November 25th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Sagittarius?


If there is for the November 25th Sagittarius to identify the goals they need to follow, it’s important they investigate their subconscious and study their emotions. This way, their talents can come to surface and they can fight the everyday battles with the people they happen to meet.

  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter
  • Representative color: Purple
  • Characteristic flower: Narcissus
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Tin
  • Birthstone: Turquoise
  • Motto: I perceive!
  • Celebrities: Andrew Carnegie, John F Kennedy Jr, Christina Applegate, Jeffrey Hunter, Karl Benz, Christina Applegate, Julius Mayer and Joe DiMaggio.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Possessing a strong intuition and having high ideals, November 25th zodiac natives are also dramatic. As a matter of fact, they’re the Sagittarians with the strongest emotions, most intense energy and a very powerful drive.

While most of the time practical and optimistic, they can also be skeptical, so they need to find their balance when it comes to being too enthusiastic and very detached. Sagittarians is a late fall sign, for the time period when the Sun is at the lowest point in the entire year and the days are much shorter than in the summer.

For as long as the Archer rules, the Sun is less strong, the nature starts to die and to wait for the rebirth, which is sure to come and to reveal many things about the personality of those who happen to be born on November 25th.

These natives are independent thinkers who become more successful when following their own ideas and listening to what their consciousness is telling them. They want to be right all the time, so they can’t really tolerate others’ opinions and views, especially when they’re contradicted.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 4, 17, 24 and 33.

This can be good when their ideas and horizons need to expand, but in the same time negative because others are not allowed to be right in their presence, even if they actually are.

When realistic, November 25th Sagittarians can think more clearly and benefit from the opportunities coming their way. They’re properly guided to do what’s right and can attain success more easily.

These natives have a progressive mind and want to accumulate as much knowledge as possible, to they enjoy the moments in which their mind is being stimulated. They have a lot of honor and are pretty straightforward, not to mention they’re good at analyzing things and criticizing.

There’s no one to stop them from saying what goes through their mind, but they can sometimes be too harsh with their words, especially when they’re trying to share their opinions in the strongest manner. However, they’re still loving and tolerant, as well always open to give their advice and to be loyal to the ones they love.

Positive traits of November 25th zodiac

People whose birthday is on November 25th are very righteous and direct when they know no one can stand against them. This means not everyone loves their ways, even if in the end, they get appreciated for their relaxed and optimistic nature. In fact, these traits are what helps them make new friends.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I commit to learning new things.

The older they get, the more convincing they become. Very charming and ready to talk about anything, they’re also thinking fast and adapt to any situation or person. Intellectual subjects motivate and make them compete, but only in a respectful manner.

More than this, they become more fun and their energy begins to increase as soon as they’re interested in a subject. It’s important for them to be respected and appreciated.

Negative traits of November 25th zodiac

November 25th Sagittarians can lack patience and not have realistic dreams because they believe too much that impossible things can happen and always want to explore the unknown. Besides, they tend to take too many risks.

Their energy and motivation increase the more they’re trying new things. They should do everything in their powers to keep their promises because they tend to easily move on to the next big thing that comes their way. This means they don’t hold on for too long to something.

Not at all open to talk about their own problems, they also have difficulties being clear about what they want to say. More than this, they tend to be superficial and too rigid with their rational thinking. When doing this, they can no longer emotionally interact with others, not even with their own Soul.

Love Horoscope for the November 25th Sagittarius

People born on November 25th are trying to achieve their ideals and in the same time to be rational. They can end up too many romantic connections and commit only for a short period of time. This is because they want the type of love that makes them lose their mind.

Therefore, they may wait quite a while before finding the person who can do this. They have the tendency to expect too much of others, especially when they’re really in love.

However, this means November 25th zodiac natives can overwhelm their partner to the point at which this person no longer considers his or her own needs. It’s important for these Sagittarians to distance themselves from the love they have for the Self.

This way, they can approach their future lovers in a healthy manner and don’t get too attached to be burdening. These natives need an attentive partner with who they can talk about their everyday problems, as well someone who can deal with their emotions and is ready to be next to them in difficult times.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th.

They’re themselves dedicated to the people in their life as soon as committed. However, if their trust is broken, they become too immature to ever bond with the person who hurt them again. It’s important they have faith and are pure in the way they approach others, as well honest.

It should be noted their partner plays a very important role in their romantic connection. If lovers, November 25th natives are incredibly charming, entertaining, ready to take action and very passionate.

While open to flirt with anyone, they still can be faithful to the one and only partner. In the same time, they still need to explore others and to see what each type of connection is all about.

It’s suggested they commit only when mature and ready for such a thing. Therefore, they shouldn’t become too involved if they feel too young at heart. When young, they should just enjoy their freedom and explore all the new possibilities in their path.

Career and life purpose

Energetic and very charismatic, a native with the November 25th zodiac can succeed in any profession. More than this, people born on this day are also most of the time ready to make new friends.

What makes them special is their ability to make business pleasurable, so they could succeed as salespeople and media agents. They seem to know what the public wants and to be good as managers.

They’re generous with their money and have high ideals, so they may be interested in supporting different causes and being caretakers. While their inclination is to teach and to bring justice into the world when it comes to the biggest projects, they’re need to express themselves can have them becoming musicians, artists or entertainers.

As said before, they love taking risks. When it comes to business, they’re positive, so they should seriously think about opening their own business. At the same time, they have a very analyzing mind and can identify the best opportunities for them.

However, this doesn’t mean they throw themselves at the first project that’s being presented to them. In fact, they’re always thinking about the pros and cons that are involved with any situation. This is what usually helps them become more successful.

November 25th zodiac final thoughts

Being sensitive and possessing a strong intuition, people born on November 25th can shine when taking action in a spontaneous manner and presenting their emotional strength. While enthusiastic and true fighters, they should try and make others trust them more.

The more they have doubt about themselves and others, the more they can’t win any battle for power. If they want to avoid becoming isolated, they should focus on being positive and have more confidence that their dreams can come true.

At your best: Adaptable, intelligent and intuitive.
At your worst: Weak-willed, overcritical and fierce.

The more they’re working to achieve their goals, the more they’re feeling satisfied. These people shouldn’t be as stubborn as they have the tendency to be. They should just think twice before making a decision.

Their responsibilities should be paid enough attention, as well the different ways in which they can approach a matter. Besides, they should also listen to others’ advice.

Paying more attention to their own experiences is also a good idea. When too focused to explore their own talents, they can end up no longer focusing on the everyday life. The more they persevere and are disciplined, the more their visions become appreciated, also the results of their efforts truly valuable.

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