November 28th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Sagittarius?


Sagittarians born under the November 28th zodiac are easy going and inspiring. They don’t mind breaking the rules when looking to get the attention of others, but this doesn’t mean they have bad intentions.

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Representative color: Purple
  • Characteristic flower: Narcissus
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Tin
  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Motto: I perceive!
  • Celebrities: William Blake, Alexander Blok, Joe Dante, Randy Newman, Jon Stewart, John Galliano, Agnieszka Holland and Ed Harris.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

These natives are also very ambitious, so when it comes to their professional life, it’s normal for them to decide on something challenging. However, it’s not the money that convince them to choose a profession. They usually change many jobs and are the ones who suggest the most unusual ideas at work.

Their birthday indicates they can stay in one place for too long. These are the people who one-minute love something and the next, they completely hate it. This is why they’re indecisive and don’t stick to a project for too long.

More than this, their mind is always active, and they have no idea what to begin their projects with. More than anything, they’re honest and very enthusiastic, in the same time a little bit snobbish because they’re only interested in the new.

It’s unlikely for them to want to copy someone else or to participate at any events that make them feel uncomfortable. Sincere and all the time looking to do the right thing, they expect others to treat them equally.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 13, 24 and 31.

These Sagittarians can sometimes exaggerate, but not in a way that affects them too much. Nevertheless, they still can be irritating and bore their loved ones with some big plans of changing the world. At least they don’t hurry to put their ideas into practice.

A negative trait of theirs is that they have the tendency to not pay attention to some parts of their life and to not realize that their actions have consequences. For example, they could no longer pay attention at work when in love, even if their relationship is not yet well-established.

Positive traits of November 28th zodiac

Natives born on November 28th aren’t complicated. They’re realistic and have a good sense of humor, making others laugh no matter the situation.

Energetic and very precise, they also know when to be serious and when it’s time for having fun. These people love nature and can flirt with anyone when feeling relaxed.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My mind is open and I am flexible about all things.

It’s true that being open and unusual attracts them many admirers, but this doesn’t mean they should go ahead and shock. Their behavior could be both good and bad for them. It’s very important they know their own limits and in the same time act on them.

However, no matter what, they need to pay attention to their surroundings and to minimize the impact of their actions when being part of a group. The life purpose of these natives is to find the path they need to follow. While they can be always on the road looking for new things to do, they also should discover what their calling is, what makes them tick and more dedicated.

Negative traits of November 28th zodiac

When it comes to their negative traits, one of these could be that they very often change partners. This can happen until they find someone like themselves, as they aren’t at all the type to fall in love with an opposite.

Hurried and pushy, they want to test their own limits and can even be aggressive when trying to make their emotions noticed or after they’ve been hurt for too long.

It’s true they can also be cold and close their heart, but this usually happens when they’re not satisfied with what’s going on in their surroundings and are a little bit nervous. These are also the moments in which they refuse to communicate and don’t have any interest. If they happen to be in this state of mind, no one can get anything out of them.

Love Horoscope for the November 28th Sagittarius

People whose birthday is on November 28th want to be inspired by their lover and to communicate. They’re looking for someone to complement them, as well to accept all their flaws. They’re open to talk about anything, joyful, highly spirited, optimistic and they love a new adventure.

However, as far as their emotions go, they can be affected by them in a bad manner. It’s just that they have all kind of incredible qualities, yet they’re not all the time ready to show them. This is because they don’t all the time want to reveal that they’re high-spirited, not to mention they’re scared that their partner cannot understand their need for freedom.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

When observing these natives, it can be noticed they’re never dependent on love and always looking for things to work to their own benefit. This means they can make plans without even considering their other half. They’re not bad because of this, it’s just the way they are.

If with someone they care about, they should keep in mind that their words can hurt deeply, also that their attitude can change. Even when committed, they have the tendency to not behave the way they’re expected to, so their romantic relationships are quite unusual. However, this is not necessarily something bad.

Career and life purpose

November 28th zodiac natives should choose a career that asks of them to be calculated. These people are perfect for doing business, so they may decide to become marketers or advertisers. Knowing how to deal with people and to negotiate, they could also become managers in a big company.

Many of them are philosophers or teachers because their life experience is very vast. Some may try sport when very young because they’re competitive and always ready to take action.

Having an innovative mind and being efficient with research, these Sagittarians are ready to commit to an idea until they make a great discovery. If they want things to happen this way, they need to explore their talents and to not follow their own path in life.

November 28th zodiac final thoughts

The personality of a November 28th zodiac individual borrows traits from both Scorpio and Sagittarius. Natives with this birthday can have a double personality and certainly don’t want to obey rules.

Good in nature, they should avoid allowing others to take advantage of them because this can lead to their self-destruction. Because they belong to the sign of Sagittarius, it’s important for them to learn how to accept the fact that in life, people can also lose.

At your best: Energetic, honest and idealistic.
At your worst: Indiscreet, obstinate and mean.

These people know how to establish a balance between their mind and their body. This is why they’re never stressed and can be the best at what they’re doing. Besides, they seem to know how to meditate and have a disciplined life as far as working out goes.

More than anything, they should avoid people who try too much to seem strange because they would only feel rejection towards them. At the same time, they shouldn’t focus too much on how unconventional they are, but more on how to make their loved ones feel comfortable in their presence. This would highlight all their positive traits.

It’s very likely for them to believe in others’ convictions and to struggle for this reason. When searching for their own truth, they can end up lost in the views of others and forget about their own. This is why they need to be clear about what they want, so their energy becomes focused and they can stick to their own plans.

As soon as having a direction, they start to travel in order to become more knowledgeable and to touch others’ hearts. After all, they’re Sagittarians, which means they’re the wanderers of the Zodiac.

Nothing can stop them from wanting to discover more and to enjoy new life experiences. More than this, they have a need for freedom and need to be let alone to do what they want.

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