Mercury Sextile Jupiter Natal and Transit: Favouring Communications

  • With a Mercury Jupiter sextile in your natal chart, your social life is quite relaxed, often you taking the role of a diplomat and referee.
  • During the Mercury sextile Jupiter transit, make your plans and think twice about changing your mind once you decide on something.
  • The planet Mercury is responsible with how we organize, synthesize and transfer the information our conscious minds receives from the environment.
  • The sextile aspect takes place when the two planets are at sixty degrees away and is one of the most harmonious astrological placements.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is defined as the governor of good luck, generosity, expansion, spirituality and beneficial opportunities.
  • Celebrities: Jeremy Irons, Harriet Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Alexander Fleming, Novak Djokovic, Diane Keaton, Duchess of Sussex, Katharine Hepburn, Kylie Minogue, Kate Bosworth, Orson Welles, Megan Fox.
  • Transit dates: 07 April 2020, 28 November 2020, 17 April 2021, 11 December 2021, 27 April 2022, 19 May 2022, 20 June 2022, 17 February 2023, 01 July 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury sextile Jupiter Natal

Natives who were brought into the world during the Mercury sextile Jupiter are known to have an open mind because they’re always curious and questioning everything.

They know how to talk and can express themselves in an eloquent manner. More than this, their thoughts are centered around their strong intuition, and they’re comfortable when it comes to the most abstract notions.

Possessing a lot of knowledge and having an open mind, their many opinions about life can get them to develop careers in the fields of art and diplomacy.

This way, they can express themselves the way they want to and become famous.

Because Mercury is the ruler of short distance traveling and Jupiter, the one of long-distance travel, people born during the sextile between these two celestial bodies should go places in order to expand their knowledge.

This aspect is all about making friends and being sociable. Many will be appreciated for their interest in gaining new knowledge, no matter the field they’re studying.

When it comes to their diplomatic abilities, these can be useful in order to solve conflicts between people, friends and associates.

These natives are relaxed, kind, mild when it comes to their temper, honest, sometimes too positive, timid, wise and analytical.

They possess an amazing sense of humor, a keen judgment, the power to observe and to understand, as well as integrity.

However, they don’t seem to be ambitious enough. This planetary aspect in birth charts is excellent because is influencing the power of the mind to expand and people to be more hopeful, brilliant or smart.

Those born during the Mercury sextile Jupiter aspect are intuitive, great judges of character and always able to put their affairs in order, in the most satisfactory and successful manner.

They can gain a lot by closing deals that involve writing or sending letters because this aspect is beneficial for making money.

Many can gain a lot from their journeys for as long as Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter, not to mention they can meet with people who can only have a good influence over their life. This influence is only of peace and assistance.

Mercury sextile Jupiter natives are most of the time interested in philosophy and can engage their mind to study higher subjects because this way, they can gain a lot in life.

This aspect is known for bringing about successful connections and deals with long-lasting effects because when the aspects of the Moon are sympathetic, natives born during the previously mentioned sextile are forming friendships that can’t be easily broken.

This transit is as well known for being advantageous when it comes to general issues. For as long as it lasts, the mind of all natives is tolerant and they can understand many subjects of discussion, even if they’re more melancholic.

This aspect is beneficial in the birth charts of those who are studying, especially subjects like religion and philosophy.

These people are great communicators and can express their ideas in an easy manner, not to mention they have a lot of confidence and can make others welcome them into their life.

Their judgment is good, as well as their abilities to observe. More than this, they seem to possess an intelligence that’s above others’ and an integrity that’s naturally considered to be about morals and ethics, no matter what they may be doing or thinking.

Their mind is oftentimes active, but as said before, they can’t be original as much as they would want to. These people are not ambitious and persistent enough, not to mention they’re stubborn and most of the time avoiding controversies. Having a kind soul, a sweet temper and being generous, they can be appreciated by all of their friends and colleagues.

These natives love having people over and entertaining them because they love living in harmony and having intellectual occupations. They’re good learners and all the time curious, also interested in gaining more information.

This means they’re curious when having conversations as they seem to know a lot about almost everything. Besides, they seem to make connections in the most interesting and progressive ways.

They’re amazing when it comes to discovering new opportunities for learning, also intelligent enough to know that they can learn much more by being quiet and listening.

Usually, these people can do a great job when getting educated and therefore, when learning, but it’s important for them to never get bored.

They need to learn gradually because they like expanding their knowledge. More than this, they love having the proper mindset and gaining as much knowledge as possible, not to mention they understand how relationships and things in life are working.

Respecting the higher principles, they could themselves be great teachers, because they know how to express themselves and love being around youngsters. These natives are all the time using their mind and intelligence for growing from a personal point of view and for expanding.

When it comes to their objectivity and how they’re planning ahead in life, they can easily judge characters and make decisions.

Being open and expressing themselves in a clear manner, they can be the most successful actors and writers, as well as directors. No matter if working in these fields or not, it’s important for them to keep a diary and to write in it.

Being fond of traveling, they have a desire to experience widely, so their curiosity is often taking them to new lands, where they can make great money. These natives love studying and can do an amazing job as students, especially if they’re studying religion, law, philosophy and other similar subjects.

Their home is a place where they can enjoy all sort of intellectual activities, even though they tend to avoid controversies, especially when it comes to religion. They have constructive ways of living and are always ready to help sick people by encouraging them and making straightforward suggestions.

Mercury sextile Jupiter Transit

The Mercury sextile Jupiter transit is bringing about a lot of confidence, meaning during it, natives of all signs can convince others to express their opinions.

Their contribution can bring a lot of benefits to many. For as long as it’s happening, communications are being favored, not to mention everyone can benefit from the information they’re receiving.

More than this, the places visited and people met can bring opportunities for extreme fun. Those who want to expand their knowledge when it comes to the subjects that they love the most won’t have to invest any effort in doing just so, even though the time spent in quiet with a book or a friend can be enough for them.

The day of the Mercury sextile Jupiter transit is perfect for planning or thinking about projects because people have more faith in their ideas and can project all the logical assumptions by taking care of details and at the same time looking at the big picture.

They’re clearer and better with words, not to mention they can convince others to help them. For this period, conversations are open and oriented towards philosophical subjects.

The Mercury sextile Jupiter transit is good for making plans. People have a more open mind and can easily decide what to do later in life. However, they must think positively and to search for ideals.

This transit is perfect for short-distance travels, as well for writing and teaching, sending e-mails, going to interviews, working in advertising and making observations or submitting forms.

During this transit, people are more inclined to keep an optimistic mindset and to think about development. Others need to cooperate with them and look for their advice. More than this, they should expect to receive interesting offers.

For as long as Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter, people are more active, funnier and inquisitive. They’re asking themselves and others all kind of stimulating questions because it’s allowing them to think wider and more openly. This can surprise many, as well it can expand their ideas, this being the main purpose of this transit’s energy.

It’s a good period for promoting projects, for personal ideas and career goals. Many may have the intention to say what they want in order to obtain the greatest effects, not to mention they can get others’ attention and motivate them.

Contracts and legal matters can be a win-win, meaning all the parties involved can obtain the best results.

More than this, the Mercury sextile Jupiter transit is good for traveling to familiar environments of great impact, so natives of all signs should take advantage of it and be mentally stimulated.

If communicating and expressing themselves, they can make something beautiful out of socializing. It can be easier for all the people to make friends because they’re friendlier than usual, more diplomatic and tactful.

This period is perfect for debates, negotiations, and closing businesses. Those who can easily understand any idea and focus need to study and stress less about their exams. If not students, they could decide to read more.

Going on vacation is advocated for as long as Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter because both of the planets involved in it are the rulers of travel, as well the sextile placement.

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