Mercury Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Feeling in Control

  • If the natal chart contains a Mercury Pluto sextile, you are very eloquent and capable of expressing yourself in various ways.
  • The Mercury sextile Pluto transit is adding profoundness and making people more intense when it comes to their way of thinking.
  • The planet Mercury governs our peer relationships, communication and transportation, helping us reason our decisions better.
  • When two planets form a sextile, opportunities, potential and talents will be revealed and will influence the lives of those affected.
  • Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth, its volatile energy being responsible for complete transformations in one’s life.
  • Celebrities: Stephen King, Bruce McLaren, Princess Diana of Wales, Vladimir Putin, Bruce Springsteen, Lauren Bacall.
  • Transit dates: 07 April 2020, 27 November 2020, 02 April 2021, 21 November 2021, 26 March 2022, 14 November 2022, 18 March 2023, 08 November 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury sextile Pluto Natal

People born during the Mercury sextile Pluto aspect are profound thinkers when it comes to serious matters. More than this, they’re observing and usually allowing their strong intuition to discover great truths.

These people have a perceptive mind that’s manifesting in their ability to understand essential causes and the energies that are all around, most of the time when it comes to matters related to science and the occult, in other words, the matters related to the Eighth House.

Their psychic abilities are combining with their plans and disciplined attitude, meaning they can be great as researchers. Such talents are great for them if they’re police investigators, spies, genome researchers or studying robotics.

Besides, they seem to be courageous, attentive to details, imaginative, diplomatic, resourceful from an intellectual point of view, egotistical and smart.

Because they can easily concentrate, natives born during the Mercury sextile Pluto aspect can understand the most complex notions and principles, are willful and agitated, as well as able to research any subject. They have a good influence over others, even if they’re expecting a lot from their side. Capable of expressing themselves strongly, they’re also changing their opinion very fast.

These natives are good at creating with their hands, are competitive and calm. Their mind is refined because they’re keen and interested in researching, as well as curious about the factual truth when being given the opportunity to research.

People born during the Mercury sextile Pluto are usually great intellectuals because they’re inclined to study ideas and to express their creativity, not to mention they can find many answers to issues, from many different sources.

Their mind has the tendency to analyze, and they’re attracted by work that’s requiring them to research or to teach.

These people can use their intuition to synthesize and to find answers. They can use their knowledge and share their discoveries with others.

Their mind is insightful and can perceive the strangest notions, not to mention it can see behind appearances and their essential elements, any new idea and way of thinking is fascinating for them.

Having a rich and vivid imagination, they can make all kind of new connections between their knowledge and the progressive patterns, meaning they can understand different new concepts or what direction to follow in life.

When it comes to their personal connections, they’re straightforward and are wanting the same from others, meaning it’s unlikely for them to forget those who aren’t living up to their standards and choosing to not be so honest with them. They believe in honesty and trust, requiring all this for partnerships.

These natives need to be aware of their tendency of believing they’re all the time right when it comes to what they’re believing, as well the principles they hold on to and their knowledge, this meaning they can be blinded by them and rule when having discussions with others.

Their dialogue style is convincing and they’re intense when talking because they’re attractive and mysterious.

In other words, these people can expose others’ darkest secrets and not have them feeling uncomfortable. This is suggesting they may have means of healing psychological problems.

People born during the Mercury sextile Pluto aspect are strongly opinionated, even if sometimes extreme and contradicting, but at least they’re the perfect people to bring light into ideas and principles that aren’t socially acceptable.

Mercury is keeping a position of neutrality when it comes to the good and the bad, meaning it can make people excel in propaganda.

They understand psychology and could choose to be doctors because they can comfort people and fix, with both their hands and mind. Because they have profoundness when it comes to understanding and a mind that’s powerful, they could study astrology.

Observing, the Mercury sextile Pluto natives can notice the most important events and scrutinize the details others may be missing. For this reason, they’d make great reporters of investigations, scientists and writers of mystery books because they’re attracted to the strangest notions.

More than this, they’re persuasive when talking and writing, not to mention how much they like to stir things up and to bring hidden information into the light.

Expressing themselves in a powerful manner, they can make many enemies. These natives need to document their conclusions with strong facts.

Because they’re persuasive, they have to ensure their motives for discovering different mysteries are clear. They should also avoid the dark side.

Mercury sextile Pluto Transit

During the day of the Mercury sextile Pluto transit, communication is amplified by passion and people are more refusing. More than this, they’re convincing when having to interact with others and looking for the common ground if having to take others by their side.

When the Mercury sextile Pluto transit is in place, every word and thought is positive, even if natives are forced to check places they’d normally avoid. During this period, people may have to face situations in which they need assistance, but they can show their power, regardless of the information received.

Being convinced about certain ideas, they can change their opinions. For this reason, they need to talk, even to themselves, about what they need the most.

More than this, they have more intuition when having to look into their own hidden motives, so they need to take a closer look and not deal with opportunities that aren’t necessary.

They’re more thorough in their way of thinking and enjoying communication with others, especially if they’re using interrogation ways and if counseling others. More than this, they should be aware of how their words are impacting others.

The Mercury sextile Pluto transit is adding profoundness and making people more intense when it comes to their way of thinking, as well the discussions they’re carrying.

When it comes to serious matters and mysteries, they can be more attentive, meaning this period is perfect for studying and researching.

The inquisitive nature of their own mind can have the secrets of many revealed. For this reason, they should learn Astrology and psychology subjects because they’d pick the subjects more easily.

Besides, they’re more insightful when it comes to what they’re understanding. Open to have a look and to see beyond what’s on the surface, they’d as well be able to investigate matters in depth.

More important than this, they have patience and can work with strategies when it comes to making decisions. Conversations that are revealing and connections with others can make many reveal hidden things about themselves.

Their strong intellect is combining with their powerful intuition, in order to make people more convincing. Messages can be easily sold and people can convince their loved ones of many principles they’re believing in.

This is all because they have a magnetic aura and can easily communicate. It’s very important that the powerful mind of many to not be abused during this period, as well weak individuals to not be taken advantage of. Whereas many are motivated and more domineering, they’re seeming inoffensive and even more persuasive.

During the week in which Mercury is in transit with Pluto, people are more virtuous and concentrated. They can’t be distracted from what they’re doing, no matter if it’s about important projects at work or just being helpful for their friends and family.

Their mind is clearer, more powerful and directed towards a single purpose. Active and paying attention to the most insignificant details, everything they know can make more sense.

This period is amazing for doing research, analyzing situations that should rather be avoided, for investigating and finding answers that seem satisfying.

Many convincing conversations are more powerful for as long as Mercury is transiting Pluto, a talent some can use in order to advance in their career and other sides of life.

These people know just what to ask in ways in which they can receive back. This period is perfect for developing new friendships and communicating intimate issues to important people. Many are properly understood if expressing themselves in the proper manner.

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