Pisces in 6th House: Multiple Talents at Play


Natives born with Pisces in 6th House tend to obsess over work and to worry themselves too much about life in general. More than this, they can take on too many responsibilities, which can damage their health. Sometimes, they feel like they’re not the best or even feel like failures.

Emotional at work, if they’re not doing what fulfills them, they can’t feel too good about their job. They’re better as employees rather than as bosses, but they need to make sure no one is taking advantage of them.

Pisces on the Sixth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Clever, thrifty and charming;
  • Negatives: Temperamental and tactless;
  • Advice: Try not to alienate those close to you with exaggerated expectations;
  • Celebrities: Mahatma Gandhi, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Alain Delon, Gerard Butler, Harrison Ford.

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Multiple talents at play here

Pisces in the Sixth House is indicating natives with this placement are working to help other people and can be very spiritual individuals. When involved in a project, they work without thinking of themselves and are very friendly with their colleagues. These people tend to make promises they can’t fulfill, which can cost them a lot.

Some of them can be hypochondriacs and true quitters. Never looking to make money out of just about anything, they’re more satisfied with how the process of their work is going.

Any emotion can greatly affect their health. They’re not only being tested when this is happening, but they’re also having all of their energy levels depleted, meaning they can get sick.

For this reason, 6th House Pisces need to carefully watch their diet. Many of them are great psychologists and doctors, but no matter what they’re doing, they’re not happy having a schedule.

It can be difficult for them to focus on how they’re performing because they prefer to be creative and nothing else. Their work can greatly impact their emotions, but when feeling depressed, they can no longer do their job properly either.

When it comes to the stress they’re going through, they can worry to the point of sickness, especially when business matters are not taking the direction they’re following. It can be almost impossible for these natives to stick to a schedule because they don’t want to make plans every single day.

They just prefer to let external forces rule their life. This can be fulfilling from a spiritual point of view, but it can also stop their productivity. It can confuse and overwhelm them to think about what they need to do at work.

However, when feeling inspired, they can get lost and perform their tasks impeccably. When it comes to the way they’re approaching health, these natives are shady.

Their energy levels can be pretty low and disappear at some point, moments in which they can no longer be grounded, no matter how much they’re trying. This placement is indicating natives having it in their birth chart can end up suffering from psychosomatic diseases.

However, these people are also talented at healing, not only themselves but others as well. When not being able to discover the secrets that are not necessarily being brought to them by the sign of Pisces, they can’t find the right direction for them, unless they’re focused on humanitarian actions.

Their faith can merge with their reality, so they need to be patient and wise, as well as follow their path in life, just for them to keep being strong and have enough energy.

True hypochondriacs

People born with Pisces in the Sixth House have a weak immune system, most of their life. They seem to catch diseases from the ones who surround them, and they can’t tell who made them sick in the first place. This is why they’re being paranoid about their health and afraid of every germ.

However, they can have stronger health when they’re focusing to heal other people and decide to have no limits believing in their abilities. Their work and ways of servicing others require them to be 100% devoted.

At work, they’re nice to everyone, but as said before, they can take on more than they can handle, which can make them confused and cause some problems.

6th House Pisces are true hypochondriacs who sometimes want to escape their responsibilities at work. More than this, their health depends a lot on the emotions they’re having.

Dreamy, these people prefer to just sit in bed and to sleep, as well as to do only the creative work and what moves their spirit. They’re not the type to sit at a desk and have a schedule.

If they manage to find a job that’s offering them what they want, they still need to be done to perform different tasks because otherwise, they can become depressed and anxious, as well as agitated. It would be a good idea for them to be more organized at work, no matter how much it pains them.

The 6th House Pisces individual may feel like he or she is carrying all the responsibilities in the world on his or her shoulders.

Always in search for something different

People with this placement want almost everything from everyone, but inside, they can feel like they’re never of any good. They can sacrifice their physical health for the sake of their work, so they should revise their professional behavior because no one wants them to get sick over a project or a job.

They’re being like this mostly because they couldn’t fulfill some of their objectives during one of their past lives. As Pisces, they may repeat the same mistakes all over again, giving more importance to their salary than to how they’re feeling.

It wouldn’t matter what sign their Sun is in if they have the Fish in the 6th House, they can be like this. When making an effort to invest less of their efforts into their work, they can feel like they no longer have a safety net.

They should not become obsessive with their work, as much as they can. It doesn’t matter if a corporation is asking of them to sacrifice their nights of rest for profits to come, they should make sure they’re always chasing their dreams and aren’t giving everything they have to those who don’t deserve it.

The clearer their head is, the more they can lose themselves into their work in a more efficient and relaxed manner. Individuals born with Pisces in Sixth House can have a difficult time getting used to a specific type of work, not to mention they don’t like using tools of high precision.

When sick, they’re more connected with their bodies and know how their organs are reacting. If it is for these natives to feel the harmony of all of their bodily systems functioning, they need to do exercises of flexibility and to move a lot.

Many of these natives are great artists, either in the music or the visual fields. At work, they can have many conflicts with their colleagues.

If it is for them to be able to relax after a long day, they need a hobby. Worrying about their conflicts, they like to analyze every little detail of a debate. Their intuition is always helping them to function well as leaders.

The Sixth House is the one that indicates how people like to consume their food. Pisces placed here says natives with this placement are eating whenever they want to. However, they can feel hungry when emotional.

At least having Libra as their Rising is helping them keep their diet balanced. When it comes to the food they prefer, these natives can have many options. Because they don’t like sweets that much, they’re consuming more foods that are salty and drink a lot.

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