Aquarius in 5th House: A Big Rebellious Side


Natives born with Aquarius in 5th House want a surprising and adventurous love. They enjoy dealing with what’s unique and spending time with their group of friends.

When it comes to artistic talents and theater, these people give a lot of importance to structure, also to the drama and the unexpected. More than this, they love communicating with the most interesting personalities, so their meetings are most of the time unusual. Their best friends are usually brilliant characters.

Aquarius on the Fifth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Insightful, stable and persistent;
  • Negatives: Hostile and impolite;
  • Advice: Keep your rebellious side under wraps in personal relationships;
  • Celebrities: Niall Horan, Dwayne Johnson, John Mayer, Jon Bon Jovi, Hugh Grant, Denzel Washington.

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A little too much vanity in the mix

Fifth House Aquariuses can be very happy when functioning in groups, collaborating with others and socially interacting. These natives have a wish to be part of the collective and to be socially active. They love art and contemporaneity. When having to pursue their creativity, they must be working in teams and not alone.

When trying to relax, they may play with the latest gadgets and read the news on technological development. There’s no one better than them to host a party because they’re fun and all about games.

These dreamers express their creativity in the most unusual ways. They don’t care if others see them as out of the ordinary. These natives want to feel excitement when it comes to their relationships, so they can be among people their parents don’t like, when young.

It’s good that they’re experimenting, yet they shouldn’t allow their rebellious side to emerge because this can be dangerous for them. When having fun, they want to be part of the noisiest events, so it’s normal to see them at big concerts and art exhibits.

When in relationships, they’re often vain and not at all stable. Their talents can’t be developed when they don’t have enough will.

These natives have an “I” image that’s only oriented towards the future. When presenting themselves, they’re doing it in an original way that can penetrate minds.

However, it can sometimes happen their projects aren’t completed and they’re only dreaming about what’s supposed to happen. When having illusions and being self-deceptive, they can only grow to be frustrated and unhappy.

A 5th House Aquarius individual likes to live to the fullest and to be unusual. Natives with this placement are original, imaginative and wild, not caring too much about what other people think of them.

As children, they most likely have been smart and so independent that they rebelled against everything. This is why they’re encouraging their children to be themselves and to express their individuality. Their little ones likely have Aquarius or Uranus present in their birth chart, so they’re as eccentric as their parents.

Fighting their rebellious side

These people are usually falling for those who as well have Aquarius present somewhere at their birth because this is how they can enjoy the electricity and strong chemistry. When trying to find out about new things, they can stir the world in a great way. However, many of them may not want to abandon themselves to this rebellious side.

People born with Aquarius in the 5th House love being around strange people because they simply don’t want to go on dates with “normal” individuals. When having fun, they’re engaging in all sorts of weird activities. For them, what seems the strangest is also what’s best. Their self-image should allow others to see them for who they are.

As far as the professional setting goes, they’re very good with children, as well in professions in which they need to use their intuition and creativity. At home, these natives are never stable and detached.

If parents, they’re dedicating themselves to making their children express their individuality. They have great ways of communicating with their little ones, making them more spiritually strong and ready to be original.

They have high ideals when it comes to developing the personality of their children. The placement of Aquarius in the 5th House is stimulating their creativity. These natives can be very imaginative because they’re always unhappy with what they’re being given, not to mention they’re always looking to improve things and to bring about progress.

The future seems to be in their hands because of this. It doesn’t matter if they’re poets or philosophers, their Aquarius side is highly pronounced in them. This means they’re rebels when it comes to love and don’t prefer to date the traditional way. More than this, they want to fall in love with the mind of a person.

Their dating ways can be unusual, from online to over the phone because they love all technological advancements. Their sexual connections can be erratic and they usually fall for people with a vision. They can have many abrupt breakups and affairs in the same manner.

Sex and romance for them have to be rebellious. Just like everything else in their life, they have the strangest hobbies and do things differently. Always up to experiment, 5th House Aquariuses want to try everything at least once.

Progressive thinking

When in love, they want to make friends with the person they like because they’re not at all romantic. Their children are being allowed their independence and originality as well.

Because they tend to be involved in the strangest relationships, it’s very likely for them to face many breakups. Being rebellious, these natives are always ready to think outside-the-box and to be creative.

Their partner can see them as being too detached. 5th House Aquariuses are more interested in helping their children develop their mind, and not their personality or character. For this reason, their little ones may need to be disciplined more. As far as the 11th House direct reaction goes, this is being done in the way of how Aquarius interacts with life, the friends a native has and his or her relationship with the Self.

The placement of Aquarius in 5th House is making natives chase the ideal of love. Aquarius can influence them to be strange when it comes to sex, as well as the loners who don’t need to interact with other humans or to talk very much.

People born with Aquarius in 5th House are very good parents, yet they tend to stress their children with education because they think the little ones should pursue their interests. However, this means they should be more practical in the relationships with their little ones. More than this, they’re allowing them too much freedom.

They indeed have a progressive mind and ways of parenting, but they should acknowledge that the traditional values are still necessary. While not gamblers in casinos, these people sure like to gamble in matters of life. Their priorities are usually the strongest and they dream big.

These natives are innovative, good with communications and all the time wired to what’s going on in their surroundings. They can come up with the most incredible ideas and make a difference in the world, especially when expressing their personality.

Their love has to be real if it’s to last because if not, it can turn into failings and be casual. Having so many things changing for them, they can be helped by their friends to deal with any issue. This position is one of the gamblers, according to how other planets are being placed in the birth chart.

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