Sun Square Mercury Transit and Synastry: Impulsive Communication

  • Lovers with the Sun square Mercury synastry may have problems communicating and expressing their ideas.
  • During the Sun square Mercury transit, interactions between people can become quite problematic because everyone is more selfish than usual.
  • In astrology, the Sun is a giver of strength and vitality, helping one know their personality and find their sense of purpose.
  • The square astrological placement is a rather tense one, in which all conflicts and misunderstandings come out on the table.
  • In astrology, Mercury builds our reasoning and analysis abilities and helps us communicate our thoughts and make sense of the surrounding world.

Keep reading for the transit meaning of this aspect or jump to the synastry interpretation.

Sun square Mercury Transit

For as long as the Sun square Mercury aspect is happening, all natives in the zodiac should be patient, take a closer look at everything and listen to others because they may learn great things.

The Sun square Mercury aspect is known to make minds busier than usual, but to a point to which interactions between people are becoming problematic.

People can have so many ideas running through their heads that they’re no longer capable of making sense of what others are saying.

They can have scrambled thoughts and not be able to express themselves in a clear manner, which can cause them to argue with the ones they love and not be properly understood.

Their closed ones may not agree with many of their views and ideas regarding certain subjects, but they should avoid fighting back and listen.

Furthermore, this transit is not at all beneficial for making important choices, no matter how pressured some may feel to do just this. It wouldn’t be a good idea for them to sign contracts and to negotiate business either.

This aspect is known to make natives of all signs touchier when communicating, meaning they can end up arguing for no reason.

All of their projects may face more difficulties than usual, not to mention others may interfere with their plans. It is a period in which everyone has to pay attention to what they’re saying and think twice before taking action.

Considered an evil aspect that’s causing people to act in a destructive manner, it’s a good idea for many to protect their health during Sun square Mercury, to avoid taking risks so they don’t end up injuring themselves.

Problems may appear in the domestic environment because children can become estranged from their families and disappoint their parents.

It would be a good idea for no one to make commitments during this period because their dedication can bring them only sorrow and pain.

This is not a good transit for making changes or getting rid of anything, for establishing new connections or allowing feelings to rule in any matter.

Instead, people should just appeal to their honor and avoid any scandal that may affect their reputation in a bad way because they’d not be able to make things right afterward neither.

Therefore, they should act in a discreet manner and not be impulsive or hurried. The Sun square Mercury transit is known as critical, so all people should be more cautious during it.

They should pay attention to what they’re saying because their way of thinking and the information they’re transmitting may seem negative for many.

If they can, they must avoid negotiating any business deal, taking exams and going to interviews. Those of them already having a job may be given projects they don’t like and that seem difficult.

Many won’t be able to communicate in a clear manner, no matter how good their intentions are and how long they’ve been friends with their interlocutors.

Everyone will hold on tightly to their own opinions and express their most radical views, so friendships can become more fragile because the people involved in them wouldn’t accept that they have differences.

Egos will be expressed more insistently, whereas many won’t want to change their views, no matter how much good it would do them and the advice they’re receiving.

The more adventurous individuals will find all this to be quite a challenge and won’t hesitate to feel good about it.

They could end up learning many things from the person they’re talking with, but in order for this to happen, they need to forget about their own ego and to see things from different perspectives than their own.

Many will have to make considerable efforts in order to open their mind and to keep their friendships alive.

The period of the Sun square Mercury transit is known to bring about problems with communication.

However, it’s happening only twice every year, even if very influential when it does.

For as long as this aspect is in the sky, feelings may end up being hurt and ideas impossible to be expressed. People are more sensitive and can be affected by anything their colleagues or loved ones are saying.

They may feel like their own ideas are being tested or that their projects need to be defended.

Since this period is dominated by misunderstandings, natives of all signs will have to be clearer than usual and more direct, even when making phone calls and sending emails.

If talking with someone, they should listen carefully and check twice to see they’ve understood what they’ve been told, also when explaining themselves.

They may discover they’re more agitated and nervous than usual, so they should keep calm by exercising breathing and why not, doing some sport.

During the Sun square Mercury transit, minds are more active and ideas seem to come in easier than other times. However, many people may get tested for what they’re saying and their intentions.

Conflicts can arise for no real reason, so those who are known as peacemakers should give their best to end them.

No one should make assumptions and ask the questions they’re supposed to. At least this period is not at all boring.

When the Sun square Mercury transit is present in birth charts, it’s causing people with this placement to have difficulties concentrating.

They may be forced to do something that annoys them, to travel to an unwanted destination or to take care of some details they don’t even care about, which will seem very hard for them to do, together with communicating.

Many may think they have too many responsibilities on their plate, others will argue with their loved ones as a result of their arrogance and intolerant nature. Everyone will be self-absorbed and some will have hidden motives for doing different things.

Sun square Mercury Synastry

Couples having the Sun square Mercury synastry can feel like their relationship is tense because of both partners’ big egos and the issues with communication Mercury can generate.

Many astrologers are associating this romantic connection with one of brotherhood, which means it can function better if platonic.

However, this can’t be taken as a fact, because it would depend a lot on the lovers involved in it.

After all, a relationship of love is not at all ideal if there’s no passion between the partners.

Lovers with the Sun square Mercury synastry may have problems communicating, expressing their ideas, laughing together, making their egos agree, keeping their self-esteem, respecting each other and seeing one another in a good way.

They both analyze too much, whereas one may express his or her individuality in ways opposing the perception of life of the other.

Therefore, a clash of identities may be just what’s describing their connection in the most accurate manner.

However, this can help them learn more about each other because they’d be communicating only important things. Mercury’s aspects are usually making it easier for people to see things from different perspectives.

However, this doesn’t mean arguments and contradictions can be easily avoided in couples having the Sun square Mercury synastry.

The partners in this relationship may think their schedules are never the same, but they should appreciate how this is making their life more fun and it energizes them for good conversations.

This synastry can emphasize Mercury’s influence and make the exchange of ideas easier, also the conversations more positive and enjoyable.

It’s beneficial for writing and talking through written messages. Every couple is known to fight, no matter how long the partners have been together.

The most difficult thing with this Sun square Mercury synastry is to be objective and not take everything personally.

The lovers having it can encourage one another to think in a more powerful manner and to understand a different point of view, also to make themselves clear, even if they have to keep a certain distance when arguing.

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