Scorpio in 2nd House: Rushing into Decisions


The sign of Scorpio is all about secrets, so natives born with Scorpio in 2nd House don’t talk about their finances, not even with their partner. At the same time, they don’t like giving up money and showing off their wealth.

While their magnetism and elevated energy can bring them the financial success they need, they aren’t too interested in accumulating wealth and would rather do something interesting for paying their bills, than going to a job with a big salary that doesn’t really excite them.

Scorpio on the Second House Cusp:

  • Positives: Diligent, ambitious and thrifty;
  • Negatives: Hypocritical and oversensitive;
  • Advice: Stay close to your family and respect those who deserve it;
  • Celebrities: Natalie Wood, Joe Jonas, Javier Bardem, Diane Kruger, Eric Clapton.

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Making a great team with their partner

The person born with Scorpio in the Second House has an amazing, unusual personality and likes to take risks. Having amazing talents at turning the simplest habits into expensive ones, they can never be financially fulfilled.

This is also happening because they’re impractical and have no principles, acting rashly and not thinking about how much they’re wasting.

When it comes to the mundane, they can have their partner contributing a lot to their wealth, whereas some can obtain money from criminal activities. Often, they don’t know how to survive because they’re too pragmatic, but at least they can plan for the long-term and be in control of their life.

Second House Scorpios have many resources and possess tremendous energy when it comes to money-making. They can bring value to any material that isn’t so worthy.

Spending rapidly, they’re more concerned about how their possessions look rather than how much value they have.

Often, they have partners who can give them enough for them to buy elegant things. They love sharing what they have with both their lovers and their friends. Their income is obtained from managing what others have and from investing with someone, as well as from insurance businesses or from politics.

Some of them can receive inheritance, whereas others can make a profit by getting married. Scorpio in the Second House is the one of money left by ancestors.

According to how natives are being genetically predisposed, it can be something good or bad because a lot depends on what others have left for those who follow them.

Many can’t have an important influence on their wealth. If there is for natives born Scorpio in 2nd House to enjoy the materialistic side of life, they’re challenged when facing changes and dealing with energy flows that are running in their life.

Feeling strong and confident

When it comes to the practical side, they need to be givers first because nothing will come to them if they don’t do it. This placement also speaks about debts that need to be paid, so it’s not the most enjoyable one.

People born with Scorpio in the Second House like to keep their financial matters secret. They’re hard workers and don’t want others to know how much they’re making. At the same time, they’re possessive with their earnings, so they can’t help others with money.

More than this, they seem to have many ups and downs when it comes to finances. Their survival is ensured by how emotional and vulnerable from a spiritual point of view they are, as well as how they’re expressing their power.

If feeling strong and having enough confidence, they can attract everything they want from life, especially the physical and material resources. However, if they don’t trust themselves and are emotionally weak, they can find it difficult to obtain what they want.

Some of them can obsess over their emotional and spiritual connections with others, to the point of caring more about possessions than of people. Those of them who are highly developed can attract personal relationships more than they can material value.

If people born with Scorpio in Second House allow themselves to be powerful, it becomes easier for them to love themselves. These natives can’t allow themselves to be superficial. In other words, they need to show their true power and to have strong self-esteem.

Only this way, they can have a stable life and make a difference between what’s fake and true. These natives can determine when others are lying and can see any hidden agenda.

They want to be in charge when it comes to finances and to not be influenced by others. At the same time, they can be too possessive. Those of them who obsess too much about money usually need to lose everything they have once, for them to get better.

Having Pluto in the Second House is a lot about being in power by having money and controlling others. This is why natives with this placement are somehow selfish and looking to get engaged only in activities that can benefit them or others they care about.

Their friends will always thank them for making the plans on the long-term and for always having enough money to give them. As said before, they prefer to keep details about their finances secret because they don’t like others to know how much they have. It’s easy for them to make good money, even when they aren’t trying to.

Their investments are usually always paying off and they do very well when collaborating with someone in the business. These natives need to have their values transforming for them to feel worthy. It would be a good idea to earn a living from a job that’s suited for a Scorpio, so they can be scientists, secret agents or financial advisers.

Hating to be criticized

The placement of Scorpio in the Second House is a lot connected with how natives determine their values, as well as how they’re searching for the Truth, especially when this is about the materialistic side of life and their security.

People with this position in their birth chart need to realize how important it is for them to develop from a spiritual point of view.

When it comes to intuition, both the Scorpio and the Second House are all about it. Therefore, this trait is emphasized in natives born with Scorpio in 2nd House. When it comes to their relationships, these can be missing any ceremonious habits and be uncontrollable, so it’s difficult for them to be involved with someone for the long term.

Not appreciative of others, these natives hate being criticized and when someone is pointing out that they haven’t been correct, they can become very angry. This is how they’re making enemies from friends.

These people can hold grudges and are always looking to develop the most sophisticated plans to get their revenge. For them to no longer be like this, they need to subject to the ethics and morals of their groups, as well as to have balanced emotions.

They can exaggerate when thinking of how much they can do, as well as not consider others. At least it’s easy for them to understand the true nature of any relationship. Some of them may start a business or become successful politicians and scientists, even if they’re not able to easily control themselves.

When it comes to how people born with Scorpio in Second House are developing their finances, they’re completely devoted to making money and want to take care of any problem independently, in a constant manner.

However, they can often go through bankruptcy, but at least they can find the most unexpected solutions to their problems. Most of the time, natives born with Scorpio in 2nd House are aggressive, jealous and irritable, but at the same time able to learn from their own mistakes. The more they can control their character, the better the position they can obtain in society.

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