offer her all this, she may easily forgive him, just like she would infidelity if he would make sure she lives in luxury.

In order for him to conquer her heart forever, he needs to bring home many gifts, to be a master of foreplay and to make a lot of money. She will never cheat on him if he doesn’t disappoint her.

Her grace and elegance can be seen in the way she decorates their home, not to mention she has the most feminine style when it comes to makeup and clothing.

The Taurus Husband: Back to Basics is the Best Way of Describing this Man

As a husband, the Taurus man is not at all exciting and interesting, yet this makes him the ideal long-term partner. What he lacks in terms of spontaneity and glamour, he surely makes up for as far as reliability, tolerance and being down-to-earth goes.

Since he gives a lot of importance to stability in his domestic life, it doesn’t matter how long he has been with his wife, he will always try to have a routine and calm life with her. He’s the type to repeat tasks and to never give up on his own ideas because he’s very stubborn and has his own fixed ways.

No one can convince him that comfort isn’t everything, so he does the best he can in order to make sure his surroundings look beautiful, that he has everything he needs and even more in the bank to get by.

For him, the saying that love goes through the stomach is the truest. His wife needs to cook him the best meals and to be an expert at baking cakes.

The Taurus Parent: A Fine Balance Between Practicality and Emotion

The Taurus mother knows her kids very well. However, she expects her children to be very obedient and mannered. She would also hate to see them being lazy, so they’re very responsible and hardworking most of the time.

In return, she will be their best friends and teach them how to be strong or to endure difficulties in order to achieve what they want.

Furthermore, they will learn all about their family’s traditions from her. This lady is the most loyal and would do anything in her power to make her loved ones happy. As soon as she has made up her mind about something, nothing and no one can change her opinion anymore.

Somehow sensitive, she does still know how to keep her emotions in control because she’s just very practical and down-to-earth. It’s her pleasure to spend her time in nature, yet not in the wilderness because she prefers organization and discipline, so she will spend her time around orchards or vineyards.

It’s very likely that she has the most beautiful garden at home herself, where she grows vegetables and rare flowers. This is because she has a very strong connection with earth and colors of nature. She wants to touch plants and to live among them.

Taurus parents will show their children how to be practical and realistic. They have a lot of patience and see the world as it is, but when it’s time for cuddling and smiling, they’re the first to do it too.

When parenting, they know what matters the most for their children, so they rarely get really angry with them, especially if the little ones don’t make big mistakes. This means they need to pay a little bit of attention to not spoil their youngsters. It’s like they can’t say no when being asked for ice-cream to go to the movies.

All they want is to see the small versions of themselves smiling, but they should put moderation above anything else when it comes to making them happy. At the same time, they should make sure that their children are eating well and exercising from time to time.

After all, they’re the ones who love spending time outside, so they should encourage everyone else to do it too. Since they’re the type to eat from their own garden, their kids should be taught to be the same and not go for junk food.

When it comes to the love they have to offer as parents, this is all about security and affection because they’re creatures of touches and sensations. Their children will also learn from them what loyalty, justice and hard work means.

Tauruses love to be in the middle of people and having pets, so their family home is usually cluttered yet still a very peaceful and comfortable haven. What they should do as parents is try more to not make compromises so that their kids are happy.

At the same time, they should avoid being as stubborn as they usually are when it comes to dealing with ideas they’re unfamiliar with.

The Taurus Sibling: A Brother or Sister that is Also a Best Friend

Being protective, Tauruses need to have siblings. They will protect them from bullies and be their number one stars. More than this, they could teach their brothers and sister how to be down-to-earth.

Nothing can annoy them because they’re very calm and care about others naturally. What they need most in life is to protect and to be the ones who are giving love, so what better way for them to do all that if not by having siblings.

It really doesn’t matter if these siblings are younger or older, they will always be their best friends and fight for them. As a matter of fact, they’re the ones who will always fight for their entire family.

Gentle and kind, they do still have a very materialistic side and give too much importance to their possessions. If given a chance to understand more about a person, they don’t hesitate to listen. This is why their siblings see them more as their best friends.

The Taurus sister is very practical and always makes sure that no one gets into trouble. She wants to make her family safe and usually comes up with solutions to problems. Besides, she’s always the one who has something intelligent to say.

She’s loving and likes hugs, kisses and or to tickle. She cares a lot about her brothers and sisters, although she may not show it all the time.

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