November 1st Zodiac: What’s Special About You Scorpio?


People whose birthday is on November 1st are independent and very creative. They possess a special charm and are good with people, so they easily make friends and have a very active lifestyle.

  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Representative color: Deep red
  • Characteristic flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Steel
  • Birthstone: Topaz
  • Motto: I desire!
  • Celebrities: Jean Tardieu, Manuel Ferrara, Sophie B. Hawkins, Larry Flynt, Stephen Crane, Tina Arena, Anthony Kiedis and Toni Collette.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

The character of November 1st zodiac people can be quite intricate and difficult to be described because they’re complex personalities. While having many of the Scorpio traits, they’re still more complicated than other natives in this sign. It can even be difficult for them to understand themselves, so they may struggle their entire life to find someone who can.

While enthusiastic, they still have a sensitive heart and the strongest emotions. If they want to be more appreciated, it’s important they learn what sharing means and are no longer self-centered.

Changing their mood too often, they can be too melancholic one minute and every energetic the other, which can confuse people in their life. When it comes to the challenges they need to face, these natives seem to have no fear. They’re ready to deal with any problem, no matter how crazy they may feel about it in the beginning.

People whose birthday is on November 1st trust themselves. However, they have the tendency to take risks too often, meaning they can end up being involved in dangerous situations. Therefore, it’s easy for them to get hurt or to end up suffering from a mental disease.

Considering they’re Scorpios, this is not at all surprising. Some of these people can have states of mind that don’t do them any good. They can end up having serious psychological problems that leave a mark on their soul and that negatively influence the way they communicate. Insightful and believing justice should be served to everyone, November 1st Scorpios have strong convictions and are very intelligent.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 4, 10, 29 and 36.

At the same time, they want to speak their mind without being restricted. They like to be in control and when defending the rights of others, they’re the biggest idealists. Tolerant and nice, they can understand a lot about any type of personality.

However, they have the tendency to not take advice into consideration, no matter if the person who gives it to them is a close friend or someone who has just entered their life. They shouldn’t insist on believing they’re the only ones right because this couldn’t be in any way true.

Instead, they should be realistic when it comes to what’s happening in their surroundings. Objectivity and a cool attitude would help them a lot as well. Because they want a good life, people whose birthday is on November 1st are motivated to succeed.

When fighting for a cause, they can be the leaders of any team. The less resentful they are feeling and the more responsible they become about others’ feelings, the more they’re admired and respected. While their straightforward approach and naughty comments reveal their fearless side, they can also be nice and warm with their loved ones.

Positive traits of November 1st zodiac

People whose birthday is on November 1st want to take part in adventures and are courageous. However, they wouldn’t be unfair or lose control. They’re the ones to take the lead when working in groups because they can understand others. While honest, they’re still not very open-minded.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.

On the other hand, they’re very curious about others. When feeling stressed and dealing with different challenges, they decide to take action. However, it would be a good idea for them to try and be more tactful when dealing with others. This is because they have the tendency to say hurtful things.

Their birthday indicates that they want to live the good life. It’s very likely they’ll manage to do just so because they’re driven to succeed and convincing. Different than other Scorpios, they can forgive and forget more easily.

This is what makes them complete adults and the persons to whom others look up to. All their business partners and friends seem to admire these natives a lot.

Negative traits of November 1st zodiac

Feeling sometimes lost around inspiring individuals, people born on November 1st can give in to their emotions and be stubborn to believe only in their own convictions. This can have them feeling lost, not to mention they can waste their talents when trying to prove they’re better than others.

Love Horoscope for the November 1st Scorpio

As far as romance goes, a native with the November 1st zodiac birthday is happy when being with someone he or she really knows. More than this, people born on this day are competitive and need to know they’re the best.

When feeling like they’re winning, they want to boast and to show that they dominate the game. As a matter of fact, they have this behavior no matter if it’s about their interpersonal relationships or work.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

It would be a good idea for them to not compete with their partner because nothing good can come out of this, not to mention they can lose the person they love the most just because they’re looking to be first.

These Scorpios love to travel and to read, meaning they spend a lot of time staying at home. It doesn’t matter where they are, it’s normal for them to think about the comfort of their own place.

Besides, they should realize this need of theirs to be challenged, or they can’t feel fulfilled. Therefore, their lover needs to keep them active from any point of view, from physical to emotional. This is why they need an intellectual partner who matches their character. When not having this person by their side, they may decide to look someplace else for him or her.

Career and life purpose

Being able to promote ideas and very organized, natives born under November 1st zodiac can succeed in the business sector, as scientists or lawyers. They have this need to lead and to win, so many of them may decide to be athletes.

Knowing how to negotiate, they can also succeed as salespeople and promoters, bankers and brokers. Because they want to explore new territories, some of them may decide to work in foreign countries or to travel in order to make some money.

At the same time, they’re good at dealing with people, so they may decide to be psychologists, teachers or social workers. Being insightful and compassionate, some of the November 1st Scorpios can become doctors or counsellors.

November 1st zodiac final thoughts

People born on November 1st feel more comfortable when standing by their own values. Their upbringing can have a great influence on them, also on their parenting ways. Their birthday suggests they’re a little bit strict and demanding with their loved ones.

However, their intentions are always good and they’re very responsible, ever since young. They like to be surrounded by people with a good behavior, not to mention they’re more loving and affectionate with those that are good to them.

Generous and ready to make sacrifices for others, these natives are real underdogs. Their life can become more challenging when they feel frustrated or disappointed, but the more they learn how to be patient and to persist in what they’re doing, the more they can keep being positive and are guaranteed success.

At your best: Supportive, loyal and generous.
At your worst: Obstinate, jealous and unreliable.

Always thinking fast and being able to grasp any idea in no time, they give a lot of importance to education. In fact, their diplomas can make them feel more confident in their own abilities.

Their life purpose is to search for the Absolute Truth. This is why they take part in adventures meant to strengthen their system of values and morals. It should be mentioned these Scorpios are never ready to settle for something that doesn’t satisfy their Soul.

It’s important for them to find their direction and to not pay attention to unimportant matters. The more their vision matches the surrounding reality, the more they can materialize their ideas. November 1st is the birthday of those who can succeed in business.

People born on this day have some interesting talents and can be manipulative. At the same time, they’re looking to convince, not to take advantage. Their parenting style is unique, so they’re very appreciated by their children. Imaginative and possessing a strong intuition, they also have what it takes in order for them to express themselves in an artistic manner.

Charismatic and able to charm anyone, they’re also big intellectuals who have a lot to say. Many of them may be interested in studying religion, philosophy or metaphysical subjects because this can help them be more positive.

Having high ideals and being at the same time practical, these Scorpios need to always deal with challenges because this has them more active, purposeful and able to reveal their true potential.

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