October 28th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Scorpio?


Scorpios born under the October 28th zodiac are regarded as fierce because they seem to understand how the Universe works. These natives make very efficient leaders and always dedicated to what they’re doing.

  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Representative color: Deep red
  • Characteristic flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Steel
  • Birthstone: Topaz
  • Motto: I desire!
  • Celebrities: Coluche, Joaquin Phoenix, Terrell Davis, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Gary Rajsich, John Romero and Bruce Jenner.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Many of the Scorpios with the October 28th birthday can make a change in the world. They have noble ideals and are very sensitive. In the same time, they’re capable of doing things on their own, especially if they believe in themselves and listen to their heart. Creative and possessing the richest imagination, these natives can talk about their visions. More than this, they’re very wise and highly spiritual.

Determined and perseverant, their accomplishments can be the most original. It’s important they learn how to evaluate others because they can be too gullible and trust anyone.

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When reality hits, they can end up being very disappointed. Just like other Scorpios, October 28th natives think they’re fighting for the truth. As a matter of fact, this is the central theme of their life.

They give a lot of importance to what’s true, so they pay attention to how they present what’s in their mind to others. However, this means they can end up being too harsh and sarcastic with the ones around them, which can make them very unpopular. This is why they need to try being as diplomatic as possible.

While able to accomplish a lot when working on their own, people whose birthday is on October 28th still can obtain many benefits from collaborating. They’re big humanitarians and run themselves after some strong morals, but they shouldn’t impose their opinions on other people.

While open to make sacrifices for the ones they love, they shouldn’t actually do it. There’s this compromise of being compassionate and in the same time detached that they need to make. It’s very important for them to understand what’s behind things.

This trait of theirs is used a lot for their work. These natives want to make discoveries, no matter where they may be going. Also, they’re very serious. They have faith and believe that they should be prepared for anything. They get ready for the future and for the tasks they need to perform in order to become more successful and achieve greatness.

Positive traits of October 28th zodiac

An October 28th birthday individual is very ambitious. All natives born on this day seem reserved and calm, but inside, they have a lot of passion. Their Sun sign is Scorpio, so they’re hardworking and eager to obtain only the best in life. In the same time, they’re very stubborn.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am a diamond. It is time for me to shine.

It’s possible for them to feel like they’re all the time right. This is why they should consider others’ ideas as well. Their birthday indicated they’re more than what they allow others to see. These people are original, mysterious and very logical.

When someone has done them wrong, they can’t forget, nor forgive. Being Scorpios, they can be direct and extremely honest. More than this, they’re driven to succeed and skilled.

Negative traits of October 28th zodiac

People born on October 28th can often argue with those who have the authority. It would be a good idea for them to not expect too much from their loved ones, as this way, they wouldn’t feel as superior anymore, neither disappointed each time a situation doesn’t turn the way they want it to.

When these natives rush to experience something and no longer listen to their heart, they end up being aggressive and even destructive. At the same time, they seem to have a short temper and to not pay attention to what others say. This is why they so often can’t see the big picture.

Love Horoscope for the October 28th Scorpio

Natives born under October 28th zodiac usually have a stable financial situation and can take good care of people in their family. They’re good providers and the ones who always speak the truth.

It’s important that they give their love and their money to someone, even if they ask for the same things in return. It can be difficult to deal with them because they’re a little bit directorial, but at least they respect everyone, expecting the same thing in return.

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These people see themselves as those who are only working in the benefit of others. They enjoy taking care of their loved ones because when they provide, their affection gets to be shown. However, they don’t really give too much importance to crowds. They prefer their friends to be few.

When it comes to their personal life, it can be said they have the highest standards for those who happen to be in their life. More than this, they don’t like changes when it comes to their relationships. If a love problem occurs, they start to discuss it.

Before making the decision to be involved in a romantic connection, they prepare intensely and think of all the situations that may appear along the way. As soon as they’ve agreed to be with someone, there’s no one and nothing to stop them from being the person who their others half wants them to be, even if they’re possessive and jealous.

Preparing too much from something can lead them to suffer from nervous breakdowns, so they shouldn’t obsess over having control in their relationship.

Career and life purpose

Having an analytical mind and possessing a strong intuition, people whose birthday is on October 28th are attracted to professions that require them to be creative.

This means many of them are philosophers, scientists, psychologists or astrologers. In the same time, they seem to have a technical mind, so they can decide to become programmers or engineers.

Intelligent and good with communication, they could also be successful writers or teachers. While their leadership skills are quite incredible, they can still sometimes realize how important it is for them to work side by side with the people in their team. Big humanitarians, they can also decide to help others for a living.

October 28th zodiac final thoughts

Being guided by the Moon, the person born under October 28th zodiac is affectionate and needs to allow his or her emotions to flourish. Natives of this day need to be supported by others.

When allowing their feelings to surface, they may notice that they’re in fact angry, jealous, powerless or miserable, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t accept what’s in their heart. It would be a good idea for them to embrace their emotions and to try and deal with them.

At your best: Determined, loyal and attractive.
At your worst: Deceitful, cunning and sarcastic.

Any experience meant to help them in this direction should be welcomed. On the inside, these natives are strong and have dynamic feelings, but this may not be noticed in them on the outside.

They’re always determined to start new activities, so if they channel their energy towards something productive, they can avoid having any negative feelings or mood changes. Because they want to know what hides beneath any surface, they’re profound and can work with many planes of existence.

Their intuition is strong, not to mention they realize how powerful love can be, when dealing with other people. The magnetism these natives possess can help them achieve success and inspire their loved ones.

While they’re very interested in making money, they still want love and to make their dreams come true. It can’t be said they’re focused to become very rich, but it can happen to them to end up accumulating a significant wealth.

As Scorpios, they’re possessive and jealous, not only when it comes to love, but also to other aspects of life.

At the same time, they should try and avoid being so vengeful, as this can have them losing most of their friends. It’s true that all Scorpios want revenge for the smallest attacks launched on them, but this doesn’t mean they’re doing things the right way.

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