November 8th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Scorpio?


Independent and smart, the November 8th born Scorpio has a rather stern and authoritative nature. While they do tend to be assertive and enthusiastic, stubborn and devoted to their goals, they can also show affection and compassion, especially to those they cherish.

  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Representative color: Deep red
  • Characteristic flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Steel
  • Birthstone: Topaz
  • Motto: I desire!
  • Celebrities: Oleg Menshikov, Alain Delon, Aaron Swartz, Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Mitchell, Bram Stoker, Jack Osbourne and Tara Reid.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Having an inquisitive mind, as well as an analytical and insightful personality, November 8th zodiac people can easily get the grasp of any circumstances as well as people. Making full use of their potential mainly consists of having the freedom to express themselves, as well as the possibilities to properly communicate with others. They do, however, need to rid themselves of confusion when it comes to romantic relationships or more meaningful bonds.

Because of their decanate ruler, Pisces, this native benefits from a creative and original mind, as well as what seems to be a supernatural insight. Having an abundance of skills and talents, they yearn for methods to freely express their feelings. This also enables them to excel at any career they see fit. While generally diligent and dedicated, they still have to be on guard for periods in which they overindulge in unrealistic idealism.

Independent and curious, they stubbornly refuse the implication of other individuals in their business. This is often seen as a volatile and irritated nature. Accomplishing their goals is usually done through research or delving in faith, ethic or goal-oriented endeavors. Once they achieve higher confidence, determination and spiritual stability, they can fulfill all of their plans.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 1, 15, 21 and 32.

Having an abundance of abilities, among which, brilliant analytical skills as well as managerial aptitudes, they are often selected for roles of superiority and leadership in their career. This is also seen in their choice of projects, generally picking more difficult plans that reap bountiful rewards.

The destiny of a November 8th born native is generally defined by a bright and skillful nature that errs on the side of spirituality, never taking a break until they find the perfect methods to properly convey their feelings. Part of their purpose in life is to mold their personality so that it fits their potential.

Positive traits of November 8th zodiac

Laid back and flexible, they always manage to create bonds with others, regardless of where they are in life. It’s exactly this relaxed and charismatic personality that draws people in, making them feel comfortable around this native.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am guided in my every step by spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do.

Since it’s so easy for others to communicate with this Scorpio, they end up being attracted not only because of their good lucks, but also because of the stimuli provided to their curious minds.

This also gives off the vibe of a powerful figurehead that can guide others towards reaching their potential. Having a compassionate, kind and nurturing soul, they always strive to be the best version of themselves, fighting for their own ideals in the process.

Negative traits of November 8th zodiac

Assertive, bossy and hard-headed, they have the habit of skipping crucial aspects of their life simply to be able to accomplish their plans in a timely manner. In doing so, they not only impede their own growth, but also harm others in the process as well.

Towards progressing on their own agenda, they can become rather demanding and forceful. For this same end, they might even take advantage of their own physical aspect in order to gain favor for themselves.

Love Horoscope for the November 8th Scorpio

The November 8th zodiac bearers are highly empathetic, which makes finding a partner seem like a walk in the park. This charismatic trait of theirs pulls others in their web regardless of the native’s physical aspect or status. It comes with no surprise seeing as how the Scorpio zodiac is known for its social and romantic magnetism.

Affection can be rather tremulous for these individuals, seeing as how their vulnerability doesn’t seem to be properly tuned with their nature. Because of this, they can easily fall into assertive streaks that might push others away.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

Harmony is usually reached once they learn to recognize and appreciate the worth of the inner self, both physically and mentally as well as spiritually. After such a prosperous state is reached, the native is prepared to find a firm partner that can be their soulmate.

The perfect match is someone that has similar traits and behavioral patterns. A person that is as independent, courageous and determined as them. Physical intimacy and sex life are crucial for a healthy relationship when it comes to the November 8th born Scorpio.

After all, this is a zodiac of passion. Having proper amounts of physical activities and exercise will balance them mentally as well, enabling a more prosperous relationship to unfold.

Career and life purpose

There is a strong sense of leadership within the November 8th zodiac bearer, as such, it’s only natural that they would seek such roles when choosing a career. They also benefit from all the required tools of the trade, with brilliant managerial aptitude and an efficient analytical mind, they can solve any issue and achieve all their goals.

Having a rather inquisitive nature can also mean they’re likely to take interest in scientific or medical research as well as trying to understand the human psyche, becoming psychologists in the process.

They also have a rather compassionate nature which might push them towards philanthropic and charitable activities, as well as engaging in politics to better the world through the use of law. Since this native also has a keen sense for the more dramatic, it’s also possible to excel in theatrical work.

These natives are this age’s pioneers, their inventions, determination and diligence bringing upon a new dawn for today’s society. Their mental strength allows them to persevere regardless of the hardships they must deal with throughout life, as such, success is never far away from this individual.

Their strong yearning for accomplishments often put them in the limelight, becoming greatly appreciated and recognized by their peers.

November 8th zodiac final thoughts

Superficiality, stress and critique are things these people should stray away from. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Otherwise, they’ll reach a point of high anxiety and self-doubt. More confidence would do them good, and after all, why wouldn’t they take pride in themselves, seeing as how accomplished and successful they can become?

With a strong desire for recognition and appreciation, they prefer being in the limelight in all aspects of life. This is also part of their nature as well as a habit, seeing as how easily the spotlight follows them. More so than that, even if they wanted less attention, they wouldn’t be able to get it, seeing as how all those around them can’t help but take notice to this brilliant Scorpio.

At your best: Attractive, confident and dependable.
At your worst: Untidy, superficial and resentful.

Unfortunately, as most things in life, this can be a double-edged sword. On one half, this can get to their head, making them arrogant in the end, on the other one, they could take it as motivation and encouragement to persevere in their endeavors.

Communication has always been their thing, not just because they enjoy it, but because their mind can easily comprehend any situation or knowledge, and then further transmit it to others, teaching them of the world’s secrets and mysteries.

Their way with words also enables them to be rather convincing, sometimes even forcefully so. This happens mostly because of the impression they have of others. In order to achieve a more elevated spiritual state, it’s crucial that they appreciate those around them for their true worth and potential.

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