Saturn Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Accomplishments and Endings

  • The birth chart opposition between Saturn and Pluto suggests an individual who is rather stubborn and not very keen on taking advice from others.
  • Be mindful of the Saturn opposite Pluto transit because it may bring some financial or professional limitations.
  • In astrology, Saturn is associated with the authority figures in one’s life, with restriction and limitation as well as career and focus.
  • In astrology, the opposition aspect suggests the two planets face completely different challenges and the individual must use their opposing energies in their favor.
  • Pluto is all about transformation and an obsessive desire for power, perpetual creation and destruction cycles.
  • Celebrities: Robert Downey Jr, Osho, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Shields, Rupert Murdoch, Alexandre Dumas, Ernest Hemingway, James Dean, Victor Hugo.
  • Transit dates: 17 October 2035, 01 January 2036, 27 July 2036, 17 October 2068, 10 April 2069, 02 August 2069.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn opposite Pluto Natal

The Saturn opposite Pluto transit is known to make people more aware of what they’re having, so they can find what they’re missing during it. It can be an important time because it forces people to concentrate on what’s needed and not unimportant.

Those who like to own many things may find themselves no longer liking them or that they’re no longer having any possession.

Most of the time, this time is all about endings, so a chapter in many people’s lives can close during it, especially if it has been long overdue. However, it can also be one of the great successes because many can complete their projects, even if put in difficulty as a result of their refusal to ever change.

Saturn is the planet that’s putting conditions or that shows us the way people were educated. It’s also the ruler of restrictions and limits, meaning it can bring a lot of discipline and can give a meaning to people’s lives.

It’s reminding everyone of their responsibilities and who they’re committed to. This is the reason why it is the celestial body of fathers and authoritative people.

Everyone needs to understand there are many global problems and that some people need to use their power in order to survive and to not go through losses.

Such themes can be noticed in the birth chart of people born during the Saturn opposite Pluto aspect and the culture that was in place when they’ve been brought into the world, a thing that’s all the time present into their life.

The energy of Saturn is very heavy, meaning natives born during the opposition between Saturn and Pluto are most of the time motivated by their most important decisions, not to mention they’re simply terrified of no longer having their security and resources.

This is the reason why they’re hoarding in secrecy. More than this, these natives seem to have a problem with authority and are projecting this attitude onto their parents and others who are trying to rule them.

This is why they seem to have problems with the police. In other words, they simply hate it when others are telling them what has to be done, not to mention how secure they’re feeling when ambitious and in power.

They’re simply refusing to listen to what others have to say and for this reason, they can’t learn too much from their loved ones, believing they’re the ones who can reinvent the world.

Saturn opposite Pluto natives are usually never learning from other people’s experience and their own neither because they’re simply too stubborn. Their relationships are usually troubling and the projection of frustration, especially if the other different aspects in their birth chart aren’t indicating more openness.

This is why they’re acting so defensive all the time and are struggling for a position of advantage, regardless of the price they need to pay. When it comes to giving up power, they could learn a lot from this experience.

Being easy for them to express themselves and to be creative, they can as well be blocked from it, not to mention they’re all the time interested in showing many sides of their personality to other people.

However, if these are starting to mess with them and take advantage of their kindness, they can start to become less confident and stable. It goes the same way with their emotions, which can as well be tricky, especially if they’ve been hurt before and if they’ve felt repressed.

All this can have them developing a predictable and stable life for themselves, which can be what’s counteracting their emotions and weaknesses.

People born during the Saturn opposite Pluto aspect are reluctant to changes as far as relationships are going because they’re relying on their few loved ones to provide them their security.

This fear of theirs is sometimes suppressing their inner feelings and the changes happening in their environment, until these are reaching a crisis situation and the only release remains to be an explosion that’s moving away from all the blocked energies.

Just like the situation of the square aspect, they need to start making changes from inside out, to make transformations between what’s being restricted and the image they’re having about themselves because the opposite situation would only be frustrating.

In one way or another, they need to have more confidence in themselves and to trust their own emotions so that their mind is no longer barren.

This kind of approach can help Pluto help them get reborn, just like a real resurrection in the times of Jesus Christ, a new beginning after which natives can really enjoy and appreciate life once more.

Their inner feelings are never fixed or impossible to change because transformation is always present in their life. In the beginning, it may seem difficult for barriers that have been established for such a long time to be destroyed, but this can be somehow done and hidden potentials can be discovered.

Saturn opposite Pluto Transit

To begin with, the Saturn opposite Pluto transit is all about the mental crises that are only normal from a lawful point of view because Saturn is predictable when it comes to its manifestations.

This planet is being challenged when important changes need to be made in any system, changes that are sent by Pluto.

These are manifesting similarly with the sensation of driving on a road that has only clear objectives, whereas anticipation is forcing everyone on other roads while the direction and the circumstances are changing.

Second of all, the changes made by these two planets are very likely to put restrictions on resources and the way people are freely moving.

There are many setbacks that can take place, also limitations when it comes to financial and personal resources.

Those who are clinging in desperation will end up failing, because while it’s may difficult for things to be seen clearly during this time, the experiences losses will, in the end, bring about personal development and the capability for people to care for themselves.

Oftentimes, this time is known for the responsibilities it brings, requiring people to work hard and not give up. It may seem there’s no end for many while they’re struggling to keep up with what they already achieved.

This influence is quite rare and lasts for almost a year, putting pressure on people and testing them from a physical point of view and for their inner resources.

Measuring efforts is the best strategy that could be put to use during this time. Most of the time, life is easier when natives of all signs are realizing that things are about to finish and that they have enough space for new opportunities.

It’s very likely this transit is limiting what’s the most important and can ask people to give more than they’re willing to. Whatever is left behind remains unnecessary, no matter how it may appear that the situation is different.

With time, many can admit that what happened to them is only beneficial for them, no matter with whom they’re collaborating with. It’s not that some ties need to be severed, only that is necessary for future development to happen.

While the situation can oftentimes seem unfair, the perspective on long-term is only helpful for them to appreciate more profound intentions. Some circumstances can offer an insight into how people are using their power and how abusive they are when troubles related to control are appearing and manipulative measures are being introduced.

Frustrations can appear when others are holding people back from their wishes. Oftentimes, those having the authority can oppose the most urgent needs and can motivate others to be on their own two feet, especially if many are not interested in making any statement.

Those who have the tendency to force themselves upon others will most likely come across defiance. The main purpose of this transit is to focus all the energies on what’s truly valuable and worth going after, as well on fights that are truly interesting.

By doing such things, many can obtain results that are truly long-lasting, but the differences between what’s important and what’s not need to be recognized.

This transit is most of the time making people uncomfortable with what’s demanding. More than this, it’s an important period in everyone’s life, when they’re aligning themselves with the purpose that they’re after.

The changes made can now touch everybody to the core, as well as assist them in finding their direction in life. Whereas some may need to lose something for gaining something else, it’s very likely a lot can come out from this strong position of planets. Therefore, the pursuits of everyone should have a lot of meaning during this time.

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