Taurus in 8th House: An Expansive Personality


Natives born with Taurus in 8th House are very likely to help their associates make money and to spend theirs on life’s pleasures and beauty. More than this, they know how to become wealthy in mysterious ways.

It’s hard for them to deal with change, so when this is happening in their life, they can take a lot of time adapting. More than this, they can exhaust themselves and their loved ones when going through transformations.

Taurus on the Eighth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Methodical, wise and compassionate;
  • Negatives: Flaky and stubborn;
  • Advice: Spend time with different types of people and be open to novelty;
  • Celebrities: Gerard Butler, Frank Sinatra, Rachel McAdams, Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bon Jovi.

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Making good use of their time

It’s hard for Taurus in the Eighth house natives to deal with psychological issues, as they tend to concentrate on specific situations and the conditions imposed on them, not to mention they can sometimes think their life difficulties are the worst.

When working in groups, these natives are investing in many efforts. In case they adapted to the group of which they’re a part of, they become more ready to defend the views of their community, steadily and vigorously.

However, they need to learn how to make compromises and to be more flexible with their behavior, as well as how to merge their values with the ones of their group.

As said before, their death is usually peaceful. Taurus is the sign of physicality and comfort, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see how people having it in their 8th House are so good with finances.

These natives know how to invest and want to teach their children how to do the same. It’s like making budgets has them truly happy. They know how to save, even when they have to buy the luxurious things they so much want.

However, it’s unlikely for them to spend on making changes like renovations because they’re always happy with where they are. Tauruses are also sensual, so those people with this sign in their Eighth House want to be well taken care of and to enjoy their romances as much as possible.

Knowing how to take care of any business and how to make investments, they can marry for money. Sharing is not their favorite thing to do, so they can’t cooperate with other people most efficiently.

Their finances can be in and out, but at least they know how to make profits. For this reason, they most of the time get what they want the most in life.

When going through a divorce or another important change, they feel like many of their efforts should be invested. These people don’t even like to move homes because they see this as a very difficult activity and are all the time investing emotions in everything they’re doing.

Things for them have to happen when they want them to, at the proper time. If having to reorganize things in their life, they can feel hopeless and incapable. When going through extreme situations, they need to work twice as hard.

An Eighth House Taurus individual usually has difficult moments revealed to him or her forcefully, so the life of people with this placement can’t be too easy.

The position of Taurus in their 8th House is indicating they need to be careful and to avoid depending on others. Therefore, these natives need to be powerful and as controlling as possible, not at all asking others what to do and to care for them.

The 8th House is making people search for the Absolute Truth, to study disciplines like astrology and religion. It’s having them looking for the Truth and this is what’s keeping them motivated.

Paying attention to what matters the most

Natives born with Taurus in the Eighth House have very high ideals and morals. Those of them who are functioning on a low octave don’t give this much importance to values and are more focused on the materialistic side of life, on physicality and what’s coming from their environment, not on the higher consciousness and the mysteries of life.

More than often, many of the 8th House Tauruses have been searching for the Absolute Truth, but the one that’s reflected through the Self. They want to be the ones who are always giving the right answers and who know everything, from the most profound notions to the most superficial ones.

Therefore, when it comes to them to search for the Truth, they can become preachy. They want their words to have weight and are not read to allow others to have an opinion of their own.

In this situation, they should allow their conscious mind to expand because this way, they can grow and bring their creativity to the table.

Because Taurus is an Earth sign that’s making natives believe only in practicality, these people can borrow from the qualities of the Water Scorpio, the sign that’s ruling the 8th House. This way, people with the Bull in the House of Scorpio need to bring their feelings into play and to make the best of it.

They need to be profound, just like the Scorpio. They can learn how much value knowledge has and how to apply it in their life, in a spiritual manner. In this manner, they can gain the security and the materials they so much desire.

Natives born with Taurus in Eighth House are feeling hurt when not balanced or feeling secure. They get scars from their most traumatic experiences, which has left a shadow on them, and made these people more possessive and intolerant.

They may want to simply such the life out of their opponents when confronting them. When looking to obtain some material benefits and pleasure, nothing can stay in their way.

It can be said these natives have inherited their greed and materialistic side and that this is their cry to obtain power and to be in control. This can make them erratic and self-destructive because they’re unable to have the security they need in their life.

When they need to master their demons, these people are looking to feel safe and to not have anyone taking their possessions. After this, they can be mellow and no longer obsessing over comfort.

Deep inside, these natives don’t want to accept what others are telling them to do. When they come across real healing, they’re working with the consistency coming from inside their hearts to make it.

Craving to be profound

When alone with someone, they’re composed and down-to-earth, not revealing their emotions too much.

They see sex as something purely physical and are sensual creatures. For this reason, they need to take a good look at themselves and to work with what they have when having to establish sexual connections.

Their challenge is to no longer be so headstrong or to stagnate when the situation is difficult and they can’t see a simple way out.

If in a psychological crisis, they can stay lost for a long time and not believe things are going to work out. If they want to win, they need to accept the change that’s not interfering with their principles.

When in groups, people born with Taurus in 8th House are strenuously defending the interests of the many. They’re investing all of their efforts to respect the ethics of the team, so it’s difficult for them to find the balance between the needs of the many and what they want.

Their partner is most of the time helping them a lot, especially if they’re allowing it to happen. Eighth House Tauruses can rely a lot on their talents, to turn any situation into their advantage.

They never seem to have too many sexual problems, but they are sometimes selfish in bed. Some of them can work with their best traits to study the occult.

They’re able to regenerate from a spiritual point of view, also to transform most profoundly. This doesn’t mean they can no longer deal with the mundane. No matter what, individuals born with Taurus in 8th House need to rely on the people surrounding them.

The sign of Taurus is known to make people want to just enjoy life, whereas the 8th House is known to ruin moods. Those with the Bull in the 8th House have a big opposition in their birth chart, meaning they can’t easily adapt to change or to the challenges that come their way.

There are many differences between their primal needs and other things they desire, as well as between their personal needs and the ones of the collective. These people are making the strangest decisions and can’t accept changes that easily. Their transformation comes slowly and needs to be enjoyable, or it can’t happen at all.

This means they have serious issues letting go of their loved ones and different situations, also careers and possessions. When throwing away things, they’re doing it for good and don’t want anything to be left behind because this would only consume their energy and interfere with their emotions.

Individuals born with Taurus in Eighth House love helping their partner make some money. They’re passionate about beauty and want to spend a lot on it. When broke, it’s difficult for them to find another source of money. At least they’re not known to generate conflicts in their affairs.

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