Mercury Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Strong Insights

  • The Mercury Pluto opposition in the natal chart indicates a personality drawn to uncovering secrets and revealing hidden aspects.
  • The Mercury opposite Pluto transit can surface some power struggles even in the closest-knit families, with difficult consequences.
  • Mercury is the planet of communication, liveliness and wisdom, influencing how curious, methodical and expressive we are.
  • When two planets oppose each other, dynamic tension is likely to take place, because opposites attract.
  • Pluto is the planet responsible with change and reinvention in our lives, it shakes us at the foundations of our core beliefs.
  • Celebrities: Paul Newman, Prince Victor Emmanuel of Naples, Mia Farrow, Richard Nixon, Charlotte Rampling, Kurt Cobain, Rosie O’Donnell.
  • Transit dates: 01 August 2020, 25 July 2021, 18 July 2022, 10 July 2023, 03 July 2024, 29 June 2025, 11 August 2026, 05 August 2027.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury opposite Pluto Natal

People who are born during the Mercury opposite Pluto aspect are feeling like there’s an inside struggle between their way of thinking and some concepts, how these are being rationalized and after, they’re communicating them.

This is because they have a way of psychologically processing thoughts, so others can see them as very complex and profound persons.

Those who were born during the Mercury opposite Pluto aspect can deal with a lot of tension in their mind, but they can from time to time showcase mental balance.

It’s difficult for them to see in the future and are oftentimes failing to look at a problem before they’re committing, meaning they’re taking risks that aren’t necessary.

These people can often find themselves in situations in which they have to manage secrets and deal with danger.

Being so extreme, they can end up practicing the job of detectives and spies, or do something that can bring them their death.

When it comes to how they’re communicating from a psychological point of view, these people are usually blocked and require assistance in order to release their nervousness. They’re never happy to just take ideas and opinions as they’re coming towards them.

Their mind is inquiring, so they should understand in a profound way, what the ramifications of the information they’re gathering are, as far as spiritual concepts mean and what their friends are saying. This can have them understanding wide conceptions and gaining a lot of knowledge.

These natives can rest in a certain mind area and become masters at what they’ve chosen as a career. They don’t want to ever be wrong and this, put up together with the intensity at which they’re thinking can trouble their relationships.

Problems may arise when those around them are not being as serious as they’re supposed to be, no matter what they may be thinking or discussing. If connecting with others and facing difficulties, things can become complicated when small talks are starting and their mind is not being challenged.

Some may even get to feel that they’re persecuted and forced by others to do what they don’t want, just because these others can’t relate to the profoundness of their thoughts.

They can become puzzled and no longer caring when it comes to what they’re discussing or when being contradicted. Natives born during the Mercury opposite Pluto are strongly opinionated and can end up involved in many conflicts.

This opposition is creating a lot of tension, from both a mental and emotional point of view, so it can be addressed in a constructive manner because the change inside the heart of natives becomes necessary, just before their energy is in control and integrated into their personality.

Feeling anxious and agitated, they may perceive the world and their own feelings in colorful ways.

These people have an incredible ability to let go when facing any desperate situation, to not be bothered by details, as well to clearly talk about what they’ve learned.

Their objective and insightful way of speaking can scare some people, who may only want to agree with them and to avoid their negative influence.

More than this, they may see what’s happening when someone is challenging them: many nasty words being said or a strong gaze being thrown at them.

People born during the Mercury opposite Pluto aspect should be careful and never too zealous when it comes to important matters.

While this may seem almost unachievable for them, they need to remember balance is the key and allow information to come their way because they’d no longer be inflexible and too stubborn.

More than this, they should avoid being obsessive and return to the same ideas because this can have them brooding for too long, even if they have the mental discipline to overcome it.

When it comes to relationships, these natives need to pay attention to the way they’re communicating because it’s very likely they have their own hidden motives, not to mention they can start blaming their partner for not being able to communicate and this problem is only theirs.

It’s important for these people to be fair and honest. Besides, they can work in the scientific or the investigations field, but this can impede their relationships from developing.

People born during the Mercury opposite Pluto transit like converting others’ ideas into their own. This is a beneficial aspect for expression, no matter the subject being addressed.

Many are harsh when talking and receiving the exact same responses in return, but they can as well be tactful and diplomatic. If they want harmony from an intimate point of view, they need to be self-aware in the way they’re communicating and how they’re interacting with others because they’re intelligent enough for things to happen this way.

More than this, they have the strong capacity to evolve and by being more aware of themselves, to improve their style of communication when it comes to their closest relationships.

Mercury opposite Pluto Transit

The Mercury opposite Pluto transit is making natives of all signs unhappy with superficiality in communication, giving them the tendency to interrogate others in order for the bigger picture to be grasped. Many may not realize the power they have when it comes to their approach, this being why others are hurrying to act defensively around them.

For as long as Mercury is in opposition with Pluto, everything that can be learned has the strongest effects, whereas communication regarding what’s liked and not can take place. Words said by people can make different aspects of their personality to surface.

Those who are rising up to this challenge can encounter some strong insights when it comes to what themselves and others are thinking.

If they find themselves having some intense reactions to those who are annoying, they should think about why they’re reacting forcefully and analyze the fears that are weakening their grasp on things.

For as long as this transit is in place, power struggles that have only unproductive results can take place and the big picture can be seen.

Some people may be obsessed with what they’re thinking about, not to mention the most insignificant details can have them oscillating, which is helpful for them if they’re researchers, investigators or students. Their insightful way of thinking can help them be very professional.

The Mercury opposite Pluto transit can create power struggles of many ideas, either in the mind of people or in between those who are competing. For as long as Mercury is in opposition to Pluto, people are more eager to no longer pay attention to a certain issue or idea.

This period is perfect for studying and exposing secrets. The intensity of the mental energies is requiring certain openings, through anything from the occult teachings to many different debates.

Anything people are writing and saying can bring about power fights, and hostilities from the side of others can appear.

It should be kept in mind the decisions made for as long as Mercury is in opposition with Pluto are not at all objective, meaning some natives may want to postpone any important decision for a while. The ones already made should be re-assessed, as well plans changed, meaning second-guessing is important for this period.

This is a transit that’s manifesting the need of people to just talk, and even to contradict one another without fighting. More than this, it’s all about the wish to withhold information.

Any obsessive way of thinking and attempts to convince others of the same way of thinking as theirs can be insisting when having to know the truth or to expose fakes, which can have mountains moving and the most unhappy circumstances to emerge.

Revealing some facts or being engaged in the most profound discussions, as well investigations, can manage tensions in the most positive ways. Discretion is advised.

During the Mercury opposite Pluto transit, people know what they need to, and no one can have them thinking differently. Obsessively clinging to the truth can make them disagree with others who are behaving in the same manner.

All this can generate too many discussions, as each person is trying to convince others of how correct their opinion is.

If they can leave behind their emotions and focus on what they’re saying, many can actually learn something useful. This doesn’t mean people should agree with everything they can understand because they should as well support opposite points of view, just to gather some information.

Natives should pay attention to those who are trying to manipulate and believe that lies exist, so they shouldn’t feel guilty when saying something that’s only meant to put them in a good position.

However, they should pick on those who are actually doing it because the Mercury opposite Pluto transit would help them have a clear vision. The most positive manifestations of this period are the psychological analysis of oneself and going to counselors.

Whereas opinions are strong, there’s as well the certitude that positive transformations are going to take place and natives of all signs can understand great things.

However, there can as well be some negative scenarios involved with it: the flourishing of techniques meant to manipulate, intimidate and propagate information, as well the one to psychologically abuse others.

Things shouldn’t be put under pressure just because people are obsessed with certain ideas. Those who are abusing their own mental abilities can gain what they want on short term and get to feel superior for a while, but these tactics are sure to backfire on them after a while.

During the time in which Mercury is in opposition with Pluto, truths may not get revealed and propaganda spread, so matters should be judged twice before acting upon them.

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