November 14th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Scorpio?


Self-assured and charming, November 14th Scorpios are nonetheless headstrong and straightforward. This means that they can have a tendency to strong-arm their way through social interaction when they have something to gain from it.

  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Pluto
  • Representative color: Deep red
  • Characteristic flower: Chrysanthemum
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Steel
  • Birthstone: Topaz
  • Motto: I desire!
  • Celebrities: Leopold Mozart, Josh Duhamel, David Lindsay-Abaire, Veronica Lake, Claude Monet, Travis Barker, Prince Charles and Condoleeza Rice.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

A social butterfly, and rather jovial, November 14th zodiac individuals have no problem surrounding themselves with people and exercising a subtle authority over them.

Perceptive and discerning, they have an easy time projecting an unassuming facade while maintaining intricate inner workings. This composed and cerebral nature lends itself well to their tendency to be calculated and deliberate, both in social dealings and in overall life undertakings.

These individuals have an aura of great purpose and intent about them. They are aware of this fact, and leverage it in combination with the strength of their will to subtly influence situations to their liking. This, of course, serves to greatly showcase the significance of having ambition with a very clear direction.

Also, there is a fine line between resolve and plain unreasonableness, and November 14th natives may not always be able to tell when they’ve crossed it. Alas, provided the necessary effort is put in, these individuals are able to effectively compartmentalize and separate personal life from any career moves they may make.

The steering force behind these individuals’ existence is a powerful drive towards individuality. This may, at first, seem like a simulacrum of freedom defined simply by opposition to the other, but this impression cannot withstand scrutiny and comparison to actual reality.

These people push the boundaries of norms beyond the point where it garners mere attention from onlookers. People not on the same wavelength with them will rapidly lose interest, while people of kindred heart will flock to these individuals on account of their genuineness.

These individuals possess a great capacity to adapt and grow, and as such there are few challenges that are daunting enough to block their pursuit outright. It, of course, takes exploration and courage to probe beyond the sphere of the familiar.

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Once the individual starts on this path they will soon get acquainted with their resourcefulness and shed any fear of roadblocks. Naturally, a good social support system will benefit them, as will an environment that fosters cooperation.

Unlike many other merely jovial people, November 14th individuals will discover that they have a knack for leveraging their social skills to lucrative financial ends. Innately decisive and peaceably directing, they make great leaders, in a way that encourages mutuality and collaboration.

As is the case of may in this position, they may find it difficult to juggle personal and professional life at times. Being especially mindful and considerate towards others will be necessary, but one ought not overlook themselves in this balancing act.

Given how well-endowed these individuals are, intellectually, they will be prone to boredom whenever a goal or achievement is within easy reach.

If unchecked, this tendency will sabotage their potential and lead to a period of underachievement. Also, given how social these individuals are, they will be pulled in many directions and be vulnerable to being sidetracked.

As such, vigilance and deliberate cultivation of self-control is an absolute must. As is natural for people this cerebral, they will also have to contend with an overpowering tendency to ruminate and self-doubt. This will wane in time, especially if explicitly addressed.

One’s need for intellectual stimulation will see them excel in any domain, given their inherent tendency to be a voracious consumer of information. Nonetheless, putting too much stock or gravitas into any one thing will bring with it unnecessary tension.

Positive traits of November 14th zodiac

These individuals have an uncanny capacity for pattern-recognition and predicting outcomes in uncertain situations.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

When inevitability arises, they have the capacity to serenely take it in and accept it as-is. These, combined with great composure and confidence, makes them a beacon of comfort in an otherwise agitated and wounded world.

The Scorpios native to November the 14th tend to be among the most agreeable people, which is a great testament to their character. With high affect, and with much of it made manifest externally, these individuals thrive off of seeing their positive influence reverberate throughout their environment.

Negative traits of November 14th zodiac

These individuals are ones with a tendency to get stuck in repeating patterns. Lacking the support one would need to cement any self-actualization, they will tend to tire themselves out when in a high-functioning period, only to require prolonged rest that will see the erosion of whatever insight they last reached.

These low periods will be especially dangerous, as they will bring with them emotional lows as well, and that may translate into unwanted lashing out at others.

Being ones to externalize emotions, November 14th sign bearers are vulnerable to give of themselves to people who may not reciprocate.

This will be of particular relevance in romantic relationships, since people who tend to consume others are well-trained to seek out those with a propensity to give freely.

As such, great vigilance is required, and working on personal boundaries prior to engaging in any relationship would be ideal. This toxic pattern can instate itself regardless of whether the other party is a friend or a lover, but once hones their senses they will know who to keep at arm’s length.

Love Horoscope for the November 14th Scorpio

These individuals are particularly adventurous when it comes to romance, coasting by on their inborn appeal and being on the lookout for novelty. As such, they are bold and will often be the ones to approach the other party.

Their particular love-language is that of gift-giving, as straightforward and unambiguous as the rest of their character.

November 14th zodiac natives struggle in their relationships with others, simply due to a lack of self-regulation. As such, they either keep too close or too far away from people, and it takes them a long while to figure out which is which.

This issue is compounded if they haven’t put in the emotional groundwork needed before engaging with people. The utmost priority in the love life of these individuals is, thus, not finding a partner in the literal sense, but building the resilience and discernment necessary for constructing and maintaining enduring, healthy relationships.

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Due to their propensity to over-intellectualize, and the attempts to overcompensate, the romantic lives of these individuals will jut from one extreme to the other for a while before normalizing.

As time progresses they will find their center, and along with it the capacity for fierce loyalty to the right person.

The foundation of a strong relationship also includes emotional security, which is something they will have to perfect in time as well.

While their love-language is gift-giving, November 14th natives engage with this trait in a positive, non-self-serving way, and do not keep a score related to affectionate gestures.

This is a foundational aspect of their wholesome temperament, which would otherwise be spun into jealousy and feelings of injustice. As is, these individuals are very thoughtful and caring, and they make sure their close ones feel seen and loved.

Career and life purpose

An inborn sense of duty, building upon their other respectable and dignified inclinations, makes November 14th zodiac natives especially suited to dangerous occupations. Regardless of what image others may have of them, these individuals thrive in unconventional and demanding positions with relative ease once they grow enough into their true selves.

They have a tremendous capacity for processing, interpreting and plotting out information, and as such any position involving high scientific literacy and the capacity to educate the public will welcome them with eager, open arms.

November 14th zodiac final thoughts

Being extraordinarily gifted in terms of sociability implies the responsibility of being deliberate and precise when selecting one’s peers.

At your best: Empowering, loyal and unpredictable.
At your worst: Inflexible, careless and parsimonious.

To be avoided and strictly managed are toxic people that have a tendency to latch onto anyone with a natural inclination to give freely.

Since November 14th natives are daring and direct, they will take charge and pursue any social relationship they deem worth their time and effort. People respond very well to them and their calming yet alluring presence.

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