Mercury Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit: High Energy and Unpredictability

  • When in a natal chart, the Mercury Uranus opposition suggests an adventurous personality, someone who is not easy to pin down.
  • When the Mercury opposite Uranus transit is in full action, people are having their days filled with abrupt upsets and their plans can change.
  • Mercury is responsible with how we learn and filter the information surrounding us and also how we express and communicate our thoughts to others.
  • When two planets are in an opposition relationship, tensions and a bouncing back and forth of their energies is likely to occur.
  • The planet Uranus is about transformation, the future, a global mindset and an ingenious approach to life.
  • Celebrities: Antonio Salieri, Friedrich Nietzsche, Janet Street-Porter, Danny DeVito, Dwayne Johnson, Billie Jean King, Howard Stern, Rudolph Valentino, Truman Capote, Jimi Hendrix.
  • Transit dates: 07 October 2020, 19 October 2020, 17 November 2020, 13 November 2021, 08 November 2022, 04 November 2023, 30 October 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury opposite Uranus Natal

People who are born during the Mercury opposite Uranus aspect are always active and original, but they need to keep their mind stimulated because if not, they’re easily getting bored.

When wasting their energy, they can confuse others and create tensions. More than often, they’re starting projects simultaneously and finish none.

Those who were born during the Mercury opposite Uranus aspect possess a genius mind. More than this, they’re as well rebels and good tricksters.

Their intellect seems to get stimulated all the time, this causing them a lot of problems, such as scandals and moments of supreme anxiety.

These natives need to work with their most suitable business partners, but they may lack having tact because they’re harsh, strange and don’t have too many options when acting this way.

They’re also adventurous and never consistent, being called by many rebels with no direction in life, not to mention they’re defiant with people in authority, just for their enjoyment. This is particularly happening when Mars or the planet Saturn are afflicting the opposition.

People born during the Mercury opposite Uranus aspect can have problems with their nerves because they’re too impatient. More than this, they have a strange arrogance, are bold and audacious, as well as never happy.

They’re stubbornly adhering to what they believe in and wouldn’t listen to others’ advice. This aspect is considered to be evil because those who don’t have the right mental balance and got born during it are inclined to become unreasonable and extreme in their views.

These natives can be serious, not to mention they can persist when fighting their so-called opponents and can end up getting hurt.

These people can’t be too cautious for as long as the Mercury opposite Uranus transit is in place, also when it comes to whom they’re trusting, or when dealing with individuals they don’t know and their long-distance relatives because they can end up being disappointed. Others can get charged with accusations that can be difficult to contradict.

Being all the time busy with matters of the mind and productive can no longer have them fighting or involved in scandals. However, it can be challenging for them to work things through, but if they have the freedom they need, they can end up being happy with themselves.

They’re attracted to exact sciences and technology, not to mention there are many other areas of work in which they could excel. More than this, they should be cautious when signing any document.

These people have the tendency to be eccentric, and when the influence of Mercury in opposition with Uranus is happening, they’re even more like this, but only if allowed their mind to be exhilarating and creative.

More than this, people born during the Mercury opposite Uranus can be strange and harsh in their actions, as well as their speech. This is the mental attitude brought on by their mental abilities.

When occurring in the lives of some, the opposition between Mercury and Uranus is quite extraordinary and bringing many brusque opportunities.

However, when it comes to more advanced people, these are breaking up the conventional bonds and the bothering ones, separating what’s brought on by fate and what’s brought on by the inevitable.

When it comes to romanticism, very strange things can happen in the life of these people. Their original ways of thinking can bring about many discoveries and new methods of performing when having to take action.

These natives may have problems when having to speak in public because they’re too nervous. If talking over the Internet, they can boost their confidence and become very good at it. Uranus is a planet that’s impersonal and straightforward, also rebellious.

People born during the Mercury opposite Uranus aspect can quarrel and express their ideas in the most practical way, but they need to listen to others more than often and not to have contradictory opinions.

They can gain all the support of others when their ideas are good, but need to accept they’re going to receive critics. More than this, they can be attracted to having their own opinions heard and think of conspiracies, not to mention they can bring light into many issues.

These people may need to deal with all kind of sudden changes when having to make plans on long-term or to go somewhere far away. If their gadgets or other of their communicative means are getting interrupted, their irritability is increasing.

Mercury opposite Uranus Transit

During the Mercury in opposition with Uranus transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac have a more developed intellectual energy and can grasp all of life’s insights, from the simplest ones to the strangest.

For as long as Mercury is in opposition with Uranus, it can be said the pace is happening at each and every blink of an eye. This transit is known to bring about a lot of stress because is making people to non-stop take action.

They may have the tendency to take on too many duties and no longer have enough time for themselves. When it comes to communication, they’re very excited about it, not to mention they’re unpredictably interacting and can make others silent in a second.

Those who are watching themselves and only observing how the world is speeding during this period can gain more clarity in their thoughts, when the scenes are changing rapidly for them.

During the Mercury opposite Uranus transit, people are having their days filled with abrupt upsets and their plans can change, which can force them to be more flexible and analyze things in a realistic manner.

Their mind can become restless and many can look for exciting activities, but it can be difficult for them to keep up the pace with chaotic events.

The day of this transit is not the best for staying for too long in only one location or for meditating because people need to move their bodies.

Many may have a clumsy energy, meaning they need to be extra careful when driving. More than this, they shouldn’t speed and pay attention to the recklessness of others.

For as long as Mercury is in opposition with Uranus, the pace is accelerated for both physical workers and intellectuals. This chaotic pace can leave many in tension and can have them undisciplined.

More than this, something can happen with some of the natives of all signs, something that can increase their anxiety and nervousness. When it comes to the most recent issues happening into their life and things that have been ignored, these may harshly bite them in the back.

Communications may get lost in translation and many opinions can be misunderstood. When it comes to contradictions, these are more possible than usual. Many can have the most insightful opinions, which can be all over the place.

Their mind is neither at peace, neither in harmony for as long as this opposition is happening. Tempers can be nervous, not to mention some can be cynical in the way they’re talking. More than this, they can become dogmatic and express this energy in the most negative way.

Others should avoid deciding too fast because they may later regret what they’ve done. They can be harsh in their actions and speech, undisciplined, as well as not receptive when being advised on practical issues.

In the week following the Mercury opposite Uranus transit, more and more people may want to contradict others and fight just for the sake of it.

This can be stimulating for them, especially if their loved ones are becoming angry with them, but at least they can remain detached. Some can describe them as chaotic and unstable in the week that’s following this transit, even if it’s not their usual behavior.

Their energy can be lost, as well as their nervousness, so it may be difficult for them to stay focused on their tasks. If simply going out for a simple walk, they can escape the state of nervousness.

For as long as Mercury is in opposition to Uranus, people shouldn’t make decisions on long-term, because their mind is more chaotic.

Many can regret changing their mind too many times. However, they can as well discover it is too late for them to take their word back.

These people can feel more impatient and agitated for as long as Mercury is in opposition with Uranus, thing to be expected for the short period of this transit, meaning they should be offered a lot of freedom. It’s important for them to not burn the bridges they left behind for as long as this period is lasting.

This transit is not at all beneficial for planning or closing deals, as well as doing something that’s related to matters of the mind, or tasks that need everyone to be disciplined and patient.

Being less focused and having the tendency to become distracted can only bring many complications to different areas of life. This period is perfect for freeing the mind of any responsibility and just allowing matters to happen naturally.

Many can discover new great things and experience insightful experiences, as well as meet interesting people who can challenge them when it comes to the principles, they believe in. If interacting with others, some should take some time and listen to their loved ones.

As well, they must be aware of their tendency to not speak before thinking twice because this transit is known to take people to the other side when it comes to their instincts and to make many argue when having to.

Many should keep their mind open because their plans should be changed and travel stopped. If their journeys are getting stopped, they should check their bookings of services in advance.

More than this, their computers may not properly work, not to mention they can have problems with their electronics. They should do puzzles or play games meant to educate their mind.

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