Mercury Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit: Intellectually Reorganized

  • In a natal chart, the Mercury Saturn opposition helps one become recognized in life for their intellectual capabilities.
  • Observe how during the Mercury opposite Saturn transit, people tend to become more isolated and more demanding of those around.
  • Mercury is responsible with how we filter information, how we express ourselves and how agile we are mentally.
  • The opposition occurs when two planets are about 180 degrees apart.
  • In astrology, Saturn is about strictness and restriction, about responsibilities and punctuality.
  • Celebrities: Nicholas Culpeper, Allen Dulles, Della Reese, Hans Christian Andersen, Matthew McConaughey, Selena Gomez, Wilt Chamberlain, Bjorn Borg, Miles Davis.
  • Transit dates: 03 August 2020, 01 August 2021, 31 July 2022, 01 August 2023, 18 September 2024, 18 September 2025, 18 September 2026, 23 September 2027.

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Mercury opposite Saturn Natal

People born during the Mercury opposite Saturn aspect are traditional, reticent, smart, dutiful and very good workers. Even if they’re deciding to no longer continue with their education, they can gain a lot of knowledge by reading.

People born during the Mercury opposite Saturn aspect are intelligent and down-to-earth, but also frustrated and depressed because they can’t personally interact with others as efficiently as they would like.

Their frustrations are regarding their incapacity to connect and to communicate. However, they’re good politicians and business people, even if not the friend of many because they’re nagging and criticizing, as well as not at all interested in understanding certain details.

In case the Third House is strongly occupied in their birth chart, they may have serious problems because of their relatives.

As far as their career is going, this can suffer as a result of their traditional ways of thinking and because they can’t efficiently communicate. More than this, their reputation may suffer.

They want to be intellectually recognized and can’t understand why others are not appreciating them enough when being too jealous. In case their birth chart is being heavily afflicted, they can end up as fraudsters, too close-minded and eager to stand only by their own opinions.

It’s very likely people born during the Mercury opposite Saturn aspect will be deceived and the victims of fraud many times in life. More than this, they can end up depressed and only interested in the dark side of life.

The opposition of these two planets can lead to separation, so it’s very likely the natives having it in their birth chart will be cheated by others. Before anything else, they have common sense and can understand many things. They know what to say, no matter the conversation.

Many of them are using this talent of theirs during school, in order to not waste their other ones, meaning they can pick up every lesson in life, without struggling too much.

All people born during the Mercury opposite Saturn can understand why others are talking about without having to share so many words.

Whereas the progress of Saturn is most of the time slow, all this can change as soon as the hookup with Mercury is starting to happen.

This way, things are becoming quicker and the arrival at a crucial point in life can begin, the moment in which things are turning out to be clearer.

These natives can’t be very careful when having something to do with others, so they shouldn’t argue or get into trouble with the law because everything will take the wrong turn for them, especially if the Moon is as well in adverse aspects.

Some natives born during the Mercury opposite Saturn aspect can be fearful and think they’ll never be as good as they deserve to.

The truth is that they really are good and that so much criticizing is just what’s haunting them on the inside.

They can project this complex of inferiority onto others and know all this, meaning they can refuse to stay in groups, no matter how much value their opinions may have.

After someone has said what they wanted to express and get the recognition, they may feel like they’re being left out. If they want to balance their inner criticizing nature with their fear of not making a fool of themselves, they need to appreciate their mental abilities at their true value.

It’s very likely these natives are smarter than they’re thinking themselves to be. They should address the problems they’re facing with their heart open. It’s easy for them to make their talents known and to overcome any issue, because this way, they’re becoming stronger.

These people are not frustrated just because they can’t communicate very well, also because they can’t properly share what they and others can’t understand them.

Whereas their speech can be boring, dark or let’s say focused on technical matters, there’s still a lot of hope for them because Saturn is only making these individuals the late bloomers of the zodiac.

This is a situation of continuous struggle because when people born during the Mercury opposite Saturn aspect are trying to make their voice heard and to be serious, they’re only becoming masters at communicating in writing more than in speaking. This is also why they’re proficient users of the Internet and can respond very rapidly to messages received online.

More than this, they’re good at decoding symbols and all kind of images. Usually, if they have a negative way of thinking, they can end up depressed and sad. When maturing, they can argue with their father and other people with authority.

This type of negativity is making them assume, as adults, that they’re being criticized, but in fact, they aren’t.

All of their conscious efforts can be repaid in positive words, but these have to be told to them all the time. If not, they can become depressed and their frustrations can build up, which can further lead to depression, a mean attitude, and loneliness in their life.

Mercury opposite Saturn Transit

For as long as Mercury is in opposition with Saturn, natives of all signs in the zodiac can focus on precise tasks and not general issues, which can keep them on the right track.

Communication can be difficult for many during this period, because they’re hurrying to give advice and not open to talking about where they’re standing. They’re especially worried about minor details and can doubt anything.

During the Mercury opposite Saturn transit, people need to focus more on their body and to be precise when moving. They’re as well more attentive to details and worried about accuracy, but this can only have them missing the big picture in life.

Small challenges will annoy them more as they’re slowing down and go through doubtful periods, but they can take their time and solve problems in a logical manner. They shouldn’t worry too much if their problems don’t have consequences, as well as not work themselves too much.

The day of the Mercury opposite Saturn transit is not good for meeting with bosses because these will most likely not agree with what their inferiors have to say.

It’s known to bring about serious thoughts and discussions, but also negative ones and depressive episodes.

Lower self-esteem in natives of all signs can have them isolated and going through many difficulties. For this reason, many should just spend their time at the computer and studying, rather than being involved in social circumstances because they’d need to occupy their mind.

The challenges regarding communication during the day in which Mercury is in opposition with Saturn can bring to many difficulties when having to make one’s voice heard.

Conversations can be delayed and facts forgotten. Others no longer know how to reach their destinations, are having issues communicating and finishing their tasks, whereas some are starting to think negatively.

More than this, they can be hypersensitive and can face criticism. The thoughts of many during this period can be pessimistic, whereas communication is reluctant.

Instincts can’t be trusted because this transit is known to make people second-guess everything. Others can be inspired by new information to do things that are working against what they need to accomplish.

Many will stare in silence and not communicate with the same pleasure as they used to. Some will fear being involved in any discussion and not talk at all, meaning they’ll keep their opinions to themselves.

The energy of the Mercury in opposition with Saturn transit doesn’t last for too long and is happening one time a year, giving people dark moods. In the week after, many will return to their old selves, but they should use the power of this transit for as long as they’re allowed to.

This period is good for deep conversations, especially for those who aren’t relaxed all the time, because they’d express themselves in an honest and direct manner, cleaning the air regarding different subjects of conversation. Some are able to listen and express themselves in a clear manner.

Bad news and challenges are sure to arise, especially for those who have been neglectful before. However, there could also be the fact that they’re seeing everything in a dark light.

The Mercury opposite Saturn transit is known for making people see the worst in life, meaning that during it, important decisions shouldn’t be made, especially if they’re about relationships, big contracts, and investments.

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