Mercury Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit: Becoming more Receptive

  • Someone with a natal Mercury Neptune sextile has a deep understanding of life’s subtleties and is very hard to trick.
  • When the Mercury sextile Neptune transit occurs, it’s time for relaxation and for being creative, for taking time with your friends.
  • In astrology, Mercury is the governing planet of mental reasoning, logic, transportation, communication, public speaking and commerce.
  • The sextile aspect is a subtle astrological placement that can offer precious insight into the relationship and communication aspects of one’s life.
  • The planet Neptune is a source of creative imagination and intuition, governing our dreams and illusions.
  • Celebrities: Ernest Hemingway, Jimi Hendrix, Brad Pitt, Margaret Thatcher, Steven Spielberg, Pablo Escobar, Princess Aiko, Claudia Schiffer, Bill Clinton.
  • Transit dates: 08 January 2020, 07 May 2020, 01 January 2021, 29 April 2021, 26 December 2021, 24 April 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury sextile Neptune Natal

People born during the Mercury sextile Neptune aspect have acute senses that are making them very sensitive to every vibration of the world surrounding them.

This transit in birth charts is indicating those who were born during it possess psychic abilities, or at least, they have the strongest and most precise intuition when it comes to perceiving the world surrounding them.

Their intuition is all about the way they’re communicating and the relationships they’re developing. Others need to stay around them when feeling down because they’re the only ones who can offer sympathy when others can’t.

These people are perceptive, sometimes clairvoyant, meaning they can obtain many benefits when their own dreams and all the visions. These natives are highly developed when it comes to mental issues, not to mention they’re imaginative and can inspire anyone with their poetic soul and creativity.

In case they’re artists, the Mercury sextile Neptune aspect in their birth chart is making them more intellectually sensitive.

They’re the same when it comes to the most subtle matters regarding life. More than this, these natives are delicate people who mustn’t live in bad conditions.

They’re lucky enough to have the ability to explore their own dreams and not become overwhelmed, also are experts when having to interpret any visual element that’s interacting with their own imagination.

They can find many different meanings regarding life and interlink them. These people know how to deal with subtleties and love observing.

Possessing a rich imagination and being creative, they can weave the best stories, as well they can interpret all the myths and artistic expressions, also prayers and differing ideas, this way creating mystical works.

This aspect is most likely the best between Mercury and Neptune, meaning those who were born during it should allow their talent for poetry, making jokes and mysticism to flow into their consciousness in order for them to reap all the benefits of their artistic abilities, especially when this transit is in place.

For some, it’s all about going on enjoyable travels, making friends and having all sort of religious experiences, most of the time related to journeying on the sea.

These people can as well feel if someone is being negative or perhaps mean when around them. It’s very important they trust their intuition and to avoid such individuals because they can easily attract any negative energy, which can harm their state of well-being.

Whereas it’s easy to hurt them, at least they’re not known to hold grudges because they have a practical way of thinking and are open to any new idea or concept.

For this reason, they’d do very well in the military, finances, and politics. This is all because they can anticipate and because they’re insightful and subtle. When it comes to their career, they’re great at selling, even if they’re secretly plotting to bypass what’s bothering them.

The Neptune Mercury sextile has a better flow than the conjunction, not to mention it can be expressed in a more efficient way when it comes to the everyday life and in situations in which imagination is beneficial for both themselves and for others.

Neptune is bringing more emotions and vitality when it comes to what the mind is developing, as well to the intuition that’s offering the most surprising answers to personal issues.

People born during this aspect are less prone to be victims of the illusions associated with Neptune’s contacts and can escape what this planet is sending, by using their mind and turning the information received into useful knowledge.

They can be very curious when it comes to what they’re doing for a living and can’t accept what others are saying without any explanation.

This is usually the aspect of good writers and creative personalities, as well as media people and individuals with a broad perception because they have many opinions, principles and beliefs, not to mention they’re tolerant.

When it comes to communication, they’re functioning at their best if feeling creative. They’re speaking in metaphors and can embellish the truth. As soon as they’re realizing that this is how their logic and intuition are functioning, the happier they can be.

Of course, they as well need to communicate normally, but they should perceive communication in a more profound manner and form subtle connections by being creative.

People born during the Mercury sextile Neptune aspect would rather interact with positive individuals and reside in a cozy home. They’re idealistic when thinking about their own world, an idealism that’s put into practice in everything they’re doing, planning and saying.

They’re good communicators because they know how to perceive, not to mention they have a melodious voice. For this reason, they should choose a career in music or sing as a hobby, if their skills are related to something else.

Anything artistic would be suitable for them, as well as the design field, because they’re creative and they have a free mind.

However, they may experience some difficulties when it comes to the complex Exact Sciences, or when having to be strict about respecting some rules. More than this, they seem to be as well at their best when relaxing and doing something spiritual.

Mercury sextile Neptune Transit

During the day of the Mercury sextile Neptune transit, people are more creative and precise. They simply love imagery, writing or making music, also contemplating on spirituality.

More empathetic as far as communication is going, they can help people in trouble, not to mention being sensitive about what they’re hearing can have them more efficient in the fields of advertising and promotion.

They may need to stay away from pressure and the chaotic business pace, as well as pay attention to each and every challenge they may encounter.

The Mercury sextile Neptune transit is perfect for relaxing, being creative, communicating and for spirituality. The words of many can be warmer and they can help others heal because their senses are acute and they can pick up valuable information juts by playing their intuition.

More than this, they can dream and meditate more than usually. The intuition is high and some are more artistic, imaginative or appreciative when it comes to subtleties.

They can inspire their loved ones with a good word and can think in a stylish way, this being the reason why this time is perfect for writing and creating art.

Having their imagination stimulated, many can decide to direct their career towards creative writing and to pay attention to their dreams. Others should study their mind.

Natives of all signs are more compassionate and emotional, so they shouldn’t hesitate to express their feelings because they’ll explain themselves more easily and arouse the empathy of their loved ones.

They can feel the music and the smells more intensely, not to mention they may have to avoid being around things or sources of sound that are annoying them.

This time is not at all good for working hard because it’s more about creativity and not fearing consequences. Expressing spirituality through poetry or watching a movie are the best activities for as long as Mercury is in sextile with Neptune, so anything related to the fantasy world should be just performed.

Many could decide to write novels and avoid being too technical because they’re more focused on having an open mind rather than on details. When it comes to relationships, these have to be spiritual and full of compassion.

As a matter of fact, this time is beneficial for learning Astrology or something similar. Some may experience with dreams and their own psychic abilities, not to mention the spiritual information coming their way is accurate.

For as long as Mercury is in sextile with Neptune, people should enjoy art and moments of relaxation.

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