Taurus Man Personality: From Love to Career and Social Life


The Taurus man is affectionate, generous and very loyal, but also stubborn and stiff. He likes to engage in physical activities and do sports when he feels like he needs to be more grounded and to take more action. In case he becomes inert, seeing he has this tendency, he can end up being very boring.

The Taurus man in a nutshell:

  • Personality: He’s patient and methodical, happy to bide his time to create his perfect life.
  • Love: While he may take his time to open up, a comfortable Taurus man is incredibly gentle and caring.
  • Career: Resourceful and knowledgeable, he is someone who will devote his whole being to his work.
  • Family: While he craves comfort and entertainment, a Taurus man will always put the needs of his family above all else.
  • Social Life: Despite his sometimes boastful nature, he often finds himself as the entertainer, and a good one at that.

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Taurus Man Personality

In spite of being regarded as someone powerful and very tough, the Taurus man is still ruled by the planet Venus, which represents love and beauty.

He’s just like Ferdinand the Bull from the story with the same name, so he loves smelling the flowers and relaxing rather than fighting and always being active. This means he’s a lover and not a fighter. However, if angered and pushed too far, he can turn into the raging bull everyone is scared of.

People can get along very well with him, but only for as long as he’s not stubborn and fixed. He never changes his opinions, so trying to explain a different point of view to him other than his own would be pointless.

Being a fixed sign, he also doesn’t like changes, taking risks and gambling. He’s more the type to sit quietly in a corner and to have patience for things to happen the way he wants them to. This means he’s steady and slow, no matter if he’s focused on love or his career.

He loves using his hands or fixing things around the house. He will always take his time to complete projects the right way, to the point where many of his loved ones may be annoyed by the fact that he’s spending too much time doing something.

While passionate and very intense, he acts very casual and seems uncaring on the outside. What he’s doing when not taking action is spending his time making plans and analyzing situations. He’s reliable, diligent and tenacious, so he’s an amazing team player, in both love and in business.

Love and Relationships for the Taurus Man

Since he never takes the initiative, the Taurus man can panic if he needs to do something out of the ordinary in order to make his dreams come true. He’s a traditionalist and has a very gentle nature, but if not sure of someone or something, he can get to be very unstable.

If he seems determined to make the first move regarding a situation, this means he has analysed things very carefully and for a long time. When he feels secure and that he understands his partner’s emotions, he’s very gentle and caring, not to mention ready to be with that person for a lifetime.

It’s very important for him to try and move around more because he has the tendency to just procrastinate and eat the food prepared by others for him, without doing anything.

He likes to be spoiled and treated like a child, but not all women are prepared to offer him what he wants. It’s not like it’s a rule that he doesn’t want to do anything, but he can be very lazy.

It’s important for him to go out every single day. He will find it easy to do so at the beginning of his relationship because of the motivation required to keep things interesting for his partner.

However, as soon as he has moved in with his other half, his own natural instincts to want to feel comfortable and to be left alone may kick in. As a matter of fact, a potential outcome of such extreme behavior is that he starts boring himself.

He’s complex and even if very masculine, quite emotional. This means he sometimes feels inadequate and tries as much as he can to leave his soft side behind him. If sad, he’s unable to hide it, especially from the people he cares about the most. What he needs is to be surrounded by love and affection.

This is a Man Who is Methodical and Resourceful at Work

The Taurus man is strong, responsible, very sweet and caring. He’s also the type that others can rely on in case of a difficult situation because he seems to have all it takes in order to survive and to make life easier.

He even knows how to build a shelter in case the end of the world is about to happen, not to mention vast swathes of knowledge regarding nutritional knowhow. Besides, he’s very crafty and always building things or creating some art pieces.

His ways of being useful are rather unconventional and he can have a rather intense work ethic, but this doesn’t mean he can’t get things done.

It’s important to keep him from stretching himself too much because he has a tendency to get lost in work and forget all about what makes life joyous. This is because he’s very dutiful and hardworking.

While his energy under pressure is something he should be admired for, the fact that he’s slow and steady can result in not finishing projects on time and pulling longer hours at work. It’s very important for him to sometimes just enjoy life and relax if he got too absorbed by fulfilling his duties.

He should accept other’s opinions no matter how difficult this may be for him. What he should learn is how to preserve his energy. He needs to know that his work is purposeful if it’s for him to feel important, also to express himself in a creative manner.

Good with money and knowing how to save, he still needs to be careful and not spend too much on expensive meals at restaurants, as he has the tendency to indulge.

Taurus Man’s Wellbeing at Home and Socially

The Taurus man needs a stable and comfortable home. This is why he struggles to have luxury where he lives. He wants to feel like he’s surrounded by the best things money can buy. This is why he decorates his place very beautifully, in warm and earthy shades. His furniture is expensive, large and comfortable.

Since he’s a child at heart, he buys toys and all kind of devices to keep himself entertained. In case he has a lot of money, which is usually true because he works hard to earn it, he will own the largest TV, an expensive sound system and a luxurious car.

In case he’s not financially stable and doesn’t earn that much, he will work harder and stay up late to make more money so that he can afford living as comfortably as he wants. Because he’s the happiest when feeling financially secure, he will pay a lot of attention to his money, even if he will spend a lot to decorate his home.

He likes to socialize and invite people over to his place because he can boast about what he has managed to achieve and his beautiful family, if he happens to have one. At the same time, he’s also the type who doesn’t mind spending time alone.

He can’t live in a negative environment, so if the atmosphere at his home is like this, he will do everything in his power to make a change. He gives a lot of importance to family and puts it first no matter what. This is why he wants everyone at his home to be united and to love each other.

He’s always making good jokes and keeping his loved ones entertained. Since he puts loyalty first in his relationships, he’s not only a good husband and lover, but also the best friend anyone could have.

He also has highly developed diplomatic skills, which means he makes peace when others are fighting. As far as friendship goes, he may still keep in touch with the people he met when he was a child.

If someone he cares about comes to him with a problem, he doesn’t hesitate to do everything in his power in order to help. However, he needs to be shown loyalty in return, as when someone betrays him, he can hold a grudge for a very long time, seeing as he’s very stubborn and doesn’t easily forget.

In case he’s more spiritually evolved though, he has the ability to forgive and forget more easily. This man can see beauty where others don’t see anything whatsoever.

This means he appreciates what’s considered to be junk by many. However, he needs to be moderate when appreciating something because he can fall into that extreme in which he collects the most useless and not in any way beautiful things that he may find to be repulsive later in life.

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