November 29th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Sagittarius?


Sagittarians born on November 29th are optimistic, active and always ready for a new adventure. They also feel more comfortable when surrounded by their best friends. Most of the time, they’re positive and enjoy travelling or to be challenged by life.

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Representative color: Purple
  • Characteristic flower: Narcissus
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Tin
  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Motto: I perceive!
  • Celebrities: C S Lewis, John Mayall, Jacques Chirac, Jean-Martin Charcot, Louisa May Alcott, Anna Faris, Jonathan Knight and David Lambert.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

November 29th zodiac sign is influencing these people to be honest and straightforward. More than often, these natives can hurt others with their directness. This could be considered something positive about them, yet some people see it as something negative.

Analyzing their birthday from a numerological point of view, it can be noticed they have a hot temper that can cause them all sort of problems. It’s easy for these people to become upset and angry, even if they immediately become peaceful again, after a fight.

At the same time, they can behave nastily with others, moment in which they reveal their worst. This is why they should avoid being like this no matter what. People whose birthday is on November 29th are in love with life and fun, also very energetic.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 1, 17, 27 and 35.

While they may seem quiet, they in fact wait to feel comfortable so they can start surprising others and even themselves. When it comes to their relationships, they may bother others because they talk too much and say things as they are, without any tact.

They want to be at the center of attention no matter what, which can be a problem because this makes them loud and expansive. What’s important to know about them is that they love to keep their eyes open and absorb information easier than others. When doing something, they always go all-in and want to understand what’s happening in their surroundings.

Positive traits of November 29th zodiac

A November 29th birthday individual thinks with his or her heart and in the same time uses logic. This means people born on this day are very interesting. They have high ideals and big dreams, so they aren’t scared to showcase their talents and what gives them their charm.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I trust in myself and my intuition.

When trying to come across their true Self, they become more sensitive and compassionate. It’s unlikely for them to ever be insincere. If they need to give a hand to someone, they start prioritizing things differently.

They want to give everything they have to others. As a matter of fact, one of their most positive traits is that they can encourage their loved ones to optimistic. They remind others that life is meant to be challenging and that changes sometimes need to be made in order for the experiences to be more enjoyable.

Negative traits of November 29th zodiac

People born on November 29th have a secret dark personality they never reveal. They trust their friends, but they don’t want to show themselves all the time. It would be good for them to be more open and to share more about their personality.

Wanting attention and not able to escape their own past, these natives can feel lost when they’re looking to stop any pain they may be feeling and to forget what made them feel hurt in the first place.

Their birthday indicates they sometimes allow negativity to creep in and that they don’t easily trust others. This is okay if they were burned before. At the same time, they can also be naïve and have ideals that can’t be achieved. More than anything, they’re too optimistic and think life is too easy.

Love Horoscope for the November 29th Sagittarius

When it comes to romance, natives born on November 29th find it difficult to be involved in a relationship. They usually end up being exhausted after a breakup because they no longer care about themselves. It can be said they’re the freest and most bohemian natives in the zodiac.

However, they can also be the opposite and not accept anything romantic. No matter their attitude, they have the ability to love very intensely and to invest their emotions in their other half, even if they’re unstable when it comes to commitments.

Since they’re Sagittarians, these people love being free and independent, so it’s difficult for them to stay in a relationship. This doesn’t mean that as soon as they have found someone, they aren’t loyal, even if they’re also flirting around.

You are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th.

These natives love being active and taking part in any new adventure that can help them explore their surroundings more. They can be exaggeratedly romantic, but this doesn’t mean they easily accept to get married or to be involved in something too serious.

It would be a good idea to not be reminded this about themselves because they will soon or later admit it. Until it happens, their friends and partner should think it’s a privilege for them to have these Sagittarians into their life.

The men born on November 29th are very attractive themselves and can attract any woman, which is not at all something bad for them. Regardless of their sex, all natives of this day want their freedom and don’t mind offering it to their lover either. What’s good to know about them is that they’re never jealous or possessive.

Career and life purpose

The profession of a native with the November 29th zodiac should be in the business sector and allow him or her to think fast. People born on this day want to become successful and can see things in a different way than others.

They usually focus on their goals, but this means they should have clear objectives in life. Many of them are great healers, so they decide to become doctors or psychologists. Some want to rid the world of all the emotional issues and past problems that haven’t been addressed.

At the same time, they want to share what they know with others, to make them feel like they’re loved and that their feelings matter. Many November 29th Sagittarians are musicians or artists because they’re good enough at expressing themselves in a beautiful manner and can relate to many people’s inside world.

November 29th zodiac final thoughts

People born on November 29th can have a great future if they’re ready invest some more effort in what they’re supposed to do. Usually fun, they can make others laugh when they’re not at all cynical.

These natives are very careful to the way they build their relationships. They have many ambitions and are very sincere, not to mention they have great talent when it comes to the business world. If sad, they start to no longer care about their body and the way they look.

At your best: Fearless, motivated and capable.
At your worst: Obnoxious, intolerant and bone-idle.

When happy, they can be the best at what they’re doing. It would be a good idea for them to sometimes take a break and notice if others are receptive to their help. In the same time, they shouldn’t think they’re the ones who are always right. Even if the world seems complicated, they shouldn’t avoid the simplest answers and solutions to problems.

It’s true they have a lot to offer, but sometimes, the reality is that things happen easily and don’t require too much thinking. If they don’t understand this, they can end up hurting others rather than helping them. The life purpose of these natives is in Saturn’s symbolism.

This means they need to make sure they’re resting their body and accept that life can sometimes be very hard. It’s important for them to purely believe in God and to accept the Universe. Also, they should be in sync with their environment and to understand everything that happens to them has a purpose. These people have a lot to bring to others and their outer world.

They’re very good advisers and a positive influence. However, they need to understand there are some limits to the help they give. For example, some individuals don’t want and can’t be helped in any way.

Others may need to be assisted in a completely different moment, whereas some may not want to learn new things because they have had only bad experiences in the past. Regardless of what’s the case, November 29th Sagittarians need to sometimes let go and allow others to live their own way. If not, they could turn into annoying persons who think they know everything.

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