Libra in 1st House: Recognizing Hidden Value


Those having the cusp of the 1st House in Libra have their entire zodiac the other way around. Whereas people should be able to take all the energy of the Self out, natives born with Libra in First House need to find themselves in others and to look for their balance.

More than this, they need to be careful so that their relationships don’t exhaust them. This means they should be all the time behave well when interacting with others.

Libra on the First House Cusp:

  • Positives: Insightful, eloquent and honest;
  • Negatives: Gossipy and judgmental;
  • Advice: Don’t avoid working with other people because great success can come out of it;
  • Celebrities: Javier Bardem, Diane Kruger, Vince Vaughn, Phil Collins, Anderson Cooper.

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Their biggest challenge for them is to accept that they can be angry and that conflict is sometimes constructive.

Recognizing the hidden value

Natives born with Libra in the First House should accept their identity is becoming more pronounced when they’re cooperating with other people.

When interacting, they can discover their reflections, not to mention they can end up recognizing themselves according to how others are reacting to their actions or behavior. What they’re doing is usually leaving the impression that they’re graceful and beautiful, as well as responsible and rigorous.

The greatest thing about individuals born with Libra in the 1st House is their ability to put themselves in others’ shoes. These natives don’t like being isolated because this is making them feel lost.

They want harmony when interacting with others, as well they are cultured, well-raised, mannered and capable of recognizing the value. More than this, they’re sociable, elegant and have their diplomatic ways.

When having to judge a matter, they can see both sides of the story. The most prominent leaders in the world were born under this placement.

These natives are very efficient when debating, not to mention they can also cooperate in very efficient ways. They like harmony and even working from home.

Besides, they’re neat and orderly. Individuals born with Libra in the 1st House want to make others happy with their charming ways and the way they look. They don’t like it when important changes are taking place and aren’t aggressive, so others can easily take their first place, especially when they’re competing for long-term results. These natives must understand where they need to stand and how to act in life.

With Venus as the ruler of their chart, people born with Libra in First House have the planet of love and beauty playing a very important role for them. More than this, they possess a beautiful body and are full of life. The way they look, as well their Self, are not only affected by the celestial bodies going through their First House, but as well by how Venus is transiting.

More than this, the aspects of this planet at their birth are as well important, meaning they need to take care of their Venus.

In harmony with their surroundings

Having Libra in the 1st House is exactly like having Venus in the same place, meaning natives with this placement are beautiful and everything about them is balanced.

Many are appreciating them for their look because their smile is cozy and the lines of their body harmonious. In other words, everyone is seeing the person born with Libra in 1st House as pleasant and friendly, which is something he or she can use when having to form connections.

Besides, when this individual is at an event, tensions are known to disappear. These natives have incredible taste and are all the time looking to develop sincere friendships. They like grace and don’t mind struggling for beauty.

When getting a grasp on different situations, they’re not taking sides and are most of the time respecting rules. Their personality is in line with how the majority perceives the world. When it comes to the way they’re seeing themselves, they’re all about looking good because they want to attract and to be in harmony with their surroundings.

They’re indeed doing all this by adopting the most spiritual ways and rationalizing, so it’s ok for them to be disappointed in others from time to time. In the first place, they should learn how to identify where things are not balanced in their life. After bringing back harmony, they can influence the external world.

It’s not the easiest for them to express their inner thoughts in concordance with the social norms, but they definitely can do it. This is why they’re often involved in what’s happening outside their environment and are interested in common ethics or traditions.

Therefore, individuals born with Libra in First House can have frustrations when not feeling like they’re belonging to their public. It can be noticed where all this is coming from because they don’t want to be satisfied with the wrong notions.

They simply want to find out the truth, so they can show their opponents what honesty and assertiveness mean when they want to. These people have tact and are very open to making new friends.

They can obtain great things when collaborating with others. It’s good they’re seeing both sides of any issue because this is helping them get to the best conclusions.

Looking for others’ approval

The 7th House is ruled by Libra and also the place for collaboration, partnerships of any kind and negotiations.

The person born with Libra in First House likes to analyze debates and to identify different solutions to problems. He or she is very happy when positive results are being obtained and when balance is established because this how the Scales are: all about justice.

More than this, these same natives are romantic and affectionate, just like the planet Venus. They’re filtering all the information they’re receiving through their love, even if they sometimes may see a distorted reality. When it comes to the way they’re perceiving relations, they’re only looking to make friends with those who think like them.

Individuals born with Libra in First House are looking to always be approved by others, as well to have company. They can try too much to please their loved ones, moments in which they’re compromising what they believe in.

However, they’re as well too focused on themselves, not to mention it’s almost impossible for them to say “no” to others.

These people don’t like disorder because they only need harmony and for everything in their life to be in perfect balance. When it comes to analyzing an issue, First House Libras can’t make up their mind to easily conclude because they continue to compare matters.

While diplomatic, they love a good debate and are paying a lot of importance to the way they look. They tend to attract everything they need in life without making too many efforts. Others are seeing them as elegant, friendly and good mediators.

People born with Libra in the First House are friends with everybody because they know how to act in public and what to say for no one to be offended.

They don’t mind making compromises and finding the middle solutions, so many are seeing them as problem solvers. More than this, they’re looking for balance and can feel like they no longer have the control when some surroundings are missing harmony.

It’s difficult for them to make a difference between what collaboration and competition is. They like working in teams, but they can sometimes look only after their own interest.

Possessing an imaginative mind and a rich artistic sense, they can also develop a temper, but they’re always struggling to have the needs of others satisfied because they want to be repaid.

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