Mars Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit: Spontaneity and Charm

  • With a sextile between Mars and Uranus in the natal chart, you become stronger in life by taking chances and meeting new people.
  • Pay attention to the Mars sextile Uranus transit because you tend to become more daring and take some romantic risks.
  • Mars helps you outlast and outdistance adversaries and is considered the Warrior planet.
  • A sextile aspect occurs when the two planets are at sixty degrees apart and is considered to be a harmonious astrological placement.
  • In astrology, Uranus is an eccentric planet that rules over enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity and ingenuity.
  • Celebrities: Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, Marlon Brando, Paul McCartney, Bertrand Russell, Orson Welles, Anthony Hopkins, Edward IV of England, Cary Grant, Jules Verne, Agatha Christie.
  • Transit dates: 25 May 2020, 11 May 2021, 04 May 2022, 29 April 2023, 19 April 2024, 23 October 2024, 23 January 2025, 04 April 2025.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars sextile Uranus Natal

People born during the Mars sextile Uranus are adventurous and can inspire others with whatever they may be doing. They’ll look only for fame and for this reason, they’ll always be where the action is.

Taking chances is making them the strong people they are, so they should trust all of their instincts. They’ll manage to succeed by following them in life and not think twice. As a matter of fact, tend to experience life in a more dangerous and to deal with their own urge for excitement.

Having very increased levels of energy and being spontaneous, they can annoy some people they love. They’re also independent and have the need for freedom as far as relationships are going, as well when it comes to their career.

Whereas the sextile is helpful, it has a lot of expression and an energy that can bring them a lot of tension in their romantic affairs. They’re never timid when it comes to expressing their originality.

This unusual or kinky look, perhaps their strange personality will get many people to be by their side and as well bring them a few friendly opponents who are trying to change their opinions. When themselves, they can irritate others without any intention.

These natives are the ones who are getting things going, they love taking the initiative and being motivated, plus they’re inspired enough to begin any new project.

Others can count them to start a party as soon as walking through the door. As soon as people are meeting with celebrities born during the Mars sextile Uranus, they’ll often talk about their apparition and aura is filling any room.

Weakness can be in their disregard and they can lack any sympathy when it comes to understanding emotions.

These feelings are usually related to how they’re prioritizing things in life, as well the subtle dimensions are being ignored for the more worldly passions they may be interested in knowledgeable subjects.

They’re simply refuse to be restricted when it comes to their love life, and being self-absorbed, causing them too many problems. After that, there’s their magnetism that exudes a physical, sexual and intellectual attractiveness. As soon as someone seems attractive to them, they can become entertaining and exciting beyond their imagination.

While they can intellectually challenge all the already fixed patterns about their social thoughts and behaviors that may have a chance to inhibit their freedom, their intention is to come up with progressive ideas that can offer them the potential to explore new horizons.

All the brand-new paths and progressive spheres of humanity that came up people who are questioning the way they’re dealing with every affair in their life and after seeing new options.

When it comes to their mind, it’s agitated and inquisitive, which can help them in an effective way by applying research and their studies in no matter what area may attract them.

They’re not the dilettante and adore delving deeply in order to comprehend any subject, which can as well free their mind’s independence and makes significant contributions to the subjects they’re interested in.

They prefer thinking in futuristic ways when it comes to their endeavors, meaning satisfying the impulses send by Uranus is offering them many opportunities from which themselves and others can benefit.

Whereas they can focus, they may also want to expand too much when exploring wider topics. Sometimes, they can move quickly through all the knowledge presented to them, but they’ll, in the end, settle with one subject and concentrate on it.

They may find it difficult to persevere and consume their energy very efficiently in order to achieve their goals. Oftentimes, they can experience a diminish in their own interests and energy levels, which can put a stop to the progress they’re experiencing.

When their energy is starting to flow through their body again, they can be passionate about new things because the chaotic Uranus is influencing them to be this way.

They’re courageous, forceful, optimistic, magnetic, willful and very nervous, which can stress them more than they’d like to be stressed.

They’re very happy when having to work hard and are capable of taking rapid, decisive actions, also when having to accomplish great things in the most original way. Not having something to do can drive them crazy, but it’s a good thing life’s always offering them many opportunities.

By accomplishing something unique, they can become famous and achieve a powerful status. They seem to lack common sense because they’re impulsive and know precisely what they want, this being excitement. It’s difficult for them to accept a disciplined lifestyle and they’ll obey rules without objecting.

Mars sextile Uranus Transit

During the Mars sextile Uranus, people are more in need to have fun and to be excited. This time is perfect for making changes in their life as these will take place smoothly and at a fast-paced speed.

Having more initiative than others, being inspired and motivated is keeping them motivated in fighting for their ideals and making starts when it comes to the most complicated projects they left behind.

The day of the Mars sextile Uranus brings about their chances to do things differently and to make changes in routine. While the own results of many of their loved ones can surprise them, they’re usually taking risks in their own advantage. They should give their best on continuing to be original.

They may not necessarily finish them immediately after they’ve been started, but they can start again at any time. Starting can be the hardest thing for them to do, so they need to use all of their impulsiveness.

Their relationships can benefit from the same thing. They’re daring and possess great sex appeal and can be the first ones to make a move with the person they’re desiring.

They’ll attract individuals who are different than them, from other countries or very stunning. Besides anything else, they’re sexually provoking and able to spice up everyone’s life.

Every experience and kinky thought they may have had when making love can revive the romanticism in them.

In case they’ve been through some problems in their love life and they’re really appreciating their relationships, it would be a good idea for them to take advantage of any opportunity coming their way.

They may even discover their partner has something special prepared for them. However, there’s a great time for them to escape relationships that are limiting their self-expression and independence.

This is also working for their jobs and other issues that are impeding them from achieving success and more happiness. They should believe in themselves and their own instincts, so they mustn’t be afraid of taking any risk. The braver, the more fortune will favor them.

For as long as Mars is in sextile with Uranus, they can feel more rebellious and eager to reform the order of productive tasks they’re supposed to do. They may want to upgrade any machinery and bring about new techniques that could improve their workflow. They’re incredibly accepting when it comes to others, regardless of how opposite these may be, so they’ll treat them like their equals.

They love having intelligent discussions and want to hear many opinions, but theirs can’t change because of this.

During the Mars sextile Uranus transit, many have definite plans and don’t want to deal with change, yet if they really need to make changes and their minds aren’t open, they may get to accomplish great things after experiencing sudden events.

They should be only flexible and keep their feet on the ground, and they can easily deal with any issue coming their way. It can be difficult for them to control their nervous streak for this time, they’ll have to exercise with more caution if working with machinery and electronics, or when driving a car.

While they’ll most likely be the fools in the year following the Mars sextile Uranus transit, only some may blame them for this.

They’ll think in an original way and act accordingly, meaning they’ll bring many ideas that will make them successful after working with the tested methods that ring a lot of truth. They’ll feel like they’re having the drive to make many improvements in the world.

Believing in standing up for themselves and being possible for them to become fighters for freedom, their creative minds will light up a fire in them that will have them thinking of a brighter future.

But the causes they’d be fighting for will perhaps be inappropriate in the eyes of many because they’d seem more radical.

When it comes to reality, during this transit people seem to be straightforward in their way of thinking. With time, others will give their best to catch them from behind, whereas in the meantime, they’ll have to work towards defending their cause.

In case this is possible, they should be positive about their rebellious nature and fight their own nature. This is a great opportunity for them to calm their rebellion and make true differences in society.

The Mars sextile Uranus transit is favorable for practical endeavors that are related to managing entrepreneurial activities and original tactics. They’re becoming more inventive, insightful and perceptive, energetic and ready for any resource.

This is incredible when it comes to their journalistic skills, for stocks and recruiting people for jobs, also matters of incisiveness and a clear judgment, but their success won’t be continuous, so they should be prepared for any studies if Mars and Uranus are in favorable aspects at their birth and perhaps some indications of intrinsic capacities are involved.

They’ll meet some people by accident and they’ll work in their advantage, which will give them the uplift they’ve been needing for some time. Their magnetism will be higher than usual, so commercial travelers will find it easier to close business negotiations. They should use this time for psychic practices and mesmeric activities.

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