Saturn Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: High Standards

  • The natal Saturn Neptune sextile is suggestive of someone who is patient enough to get things done just the way they want them.
  • When the Saturn sextile Neptune transit occurs, people are more open to understanding and fighting against whatever limits them in their plans.
  • The planet Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation, waking us up to the boundaries in our lives and pushing us to become more focused.
  • A sextile aspect takes place when two planets reside at two signs distance on the horoscope wheel and points towards the potential and talents of the individual.
  • The planet Neptune is the celestial governor of the realm of dreams and illusions, responsible with what can’t be seen with the naked eye.
  • Celebrities: Aaron Spelling, Richard Nixon, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Susan Sarandon, Paul Cézanne, Uri Geller, Sally Field, Steven Spielberg.
  • Next date: 27 June 2031

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn sextile Neptune Natal

People born during the Saturn and Neptune sextile have a lot of faith, not to mention how much they believe in themselves. They give a lot of value to their own principles and ideals, not minding how others are thinking.

More than this, they have the tendency to judge by their own high standards and to be very hard on themselves from time to time.

These natives are patient enough to get things done the way they want them to and to avoid taking the short ways towards success.

For this reason, their determination to make their dreams come true is almost unequaled and they’re almost all the time ready to sacrifice their own good in order for good things to happen into their life. Being realistic and practical, they can achieve their own goals easier than others.

It can be said people born during the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect are big dreamers who possess a lot of optimism and potential.

If they want to really benefit from this planetary position in their birth chart, they need to take action by being socially responsible and doing what they know best.

The social involvement is making them more motivated and competitive, so they shouldn’t deny they’re preoccupied with others’ fate.

There is the danger for them to only acknowledge this and to not do anything when it comes to what’s truly bothering their mind, yet it’s also suggested to overcome such impediments by being more deliberate when taking action.

If there aren’t too many chances for these natives to help by rallying up others and starting a social movement, at least they can get involved with non-governmental groups and support the ideals they believe in the most.

The combination between the dutiful Saturn and the socially idealistic Neptune is obviously present in their personality and carrying them through life in order to function at their best.

When planning for the future, natives of the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect should believe in their spiritual foundation and organize as efficiently as possible, especially if they want to achieve success.

When these two planets are in such positions in birth charts, Saturn is helping with structure and brings a lot of meaning as far as dreams, as well as ideals are going.

At the same time, Neptune is known for bringing about a lot of tolerance and devotion when it comes to work, respecting traditions and interpreting new ways of development.

This aspect’s influence is making them enjoy having a purpose in life, not to mention is also reassuring them spirituality and practicality are always going to work hand in hand for their goals to become a reality.

When it comes to making their dreams come true and taking advantage of different circumstances, people born during the Saturn sextile Neptune aspect are supposed to have the right attitude if they want to succeed.

More than this, they need to combine their own imagination and make some efforts. These natives have the sense that all of their dreams are going to become a reality, but they need to keep their faith and to accept others the way they are.

Idealistic and having the highest standards when it comes to their own responsibilities and when taking care of duties, they have the tendency to ask the same from their loved ones.

In case their parents have taught them what ethics and pure morals are when they were young, the Saturn sextile Neptune natives are sure to fulfill their obligations in their late years.

While having a strong instinct of self-preservation, they’re also compassionate when it comes to all people in need, offering their help without judging or discriminating.

Saturn sextile Neptune Transit

When Saturn is sextile with Neptune, people of all sings can dedicate their work to good causes and to making others aware of any injustice.

All of this means bands can make music with political messages and become more popular, poets can appear in the media and all the artists can raise some money for good causes.

Obviously, these people may get into trouble because they’re combining art with politics, yet they can remain objective when it comes to the principles they’re advocating and the feelings they’re having about a certain situation.

Neptune is the ruler of Imagistics, whereas Saturn is a dark and scary influence, so the artwork resulted during this period can be a little bit creepy.

More than this, the sextile transit between Saturn and Neptune is helping with the material gains from any spiritual pursuit. Many can make their dreams come true if they’re working hard and keep being sensitive, as well as realistic.

They will understand what’s limiting them and continue to be optimistic. Understanding their own spiritual objectives and how they can be a part of the bigger setting can have them succeed in life easier than others.

Such wisdom can have many being more patient and self-disciplined when it comes to both short and long-term achievements.

Furthermore, during the Saturn sextile Neptune transit, people of all signs can help others make their dreams come true by inspiring them to be more practical, religious and motivated.

If they decide to reflect on themselves and to meditate more, they can make spirituality part of their everyday existence. For this reason, during this transit, everyone should pray and make from rituals a part of their life.

The more devoted to serving others they are, the more spiritual and aware they have the tendency of becoming. They can be attracted to all kind of groups, as well as clubs that have the same values and principles as their own.

Life would be easier for them if they’d go to Church and get together with all kind of spiritual gurus, get involved in charity projects, work for animals’ rights and support matters meant to help the environment become cleaner.

The Saturn sextile Neptune transit is also helpful for those who want to build the home of their dreams. For as long as Saturn is in such placement with Neptune, many will find a lot of balance between practicality and what they find interesting from a spiritual point of view.

They want to obtain fulfilment from their work, yet making money and succeeding in business is not enough for them because they need to know a higher purpose to what they’re doing exists.

Any person wishes to make the necessary changes for harmony to be really felt in his or her heart. This is why a lot of people are more interested in matters regarding religion and the power of metaphysics, also not scared of testing new theories they came up with in the past.

Others will see behind the glamour and no longer be tempted by illusions, meaning they’ll keep having realistic goals, a steady road in life and the perfect attitude for business.

It’s very likely for people to make their dreams come true for as long as Saturn is in sextile with Neptune, because all of their hidden dreams will get to manifest themselves.

There will be an opportunity for them to get precise information regarding different assessments and to ascertain what seems very difficult at a first glance. All this means they can address all kind of intricate businesses and discover the most complex matters if the odds are by their side.

Everything uncertain can have many natives truly reliable during this transit, also no longer doubting some matters regarding different aspects of their own life.

Being realistic, they can solve matters of apprehension, but only if they’re not blaming themselves for the mistakes of others.

Any situation coming their way can have natives seeing things as they actually are, especially when it comes to things that are defying the common description of some issues. When it comes to different circumstances in their life, they can be confused and even puzzled.

During this transit, it’s easy for many to find stability where there wasn’t any and where they don’t have any kind of control. While not being able to fix some things, they can accept them just the way they are and not struggle to make improvements.

Since this period is bringing about weakness, many can benefit from taking advantage of shortcomings and turn them into strengths.

Acknowledging the existence of their own issues can have many succeed in life and become better selves. People should be aware of their own fears for as long as this transit is in place.

For this reason, they should make peace with what’s undermining their objectives and avoid any problem that’s holding them back. The energy they’re dissipating can have anyone see clearly in life and what they’re trying to share with others.

By working in the field they love the most, they can fill the void in their life and get all the attention they need so much.

This is a period in which things can be put in order and avoidance of chaos is indicated because blind spots are everywhere, not to mention many can appreciate the world from a macro and not a micro point of view.

Opportunities are everywhere and people should take advantage of them, especially if focused and concentrated on a single objective, also precisely pursuing what they want in life.

Their intentions can have them formulate the best outcomes and solutions for themselves, meaning things are permitted to happen and intervention can be kept to a minimum. No one has to be in control, especially if all the principles are in place and the effort doesn’t seem a little bit too much.

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