Leo in 11th House: Always in the Spotlight


Because they’re open and always happy, people born with Leo in 11th House are also the life of every party and the best negotiators. Many are coming to them to have their issues solved, not to mention they’re funny and always looking for honesty.

They want a lot to be appreciated and admired, meaning they’re sometimes overwhelming when trying to make others like them. However, this isn’t happening very often because they know what being good means and they’re looking to make others happy.

Leo on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Punctual, spontaneous and intelligent;
  • Negatives: Hostile and self-indulgent;
  • Advice: Resist doing everything on your own because this will only tire you too much;
  • Celebrities: Mahatma Gandhi, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sir James Paul McCartney, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Always in the spotlight

An 11th House Leo individual needs to be encouraged and to have a lot of power, but he or she can obtain these things only from the outside environment.

For this reason, natives with this placement in their birth chart are only making friends with people of influence. They can release their potential according to who is around them at some point because what others are looking for and their ideas influence them a lot.

It’s their pleasure to take the initiative, so when they see something they like to do or to have, they don’t hesitate to take it. At the same time, it’s a struggle for them to deal with those who aren’t accepting the commonly accepted regulations.

The situation in which the Sun is in the 11th House, which is this one, two of the most important things this House is ruling over become accentuated. These things are objectives and friendships, meaning natives born with Leo in Eleventh House are making their dreams come true with the help of their friends.

They should resist doing everything on their own because they need to develop connections that are fulfilling them from an emotional point of view, and that are also helping them be more practical.

Their need to be seen as VIPs can’t have them no longer care about their social connections, no matter how much they want to shine in their group of friends and acquaintances.

These natives can try and get validation from their loved ones for them to express themselves better, but this would only be a way in which they’re misdirecting their Light.

They need to keep in mind that being original and expressing their individuality is the only way for them to advance and become better. More than this, they shouldn’t forget they’re important and that humanity can greatly benefit from their talents.

Their karmic duty is to develop all of their relationships, but not to be only around people who adore and admire them, more around those who can help them develop even more connections.

Their ideas can be developed if the society is somehow influencing them and if they have someone strong as their patron. When having a boss, these natives and respectful and always fulfilling their duties.

They don’t mind making big efforts when working, not to mention they’re looking to achieve great things smartly. For this reason, they have all the chances to become successful business people.

Eleventh House Leos love being leaders and to shine in groups, so they have many acquaintances and a few devoted friends. Their dream is to shine in public and to be praised. If it is for them to implement their ideas, they need the help of others.

A rebel who will always surprise

Individuals born with Leo in 11th House are motivated to fight for a cause and want to observe people they’re working with. When doing this, they’re investing a lot of their energy.

They see themselves as the perfect associates because they’re gaining their power from joining forces with others, not to mention they love having a grasp over new ideas.

While leaders, they’re also rebels who need to surprise. In conclusion, they’re wild and always forming strong friendships in confidence. These people love to entertain, this being the reason why they’re so popular. However, they can get sick of their popularity.

The planets of Leo are making every person a diva always ready to be in the spotlight. A person born with Leo in Eleventh House is full of him or herself, also always ready to make others happy.

When bad things are happening, they prefer to not be the ones to blame. Their friendship is valuable because they’re optimistic and fun.

These people tend to take the opposite direction from others. Sometimes, they’re struggling to fit in more, but this doesn’t last for too long. They like acting crazy because this way, they’re regarded as geniuses.

Their points of view are simply different than others’ and they want to show their uniqueness, no matter what.

Many of them know their way around technology, not to mention knowing more about how to handle gadgets is making them surer of themselves. They simply have a passion for this type of knowledge. Surprisingly, their humility comes from their leadership skills and from admitting life is all about relationships.

Natives of this placement can easily become the prisoners of their ego and too desperate for attention from others. It can be said these are their main weaknesses.

They shouldn’t be domineering and consider what others want because they can end up pushing everyone around and making any decision for their loved ones.

In this situation, they should just allow themselves to be more creative and diplomatic, as this way, they would still have their friendships and make their dreams come true.

Having a hard time letting go

11th House Leos are always interfering with other people’s work because they want authority and to build a good reputation for themselves. This is most likely because they’re strong bosses who want as many collaborators as possible.

However, they’re being this way only with their closest people. On the same note, they love asserting themselves through the eyes of others since this is the way they’re making sure they have merits.

Their personality is developing when transfers of energy are taking place. It’s true they’re narcissists and too proud, but this doesn’t mean they’re not looking to encourage others.

People born with Leo in Eleventh House want to be the main characters. If their psyche is not properly developed, their group can always rule over them. If this is to be avoided, they should learn what being objective means, as well as how to appreciate what others are doing. The qualities they love to see in others are loyalty and honor.

Truly appreciative with reliable people, they’re also the ones to land a hand to those in need. If they want to make friends, 11th House Leos need to be more analytical and observant.

At the same time, they need to let go of the relationships that no longer bring them anything good and to make new friends. They can be impeded from making their dreams come true when selfish and too proud.

These can negatively affect them from both a personal and professional point of view. They can give more importance to the meaning of friendships than to their friends. This can cause them problems, together with the fact that they’re only establishing connections with those who have a good social status.

They can recognize their abilities with the help of others, but they can sometimes be too controlling, willful and disrespectful. When it comes to them having healthy relationships, they need to pay attention to every person’s individuality.

As soon as realizing how these people are special and aren’t envious, they can enjoy being surrounded by honest and warm people. Also, the more they respect themselves, the more they’re starting to have respect for others.

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