Mercury Sextile Saturn Natal and Transit: Amazing Focus

  • The Mercury Saturn sextile in the natal chart is making people think only for themselves when making plans.
  • Be mindful of the Mercury sextile Saturn transit because the decisions made should be practical and well-reasoned.
  • In astrology, Mercury is the planet of thought, focus, communication and social interactions, helping us understand the world and express ourselves.
  • When two planets form a sextile it generally indicates good vibes and great opportunities in one’s life so it seems that the stars are shining upon you with this aspect.
  • The planet Saturn is connected with the concepts of boundaries and limitations, making us conform to the world around us.
  • Celebrities: Duchess of Sussex, Henry II of France, William Faulkner, Mel Gibson, Venus Williams, Penelope Cruz, Paul Newman.
  • Transit dates: 11 April 2020, 30 November 2020, 10 April 2021, 30 November 2021, 07 April 2022, 29 November 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury sextile Saturn Natal

People born during the Mercury sextile Saturn aspect are intellectually disciplined and profound in their way of thinking. More than this, they have a straightforward speech and are honest, as well as moral. These people can remember anything and are very focused, also healthy.

During the Mercury sextile Saturn transit, people can plan their days in a more efficient manner. They can select and give importance to every little detail, meaning they’re making the best choices.

Being able to focus during it, many can talk about any subject that seems challenging and has meaning. When it comes to the problems they had in their life for a long time, they may be left some space when trying to find solutions.

Because communications are more serious for as long as Mercury is in sextile with Saturn, the information sent is only to those who really matter.

The Mercury sextile Saturn in birth charts is making people concentrate more, giving them their ability to see from a macro point of view and have their plans completed.

Some of their other mental abilities are all about focusing, having a good memory and organizing things in the most efficient manner.

The influence of this transit seems to make people think only for themselves when making plans and feeling like their plans have to be perfectly executed. Those who are born during the Mercury sextile Saturn aspect need to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams as best as they can.

They can learn what they need to about the subjects that are fascinating them, as well about their hobbies and professional life, so they can become experts and get the respect they need.

These people have a logical mind and are practical, full of resources, dutiful, resourceful, focused on their studies and disciplined, especially when it comes to hygiene.

They can use all of their prudence and are concentrated when having to make decisions, to communicate and to speak because they have sound judgment.

More than this, they prefer to be around old people from a very young age. For this reason, they’d be amazing generals, politicians, writers, scientists and even business people. These people are disciplined when it comes to their career.

Through education and being helped by their brothers and sisters, they can gain a lot, but when older. They don’t like to leave anything to chance, so they’re weighing each and every word and action because they have good purposes.

It’s true they’re not the sharpest among their associates and loved ones, but their mind is always thinking and they’re the most studious natives in the zodiac.

More than this, they’re giving a lot of consideration to any matter they’re dealing with, as well they can put each and every detail in order and have the great quality of their mental abilities put into practice, as well realize that their studies should be serious when it comes to what they’re considering to be interesting.

Being able to put all the details in order, they can beat any fast thinker without worrying too much. These people have a need to get become educated and to gain all the knowledge they’re looking for.

They respond very well to following any discipline and traditions, not to mention they can make things happen gradually, this way mastering each and every step. This aspect is perfect for matters of the mind, for making natives steadier, as well for making them more thoughtful and precise.

They’re acting in a discreet manner and can order any affair in a wise and systematic manner. For as long as this transit is in place, people are more responsible than usually and can improve their position by honoring and crediting what this placement in their birth chart is bringing.

Dealing with agents and older people, as well with those who only have serious plans or are carrying out their affairs when it comes to commercial businesses can have all of their problems solved.

When Mercury is in sextile with Saturn in birth charts, its natives are practical from an intellectual point of view and can transform all of their ideas into great successes.

More than this, they’re dependable when it comes to their work and can easily learn because they want to use their mind and can be great scientists, especially in the domain of technology. They can be very good as far as business is going, not to mention they can achieve success, no matter what they may be doing.

This aspect in the birth chart is creating amazing entrepreneurs if they’re ready to learn and have enough knowledge that has been accumulated during the years that have passed.

People born during the Mercury sextile Saturn aspect are able to invent and to solve any problem when having to make their dreams come true. However, this doesn’t come their way very easily, because Saturn is never giving things for free, allowing only hard word and patience to develop.

Those who want to make their financial and career goals come true should act precisely this way. This is an aspect that’s bringing each and every virtue, as well temperance into place, improving sobriety and earning many what they need for their soul to get healed.

When this influence is in place, people are more ready to go on journeys and form good connections with people who are kind, as well with the intimate ones. This aspect is perfect for closing contracts and forming engagements.

Those who are looking to complete their studies or to earn certificates should focus more on studying by themselves. They want to understand how things are working, meaning they’re natural engineers, also chemists and architects.

These people are very good at using their hands and generating the perfect solutions when it comes to the places where they’re living and working.

Attentive to details, discerning and dedicated to their work, they’re great teamsters. As soon as they’re starting to focus on a project, they can keep it up until they’re done with them.

They’re delivering all of their work on time and on budget, meaning nobody has to be worried when it comes to how excellent their work is. These natives are responsible, no matter what their interests may be, this way wanting to share their knowledge and talents.

Their voice is calm and soothing, meaning they can share their thoughts easier than others. When it comes to how their mind is working, they’re not at all stressed and dramatic.

People born during the Mercury sextile Saturn aspect want to take more responsibility for their siblings and family. When it comes to what they’re valuing and respecting as far as their ancestors are going, this aspect is known to only bring about many benefits.

Mercury sextile Saturn Transit

During the Mercury sextile Saturn transit can perform very well when it comes to their mental abilities, not to mention this day is one of accuracy, so people need to be careful when interpreting new information.

For as long as Mercury is in sextile with Saturn, communication is usually serious and people are more interested in how realistic their ideas are. They shouldn’t lose their head with insignificant details or worry too much about trivialities, as well take a break when required.

Meeting with people in authority should happen as they’re supposed during this time, many having the opportunity to meet with people with a very developed mind. This transit is beneficial for being disciplined and putting any details in order, as well as to prepare for what’s about to come.

The decisions made should be practical and approached from the most intelligent perspective. The work accomplished for as long as Mercury is in sextile with Saturn is surely going to pay in the future. The thinking of many is clearer and this influence is making things clearer.

The Mercury sextile Saturn transit is all about bringing a day or two of excellency for matters that are requiring a clear mind, sound judgment and some discipline.

For as long as it’s in place, many should catch up on their papers, study and make researches that may ask them to focus and to use their memory. When it comes to businesses, these are being favored because this time is ideal for signing contracts and closing negotiations.

When it comes to investing in long-term, real estate investments are especially advocated. It’s also a good idea for many to make plans on long-term because they have more common sense and are more practical.

Their desire to be serious can be truly strong for as long as the Mercury sextile Saturn transit is in place. People can’t be stuck to silly arguments or allow themselves to become distracted.

At least they’re loved by their colleagues because their analytical skills are impeccable, not to mention they’re able to be organized for a lot of time, as well as productive. A clear head and discipline are the characteristics of this transit, not to mention logic and objectivity.

Natives of all signs should make plans and take each and every opportunity in order to plan more for the future. As well, they should make task lists and see if these can be somehow completed.

In case they’re not hating anything, they can direct all of their energy towards having a vision and being determined. Speeches are meant to be intense, meaning the wisest people can listen to any idea and implement it as well.

They shouldn’t allow themselves to worry too much about any squander in their heart either. When it comes to the basic skills of the mind, these need to be trained through honest talks, no matter if they’re personal or about professions.

Either way, conversations are sure to be serious and many may have the need to inform others about their discoveries. This time is beneficial for writing and blogging. During it, many are considered to be great mentors and teachers.

Since studying is as well encouraged, teaching is also a good idea. People met can be either too old or too young, not to mention interests in the past are being brought into the light, especially if the planet is in retrograde.

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