Sagittarius in 3rd House: A Surprising Attitude


People born with Sagittarius in 3rd House have a strong philosophy of life and can express their ideas very thoroughly. They’re preoccupied with religion and give a lot of importance to social matters because they want to contribute to the greater good.

With their siblings, they’re giving and caring. When having to travel, either physically or with their mind, they can go places they’ve never been before. It’s normal for them to often talk with people who are located far away.

Sagittarius on the Third House Cusp:

  • Positives: Energetic, courteous and charming;
  • Negatives: Irresponsible and indecisive;
  • Advice: Strive to keep good relationships with your friends and if any, with your siblings;
  • Celebrities: Charles de Gaulle, Denzel Washington, Ewan McGregor, Anthony Kiedis.

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Always accumulating new information

When it comes to their relationship with their co-workers and important people in their life, these people are generous and polite. Many of them are working in anthropology or construction for social causes. When it comes to communication, they’re always active, open and smart, but a little bit not caring.

While it’s easy for them to make promises, they often do not respect them. Not that they’re irresponsible, they simply don’t want to make an effort and aren’t focusing too much on the future.

Their main objective seems to be seeing the big picture, so they’re not too bothered about small details. They can be inspired by what seems unimportant.

Any new information can make their minds work better. This is why they’re such great teachers who can make any story seem more colorful. On the other hand, they can exaggerate with anything and make claims that have others wanting them to just be quiet.

The Third House Sagittariuses can pose for any idea because they don’t want to waste their time. When traveling and being outside, they can notice how their mind is expanding more than other times.

The fact that they’re passionate about accumulating new information is making them students of life, so many of these natives may decide to continue their studies and to learn more, even if old and having already graduated.

This is because they simply love learning and want to prove others they know many things. They’re never hesitating to show their loved ones their knowledge because they hope that this way, they can discover more of the Absolute Truth and can learn even more from life.

A 3rd House Sagittarius individual is optimistic and always sees the bright side of life. Natives with this placement can’t be brought down by anything.

The way they’re communicating is always fun and bright because they love laughing and feeling good. Curious about what’s happening in the world and wanting to have a grasp of the big picture, they can miss out on the details that truly matter.

Striving to become better

These people love to learn but can do it better when not having to be accompanied. They want to expand their knowledge with each chance they’re getting, so they’re looking to always interact with new cultures and to live the life of people from different other regions in the world, other than their own.

When talking, they’re always boasting and are talented at telling stories, not to mention they’re honest. The relationships with their siblings feel like true adventures, for as long as their childhood lasts.

They probably went with their brothers and sisters on many adventures and discovered new worlds, other than their own. In case they haven’t been raised with anyone else, they were encouraging with children in their neighborhood, even telling them to rebel. However, they’re not limited to their surroundings because they may want to do more than gossip.

Even when talking about others, they’re not doing it maliciously, they just want to share a story. Natives born with Sagittarius in Third House always want to communicate.

Having a favorable attitude towards other people, they’re lucky and meant for good things only. When it comes to what they like the most about others, this is positivity, an active lifestyle, and enthusiasm.

Criticizing and not quite kind, they’re pragmatic and look for a lot of mental energy in those who they call friends. This is why they’re recommended to educate others in being more logical. Otherwise, they can turn into useless dreamers.

Individuals born with Sagittarius in 3rd House are always happy. They see their teachers as magicians who can always bring them more information.

It’s very likely for them to just go with the flow in life because they’re enthusiastic and can lose interest in anything very quickly. At least they can remember anything they’re memorizing, to the very last detail. It should be noted these natives love to talk.

At the same time, they think a lot about philosophy and have an open mind. Their positive teachings can make others change their views and to have more practical beliefs. Also, they can be distant because they know so many things. Those of them who don’t what path to take in life can be very confused.

When everything in their life is positive, individuals born with Sagittarius in Third House love to travel and to teach others because they’re giving with what comes out of their mind.

If in a negative setting, they can seem lost and talk too much, but not cease to think about what works best for themselves.

Focused on themselves

When tired and not knowing what direction of life suits them best, they can have chaotic opinions and not express themselves thoroughly. As far as studying goes, they’re enthusiastic and can grasp any information very quickly.

However, they may have problems focusing on a subject for a long period. This can have them sick with nervous diseases and depression because they simply don’t believe in themselves.

Those of them who are teachers are honest and open, also always ready to tell others what they know. They should focus on what matters the most and leave secondary matters to others.

It’s easy for these natives to adapt because they’re naturally charming and polite, not to mention great leaders and incredibly good managers. Many of them work as writers and life coaches because they’re intelligent, sociable and very independent.

Third House Sagittariuses don’t hesitate to express what’s on their minds and are extremely honest. They should pay attention and not confuse learning or expressing their knowledge with having actual experiences.

Because the Third House is the one of knowledge, they have intellectual preoccupations and are focused more on matters of the mind.

This is why they’re the best students and can understand the most abstract subjects, as a direct reaction to the Gemini sign. Restless and easy to get bored when nothing is challenging them, these natives need to all the time be mentally challenged.

They’re almost all the time inquiring about things and keep their minds active. The sign of Sagittarius is making them optimistic almost to a fault, as well as great travelers, philosophers, and researchers.

Travel can influence them in a grandiose way because they’re always curious about the new.

They love hearing about any idea and using their minds to explore more. Since they’re sociable and have a good nature, as well as being big intellectuals, they can speak for others, especially when they’re right about what they’re saying.

The person born with Sagittarius in Third House is a lot about communication because this is how this sign placed here is influencing them to be. They’re also extroverted and not so self-centered because the mentioned House is the one of brotherhood.

When it comes to the mundane, the same House is about unity. These people need to learn how to not uselessly consume their energy when it comes to matters of the Third House.

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